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Story Conversation among three friends



Nov 21, 2022
Leonard: "When I was a kid, I began to be rejected by the girls I liked. Nevertheless, I did not feel any particular discomfort beyond the initial turn down. But as the years passed, I felt some sort of "cumulative effect" - rejected in elementary school, secondary school, high school, and even college. And now, as I'm about to turn 30, I keep being rejected. I don't see myself as a fatalist or a defeatist, but sometimes you have to stop and consider the facts. The fact is that dating as a short 5.5 guy with slight myopia is not possible; it's simply impossible. It hurts because I always thought I was going to find someone as long as I kept realistic standards. But even so, it's impossible in the era of Tinder that facilitates hypergamy.I mean there are some things that I can't change. There is no exercise to grow my height, there is no diet to change my facial features. I'm tired of self-improving. I'm tired of being defeated in the dating market by men that simply won the height lottery.How do I move on from this point? I'm feeling like a failure of a man, I failed to reproduce. My career and my material possessions seem redundant. Such things are meant to be used to provide for a family. That's why men go to college and study so hard. Without a family, is there any merit in working hard for the system? A system that hates me and favors criminals and the lowest of society over me. I feel like dropping out of society, turning 30 years old, and realizing no woman has wanted me until now is heartbreaking. Excuse me if I sound pathetic guys, I just need to be weak for once. I'm tired of playing the stoic man act in real life, ignoring the pain has not made me immune to it. It's just that I feel like some sort of cripple, an incomplete man. What's wrong with me? I have seen a girl completely over heels for a drug-addicted loser without a job; I'm a professional with a career."

Nate: "You have not failed as a male by not reproducing, and thinking so is highly egotistical. GENES are what reproduce, not individuals. Your body is just the vessel that genes use to move around and multiply. Genes exist in multiple individuals at the same time, and not every individual with that gene must reproduce in order for it to proliferate. By providing for the people close to you, you are helping the genes also present in you to reproduce. This is why we feel loyalty to family in a different way to friends. Think of an individual as the vessel created by their specific combination of genes. If they have many good genes, they will be more likely to reproduce, and so these good genes are passed to the next generation. If they do not, then their genes will not, but ONLY IN THAT INDIVIDUAL. Their good genes can still be present in their siblings, cousins, nieces + nephews, etc.It's only our highly individualistic and sexualized culture that causes people to have a "me me me" attitude towards sex. For the vast majority of human history, sexless men still felt a sense of duty to protect and provide for the people genetically close to them (family > distant family > unrelated people that look similar > unrelated people that look different), and were perfectly fine with that collectivism. Brentis right. If you have come to the conclusion that you will never reproduce, you can still live a satisfying life by being strong for the people around you, working to improve your community, and making your homeland a better place, To demonstrate- This is why bees will sting threats to their nest even though it kills them- all the bees in a hive are genetically identical, so their genes have determined that a few individuals may be sacrificed if it saves the rest of the hive from being killed. Hence "hivemind"

Just try your best to contribute to society. You can still feel pride in what you do without having a family. For one you can help your siblings out and be the cool uncle. If you really do want a family you can help out a single mom or even just adopt a kid yourself. Or you can simply rent out a room for a lower than average price to someone else who's down on their luck. Read "the selfish gene", it might make you feel better about your situation."

Jack: "You are an idiot Nate. Dynasties have constructed empires over millennia. Take the Samsung family in Korea and their tech dynasty for example. Their influence stretches across nations, and they do so because of constant multigenerational effort. Life thrives on the collective effort of family units. No individual can rival the legacy of a multigenerational endeavor. This is why meritocracy is an illusion, from the destitute orphan to the affluent heir. Their destinies were predetermined from the start because of their families.

The fundamental purpose of life is life itself. Reproduction stands as the cornerstone; every living form, existing or not, eventually fades into oblivion if it does not reproduce. If your genes aren't perpetuated in the gene pool, then you failed as a man. It doesn't matter if your name stands through the years, because you will be forgotten at some point but your genetic legacy is eternal. Notice how those who criticize reproduction as selfish are often the ones with numerous children themselves; they just want to save up more resources for their own children and do so by cheating idiots into their child-free scam. Observe how those who advocate for helping others as the sole path to a meaningful life tend to benefit from your generosity. It's akin to a charismatic and handsome guy that sleeps with a different girl every night telling their ugly friend that appearance doesn't matter, or a wealthy person asserting to a struggling individual that money isn't crucial. At the end of the day, gaslighting people into senseless altruism only helps the same people instilling those altruistic attitudes because thats just tricking social genetic rejects into helping their own children to succeed. That's the real selfishness. Go drink your Soylent, cuck. And as for you, Leonard, get into the gym or hire an escort and stop whining. But if that's not enough, then rent a womb and have a kid that way, bro."
It doesn't matter if your name stands through the years, because you will be forgotten at some point but your genetic legacy is eternal.

You can marry and have kids and see your grandkids, And if you're lucky, your great grandkids. That's about as far as your "genetic legacy" can go.

Sure your genes will keep getting passed down until the end of history, but it will be so diluted and mixed with the genes of other people, it wouldn't even matter. So what exactly is the point of this supposed "genetic legacy"?
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I'm too low IQ to read all of this, sorry.
People are blackpilled when it comes to not owning a house or getting married or their little toned down terms like "pretty privilege" but when it comes to other things they'll scream at you like you're the bad guy. But I like how this conversation was civil and well planned out .

Thank you for posting this.
So seriously what’s the point of the thread, who do you think is right out of them?

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