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Book i was writting



S.T.A.L.K.E.R discord: gdc47
Feb 20, 2019

A while ago a woman suggested me to write a book, these are the initial ramblings of what i wanted to expand in full blown chapters discussing a multitude of issues as to lay down the totality of my world view and it will take a while until it is done, for now i will lay down the foundations of the first few chapters of said book, where it will be a discussed a mixture of Jungian, , Platonic and Stirnean philosophy and prediction about the future of humanity and dynamic of the sexes, this thread will be locked and i will update it time to time, this thread only have two thousand words at the time posting and my objective is to get it to seventy to one hundred thousand words as i want to publish this as a book.

The Title is influenced by Albert Camus writings about the myth of Sisyphus which i think is a great illustration of the absurdity of life and how ridicules the sense of humor of cruel universe is and the Stirnean concept of materialistic freedom and how suffering is the only property that cannot be stolen.

Chapter 1 - the Masses

The greater majority of people has a material only mind state incapable of abstraction and their existence has little more use than being be slaved, the masses are far too cowardly to think for themselves and will allow the state and upper class to define their believes for themselves as long as these believes can be manufactured to be perceived them to be the majority consensus of the masses, there is the belief that monetary finance runs the world but the truth is that monetary finance are just pieces of paper and merely server to distract you of the real ultimate power, the potential of violence, violence to force all the will of the state and upper class into the masses as monetary finance is merely an one of the tools to enforce violence more efficiently, and the greater truth is that violence itself is controlled by art and culture as the tools of violence, the cattle has their minds and will build and defined by the culture and media that is manufactured by the state and upper class, to manipulate the cattle minds and hearts, by controlling the conscious of the masses you control the monopoly of violence, and therefor the world.

The Allegory of the shadows in the cave described by Plato over two thousand years ago is the perfect description of the masses, simply too cowardly to go against the manufactured consensus created by the one who wield true power, the power of projecting the shadows of dogma in the walls of the cave, which will be widespread the dogmatic, the fake reality created by a Demiurge, the blind insane god of the ancient cults creator of material reality distracting Humanity from the goal of salvation.

Mankind's greatest virtue is neither strength or intelligence, mankind's greatest virtue is to have the courage to carry the flames of knowledge brought by the sacrifice Prometheus himself as the cowardly hide themselves in the dark comfort of the cave of ignorance created and maintained by their own personal Demiurge by allowing the consensus of the masses to permeate his mind. Forget controlling the means of production, the means of media are one hundred times more important as the manipulation of culture, the manufacturing of a consensus is the ultimate control for what all the scientific and mechanical might will be directed to.

I cannot believe that in the English lexicon the term large Ego had become a insult, differently from a inflated Ego a large Ego is the ultimate proof of person having control over their own self, rather than being controlled by their subconscious desires and the surrounding super Ego their manipulating reality to miss shaped shadows created by a Demiurge, for one to properly develop their Ego and embrace Egoism (quite different from Egotism) as to be independent from the slave morality social moral framework one must learn all form of politics, philosophy, religion, history and psychology as to be immunized from external influence.

Chapter 2 - The New God Called Science

Materialists Atheists demand peer reviewed scientific study rather than using logical conclusions and ignoring real experimentation. acting completely ignorant how easily corruptible institutions are will and provide them blind faith in the exact same way a religious zealot who believe in religious authority while displaying a "more logical than thou" mindset in a similar manner to the cults of reason that originated in french revolution two centuries ago.

Completely ignorant and defensive to Nobel prize winner having his honors stripped away for confronting the social justice establishment in regards to the difference in intelligence among races being mostly due to genetic factors or the erasure of Dr Malone contributions to MRNA technology when he confronted the establishment in the exact same way the catholic church punished Galileo for his discoveries in astronomy.

Their will relentless attack Christianity but will very rarely attack Islam and much less Judaism, as their entire moral compass is a mixture of slave morality and manufactured historical guilty by mass media, all their rebel logical mindset completely dissipate as soon their opponent is a part of a minority group, which includes accepting the mental insanity of transgender ideology as not harm transsexuals.

