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Blackpill [Brutal] The origins of modern "dating" culture and the feminist "sexual marketplace" are to be found in prostitution


-- Dual mating strategy was conceived of as early as the 19th century

Ninon de L'Enclos was perhaps the most prominent courtesan of Renaissance France, a prostitute who services high-end clients. She was unique in that she asserted control over the process of her work and adopted an assertive role rather than a submissive one.

If you were part of Parisian high society and wanted to have sex with Ninon, you had one of two options: you could either become a "payer," and help subsidize her hedonistic lifestyle and philosophical expoundings on Epicureanism, or else become what she termed a "martyr" -- her friend!

As a payer, you were not entitled to consistent and speedy sex, in the manner of traditional prostitution, but sex only on her terms. The affections she gave you could come as irregularly as once a month, or as frequently as once a week. She decided when she wanted to have sex with you.

As a martyr, you would most likely be left completely sexless and blueballed in her salon, signaling how anticlerical and libertine you were in the hopes that she would notice you. However, Ninon would select one man among the ranks of her friends to serve as her favorite. She'd have sex with him on a consistent basis, for free, but this relationship would rarely last longer than a month.

Payers are clearly analogues to beta providers/hubbies who only get sex once a month in exchange for their finances. Those payers who enjoyed more frequent sex than the others are comparable to sugar daddies.

Martyrs are clearly analogues to friendzoned beta orbiters (to call them martyrs was a brutal insult not just to religious morality but to their own dignity). Favorites are "friends with benefits" or "boyfriends" who enjoy sex with a woman who is attracted to them for as long as the honeymoon phase lasts.

I posit that the dynamics of modern "dating" culture and the "sexual marketplace" is rooted in these sorts of innovations that prostitution underwent among the decadent aristocracy, and that they have since trickled down and become customary for the common people. The mechanistic language of a romantic date or a sexual marketplace itself is clearly inspired by the mechanistic nature of prostitution.

Feminism originates among privileged women like Ninon de L'Enclos, who were spared the proletarian toils of marriage and fully embraced the deracination of their class. Her way of dealing with men as a prostitute is now typical for everyday thots.
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What is with France and its mistresses and prostitutes throughout history? Such degeneracy ngl.
High IQ find, this needs to be stickied.
What is with France and its mistresses and prostitutes throughout history? Such degeneracy ngl.
French Revolution.
Not surprising, prostitution is the basis of society whether people like it or not. People think prostitution as direct but many times it's indirect.

South Park made an episode about this, saying a boyfriend has to either listen to a woman's shit or pay money, either way he's paying.
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Should be sticky yes, especially for the cucks who promote escortcelling.
The origins of dual mating strategy go back to Australopithecus.
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Classic alpha fucks/beta bucks strategy. They should be guided by their heads for both or have the decision made for them.
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When I read shit like this, I hope God and hell exist.

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