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Apr 6, 2022
Tate worshipping cult of redpill masculinity youtube channels always cope to death.

In this case we can witness a gymcel trying to inflict fear in others so he can be able to feel some "respect" or "confidence", which of course doesn't mean a shit if you are fucking deformed subhuman.

Really funny to watch.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDeJ_ZtqFic
You can gain the respect of normies, maybe, if you gymmaxx and start acting low inhib, or at least some form of them not fucking with you; 0 chance of that with foids when they interpret basically everything based on whether they're attracted to you or not, and you're going to be seen as pathetic genetic trash if subhuman regardless of any confidence you might have. :feelsclown:
I don't disagree.

But realtalk: confidence is lack of fear.

Or, more properly, having fear and choosing not to let it control you.
You can never "act"

You can only do so for so long before the sthick is done

Thats what these PUA and these redpill retards dont understand
True. It's a little like the "confidence" one gets from drinking. Everybody can tell (1) you're drunk and (2) you're actually not confident.
As to the video, I'm not sure about the "never apologize" thing.

On this and other things, there's just a difference between being confident and being a dick.

Apologizing just to avoid conflict can be one of two things: (1) you don't want conflict because you're afraid of conflict, or (2) you don't have the time or energy to deal with conflict about something that is not important enough to engage in conflict to resolve.

(1) is an issue of confidence; (2) is just being practical.

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