Atheism had replaced the Bible with social media, the church with universities and religious figure with authority figures who are neither elected nor necessarily meritocratic, and as Nietzsche predicted their lack of faith in god is replaced with nihilism and totalitarianism, blind faith in authority and denial endemic corruption and how little modern authority represent the population.

Atheists also show constant silence during the Islamic invasion of Europe and violence caused by Islamic extremists while only attacking Christianity, which is evidence that atheists do not care about logic, religious freedom or combating religious extremism and merely care about attacking what has been made socially acceptable to attack my mass media.

Anyone who goes against their established notion of scientific truth will be accused of being pseudo scientific using the manufactured consensus of the scientific community ignoring outside influence by the government and mega corporations as evidence that any opinion that deviates from consensus to not be the one and true science as zealots interprets any minor variation of their sacred texts as heresy.

Atheism is stuck in a perpetual cycle of authority fallacy and accusing anyone who point their fallacy as doing a fallacy of fallacy while doing a fallacy of fallacy of fallacy. since it's inception of Marxists dialectal materialism.

Chapter 3 - the Fourth industrial revolution

the greater majority of Artificial Intelligence models are closed source and require insane amounts of resources to be developed, the average person is completely alienated from owning this new mean of production and the only people with access to Artificial Intelligence are the elites, right now we already see Artificial Intelligence taking over creative jobs, soon the jobs or computer programmers and customer support will also be taken over and this will be expanded and generate massive unemployment.

Art will become completely stagnant with all the new art pieces being randomly generated and the great majority of them being pornographic in nature, porn addiction will become even more widespread than it already is, and once this Artificial Intelligence is capable of improving itself, it will exponentially become smarter, while the shrinking younger generations are more and more dependent of technology and become utter cellphone zombies or maybe turn to Virtual Reality and live inside a matrix. the objective of the upper class is to literally become like the machines of dystopian movies.

Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality will be used by the upper classes as method to control the general population, the expansion of welfare programs will server to undermine the possibility of rebellion from the masses, shrinkage of living accommodations, increasingly unhealthier diets, inability to travel, etc. at this point in time the only option is to eat the rich, but devise identity politics are used as method of dismantling rebellions as non homogeneous groups are incapable of cooperation.

Chapter 4 - Battle of the sexes

To understand the current state of society first it must understand Jungian Psychology. in Jungian Psychology the human psyche is composed components by a few parts, the Persona which is what show to other people, the Ego which is the conscious part of your mind, the shadow which are the conscious mind refuse to accept and pushed into the unconscious mind and the Animus-Anima, which is archetypal expectation of what the opposite sexs is.

Men who projected the expectations of their Anima into women. the men are not really in love with these women, but with their own projection of his Unconscious Anima.the opposite side of projection is the possession of the Anima, where the male archetype of the female will overtake their whole sense of self which can will cause irrational moods, that will manifest into worship of the female form. Modern women had strayed incredibly far away from what the collective female archetype, and are increasingly more possessed by their Animus which cause irrational opinions such as feminism, materialism and social justice giving raise to degeneracy.

Due to influence of the internet this generation of women are possessed by their animus and therefor have irrational opinions, before the internet and after the sexual revolution we had masses of women projecting their animus into celebrities causing worship, the collective unconscious sees the qualities of the female as weaknesses and the flaws of men as freedom, pushing the Animus possession even further.

Chapter 5 - Democracy

Democracy is a lie, is is statically proven that politicians are in the pockets of the rich and mega corporations, Autocracy you can thrown a rock in he head of the Dictator to get political change, in democracy you can vote all you want, and nothing changes, all the politicians are puppets doing lip service, your race still get genocides by abortion and mass migration, democracy is the only form government that enable your own genocide with no resistance, not a single government system enable genocide of it's own race like democracy.

