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Blackpill Chang got an Audi and 40 thousand just for being a Chang

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Oct 30, 2022
11d 21h 15m
A pretty blackpilling story from 2019. Surprised that it doesn't seem to have been posted sooner in here.

Shanghai’s million dollar toy boys: Online storm in China after police bust ladies’ club

I swear, every paragraph in here is more blackpilled than the one before.

An expensive private club in Shanghai was busted after word got out online of how one of its male escorts received dozens of luxurious gifts from one of his female patrons on his birthday.

According to a post about Perfect Space that went viral on WeChat on Friday, one of its escorts celebrated his 28th birthday with 28 gifts from a rich woman.

These included an Audi, a gold cup and 280,000 yuan (US$41,589) in cash.
JFL. This is what superior genetics get you. More money and wealth than an incel in the same country can ever hope to have, given to you freely, at once, from a foid just because your height and face made her pussy tingle.

Also, note how those were just some of the 28 things he got :feelsrope:.

The club’s name in Chinese translates as “white horse” but it also uses the name Perfect Space.
It's a noodlewhore-focused club, of course they had to include the word "white" somewhere in there:feelskek:.

Would-be employees were promised of at least 1,000 yuan (US$148) in tips every time they entertained a patron and at least 80,000 yuan (almost US$12,000) in monthly salary.

In comparison, China’s National Bureau of Statistics last Friday defined people who earned between 2,000 (US$296) and 5,000 yuan (US$740) a month as “middle income” earners – a monthly wage that equals roughly 8 per cent of what Perfect Space paid its models.
Fucking brutal:feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:. Imagine being some Chinese ricecel, still having nightmares about the bullying and general insanity you went through in the Chinese school system, only to find out that after all of that, your Chang bully is making over ten times more than you just by existing:feelsrope:.

Those guys had a six-figure income, an income higher than a normie in just about any country in the world can ever hope to have, as a guaranteed baseline, without even taking into account how much they made in tips by fucking their clients, or how much they got from their clients in gifts, like the guy mentioned above:feelshaha:.

Though, this at least shows just how highly foids value Chang/Chad genetics. How many of those foids do you guys think insisted on getting fucked with no protection, just so they could get pregnant with children carrying those guys' genes? I highly doubt there was nothing of that sort going on in there.

The job requirements by Perfect Space stated that candidates must be more than 180cm (5.9 feet) tall, handsome, fashionable, clean and cheerful.

“The work is easy and relaxing, it's as simple as escorting guests to drink and talk, no illegal activity involved,” the notice said.
Always. It's fucking always about height and face to women.

A photo featuring two rows of topless men in the club's hallway greeting members was attached.


Moggers tbh.

The club has been the topic of discussion online for a mostly female audience.

“Sisters, if you become rich in the future, please do not forget me,” one user wrote on Weibo. “Please take me to Perfect Space to broaden my horizons.”
I'm pretty sure that "horizons", in this case, is just a code word for "pussy."

Another Weibo user wrote that she was motivated to work harder and become successful to afford visits to places such as Perfect Space.
Kek:feelskek:. Show this to the very same bluepillers who say that it's wrong and "insincere:soy:" for men to want to change anything about themselves just to get pussy, and they'll be congratulating to this "confident young woman:soy:".

“People go to these clubs for an emotional need,” a Nanjing-based woman told the South China Morning Post. “Not something as blatant as sex.”
:foidSoy:. Yeah, sure. That's why those dudes have to be over 180cm and good-looking, to fulfill foids' emotional needs:foidSoy:.

Not the first time I've seen this type of cope tbh. Foids love saying that the prostitution they seek out is better than the one males do, and that, for them, it's about "emotions" and "connections", while for men it's supposedly all just about sex.

A man surnamed Bai, who claimed to be a former employee, told Beijing Youth Daily on Saturday that the birthday party had taken place but that it did not rank as one of the biggest such parties in the club.

He said there had been more ostentatious displays of wealth at the club than the one revealed online at the weekend.
Somehow, this doesn't surprise me.

There was, he claimed, a high level of spending in line with what one online post claimed was a need for customers “to have assets of more than 20 million yuan”.
Imagine being an unironic multimillionaire, and the only thing your animal brain can think of using that money on, is to get fucked by good-looking guys. Noodlewhores are truly something.


Feb 3, 2022
67d 1h 48m
Some of them literally look like rices who would post their pictures here, to be honest... :feelsjuice:

Brutal, but unsurprising, though, considering foids literally worship these Changs and put them on a pedestal of glorification simply for their attractiveness, the halo effect probably convincing them such moggers deserve the wealth; I'd fully support the CCP if they clamped down hard on the degeneracy. :feelsthink:


KHHFDTV 5'7 curry truecel
Sep 30, 2019
118d 13h 18m
It’s too much to think about these things :fuk: and it really puts your own second class life into perspective.


Salem’s Lot Cel
Jun 14, 2020
331d 4h 20m
180cm must be rare in China. Literal Gigachang privelage


Apr 4, 2022
93d 11h 19m
Just be Chang