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Theory Chad/ggchads might be bluepilled but they certainly have their own insecurities about being on top of their game all the time.



Jun 20, 2022
Hence, they are (at least) somewhat non bluepill.

What i know is they definetely know they are of high social standing and they MIGHT PRETEND that they are oblivious to it but, trust me, they arent.

They know they have to do/say certain shit and maintain a certain bravado about them to not loose certain privileges they have aquired throught life.

Thats why they have to externalize this gigasoy/cucked/bluepilled persona and vibe, its like an old fashioned king explaining all his personal problems to his sudits, that (curiosly) will never equal to him dropping his position and going to farm 12 hrs a day, doesnt it?

He wouldnt be able to do it even if he wanted to. He knows it. I know it. We all know it. But we all have (for some sick reason) to pretend (in our public lives, that is) that this charade is all intelligent and reasonable, else there would be chaos in the streets...
A Chad can Step " Out of Line " somewhat . But the More He Appeals to Others and gets Woman Frequently the Better .
Chads "problems" are a joke compared to sub5 problems. Hed rope within a week if he became sub5
What exactly are you trying to prove here?
What exactly are you trying to prove here?
he's doing some type of submissive appeasement shit like zoomers who take selfies with mouths wide open like this :soy:

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