The end results of democratic governments is a two party system, endemic corruption, collapsing fertility rate, and mass importation of third worlders, Democracy became so dominant through the planet because it simply the fastest way for the a empire to expand itself, creating a democratic puppet state is much easier form of control as it allow to push down the throats of people while you lie about them having a choice in who will represent them.

Nations who have laws in place to stop this plutocracy of taking shape still have their governments being heavily influenced or even controlled by external non elected external entities and relays on the population always attacking a escape goat to blame for all societal problems, and then project their own need of escape goat into a escape goat that generally takes the shape of fascism, and the population of this nations will deny to their deaths that their nations is controlled by foreigners.

White men born in china, will not be considered Chinese as his ethnicity remains unchanged, but a Chinese person who is born in the west will magically have their nationality changed for the sake of inclusivity which servers as tool to manipulate the results of elections at the expenses of the native population.

Chapter 6 - Escapism

Humanity forever imprisoned in stream of endless self made suffering inside a otherwise beautiful creation of the Demiurge and causality cruel sense of humor torturing it's own subjects with a series of cruel jokes each making less sense than the last one had given humanity the constant need of escaping it's own suffering either through religion, escapism vicariously living through fictional characters or the use of chemical escapes to temporarily change the chemistry of one's own brain in order to temporarily null pain.

Chapter 7 - Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms can make convincing drawings, paintings, voice acting and even do simple programming with very little human input, initially it was believe that creative and technical jobs would be the last to fall to automation but instead if was the opposite machines are already capable of automating all the most desirable jobs and the only ones left will be wage slave labor that pays bare minimum wages, and these algorithms are developing into a exponential rate as microchips and asycs become more and more advanced to support this technological march of death, these algorithms can already do reconstructions of images based on MRI scanning of the human brain, we are watching the birth of science fiction tier technology that is beyond human understanding at the same time we have the devils of the world economic forum celebrating that now billions of human beings are effectively useless, already we are heading to a era of darkness never seen by this species before, levels of tyranny and inequality unimaginable to our species will fall upon us, oh god we should had listened to the hundred of authors that warned us of this impeding doom, instead we collectively jumping in the slaughter house with no forward thinking.

if you reverse engineered and algorithm that allows you to recreate super mario bros or recreate the avengers movie or a Metallica song, you would get sued into the stone age by the mega corps who own the intellectual property, AI companies are mass abusing the intellectual property of individual artist as individuals do not have the legal capability of a mega corporations, considering the popular support of AI automation i don't think anything can be done to stop this tragedy.

The modern Artificial intelligence scarring the general public are a upscale version of algorithms developed in the 1950s, these kind of Machine Learning Artificial intelligence needs a insane amount of Data and processing power to be generated, without the Internet to provide information and Video Cards to provide processing power they could not had been developed this far.

Algorithms is just a sequence of Math equations to solve a problem. Machine Learning is a category of Algorithms that are initially a series of random numbers, then these numbers are "trained" with a mixture of brute force and fitness selection trough thousands of iterations until something that can solve the problem comes out. this requires a insane amount of processing power.

But take in consideration this tech is seven decades in the making, and generally you have decades of research and then a explosion where technology goes exponentially up for 2-3 years, all the AI models so far are way dumber than an actual competent programmer. the issue is that in another three years it might have another jump in intelligence and actually steal our jobs.

The biggest limitation with Large Language Model Artificial Intelligence, is that it can process a limited amount of "tokens", Tokens are just words in this context or numbers and etc, GPT-4 can handle up to 32 thousand tokens, using my Game as a example. the Main character code alone have twelve hundred lines of code that translates to thirteen thousand Tokens, and i estimate the entire game should have around twenty thousand lines of code that translates to two hundred thirty thousand tokens, so it is way more than what GPT-4 can handle. GPT-4 can handle eight times more Tokens than it's previous version, another big leap in Token processing would enable AI to handle large code bases

