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Caroline Kwan calls white man a racial slur

Woke in the streets
KKK in the sheets:feelskek:
And I'm sure she will be treated just like those far-right whities who say the craziest racist shit and then go to SEA to sexpatmaxx, right :feelsjuice: ?
Woke in the streets
KKK in the sheets:feelskek:
asian cannot psychologically resist white cocku so asian pretending to be racists against whites is hilarious. You know she is into racial play with her white bfs colonizing rightful ricecel pussy
I mean I don't care. I'm just tired of people saying that only white people are racist or that you can't be racist against white people.

All people are racist to some degree and believing otherwise is retarded.

And apparently she also dates white men so its kind of irrelevant anyway. It mostly seems that she's just jealous of white women if I had to guess. She's probably self-hating

But to be honest all of this just proves to me that multiculturalism doesn't work and it will never work.

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