Chapter 8 - Mega corps

The Federal reserve was founded in 1913 and it had the role of printing money whenever the US government found necessary to regulate the economy, previously inflation was unheard off but after it's inception we have a two percent inflation every year, after the the destruction caused by the second world war western nations entered the Breton Woods agreement where their currencies would be backed by the US Dollar which until that point was backed by gold where every dollar in the economy had a equivalent of gold in a reserve, after the Nixon shock due excessive expenditure in the Vietnam war it was replaced by the petrodollar, the petrodollar forces nations to sell Oil for dollars, The Federal was infiltrated by ex Goldman Sachs employees who can print all the money without the previous restrictions, and inflation has doubled since resulting in the stagnation of wages for half a century. all of these guys formed a little club up there that took control over the global economy.

Banks, Investors and Oil companies took over control over the entire planet's economy, and if you try to exit this economic deal you are guaranteed the oil/banking cartel will lobby politicians in that will either embargo or even straight up invade your country.

Libya is a great example of a nation that made policies that fixed their own economy overnight by changing policies around selling Oil for something that is not the US dollar or non-Marxist socialist policies that actually improved the livelihood of the people, and they got attacked by USA and their allies, they where destroyed and bombed into ruble.

Blackrock after 2008 subprime mortgages crisis they got 5 trillion dollars worth of mortgages after the 2008 crash from the federal reserve. they are also financiers of the world economic forum, which has a program called young global leaders who includes the founders of many of the major multi trillion dollar mega corporations and major corporations who provide the backbone of the internet and also includes political leaders of many smaller nations.

Blackrock have a social engineering program called ESG where companies have a credit system. where they buy stocks from corporations to raise their stock price, as long as the corporations meet diversity quotas, this had utterly changed the face of corporate America, thinking that capitalists only care about money is ignoring that capitalism can be easily subverted by interest groups who only money as means to a end, and all the hedge funds stock speculation that can control the market like it's docile farm animal, they are the reason why society became accepting of homosexuality and degeneracy.

The rate of young people home ownership among had fallen by half in modern day, this low rate of home ownership by consequence generates a generation of young men who economically incapable of marriage by consequence two thirds of young men are considered single. the birth rate also took a considerable hit as motherhood rate of younger women by three quarters and birth rates and a historical low.

Chapter 9 - Intersectional Marxism

Marxism self proclaims to a Materialistic and "science" study of history that believes every single thing that ever happened was just a Material need of some group over another group, and denies the existence of free will as they believe reality is deterministic and that any group being more successful than other is just random luck, and the privileged groups therefore exploited less privileged groups because marx thinks that life is a zero sum game.

literal primitive African tribes have the same Bucket of Crab mentality that anyone who is productive is actually exploiting everyone else somehow and that translates to utter stagnation in ever cultural aspect. and worst it applies Slave morality to every aspect of life and being a looser as morally virtuous.

and "Science" is only pseudo feel good bollocks with no existing evidence, such as tabula rasa theory which has no scientific basis, but denying it would crumble the entire damn ideology.

how can this form a moralist ideology? it can't, Marx Stirner used the same logic to create Anarcho Egoism which can be used to literally justify anything you want to do. when Marx read Stirner works he got pissed off, because he had to cope that his entire ideology was just his fucking opinion.

Marxism is just slave morality disguised as something logical and scientific, and Slave morality push a " bad oppressor" as the White Men being cucked by "virtuous oppressed" negro to be virtuous victory and celebrated by white people despite the fact that over time this will destroy their entire race.

Chapter 10 - Objectivity vs Subjectivity

many philosophers disagree from the objectivity of reality, and i disagree with them, despite the likes of Aristotle being so heavily influential in the history of philosophy he have been proved wrong in some of their concepts by the likes of Galileo, e.g Galileo's falling bodies experiment.

many miss use the term "objective", objectivity merely means the truth without the bias of a sentient being, there is no need for all to agree on something to be the truth, for it to be objectively true, a hypothetical tree make a hypothetical sound, because that is the logical consequence of a hypothetical event, it reads like you are denying the concept of Object permanence which is learned by children by age three.

Marxist while claiming the logical high ground of historical materialism will often attempt to manipulate the meaning of words in a attempt to change the very reality on itself with the miss conception that the impossibility of perfectly translating reality into a abstraction of words it means that there is no objective reality than that by changing words reality on itself can be changed, obviously such logical leap will cause endemic supply chains break down when any of the said Marxist finally conquer the power they sought for so long.

Marxist will more often than not to deny the existence of objective morality and god and then further argue that there is no wrong or right but only power and a complex system of class oppression, despite all of this their ultimate conclusion is not some sense of individualism or to seek to improve conditions off whatever class they live in, but to dismantle his own native structure of power and then import in even more ancient power structures from other countries to his own.

Their pattern of using Science to deny religion within basis of evolution is as frequent as their denial of genetics as influence of different ethnic groups intelligence and criminal behavior and the compatibility of said groups co existing, and to declare biological sex which is registered inside the very genome as less important than their own sense of identify.

Marxism morality is a slave morality system where oppression is a virtue, same system created by Christianity two thousand years prior with the main difference it exchange God with a disguise of rationalism.

Chapter 11 - The End of the Warrior King

we are long passed the era of the Napoleons and Julius Cesar, we are for gone the era of the Warrior Kings, we have for long transitioned into a era of total state and corporate control over the lives of it's subjects, where every single aspect of ones life is micro managed by human resources women, bureaucrats from the legal system and banks controlled by a dozen or so political families who extended their control globally trough finance and big tech.

the only revolutionaries left are the perpetually online pseudo intellectual class and their edge lord counterparts who celebrate any pointless act of violence and sexual compulsion, both more than happy to spend all day bickering on corners of the interconnected world wide web instead of pushing any political goals in reality, fighting over little visualized world who in the end are under the control of the over class.

same over class who has been squashing any meritocratic movement since the days of the french revolution few remember the six coalitions that where created for the sole porpoise of squashing the last of the Warrior Kings so the over class can be forever be kept in it's parasitic state where all the few resources produced by the already inefficient societies they create are used for lavish life styles of it's rulers.

all forms of opposition towards the over class is sub due one way or another, either through force, political puppetry or half heart political compromises just enough to give the illusion of freedom and meritocracy to the under class, many now forget that the french revolution was squashed and that our rulers today defend from the rulers that where oppressing the peasantry back then.

every single of the countries parasited by the over class are faded to the same low fertility rates, economies who suffer from a major crash every ten years and endless migration from the third world and all the combined violence, political instability and just depression of the average native men as he is unable to from a family or get a basic job will inevitably reduce one great empires to the same sweat shop riddle fields of endless pollution and endemic criminality that these migrants came from.

all once great Empires now belong to the over class and the slave peasant class imported from all over the world, where every single cultural aspect is replaced by a cheaper import and culture is co-modified and commercialized to the point a nation is nothing but another economic unit with no distinguishing peoples, language or culture and the same Marxists who proclaim a Talmudic hatred for the over class celebrate the complete domestication of the working class as eternal slaves as long they can perceive that no one group of slaves is above any other and the over class can camouflage itself in a thin veil of meritocracy.

Chapter 12 - The genealogy of the Critique of Morality

Many writers written critiques of the present moral systems who roots themselves from Christianity, these writings describe the Demiurgic nature of universe a concept that seems wide spread in some niche forms of media, but is still beyond the understand of the majority, the Christian in his ascetic morality deny the shallow pleasures of life not by his own good but the please good, the hedonist slaves his own will to the same pleasures with little regards to his own objectives, the Gnostic and the Buddhist will attempt to find the Plenorama and Nirvana respectively as a attempt to escape the duality of asceticism and hedonism, The first western philosopher to accept the concept of materialist freedom was the Stirnearn critique of very existence of need of transcending material means to find meaning, writings who had then been elaborated by the Niestchean critique of morality which in turn created the proto-psychology that would be later further developed by Carl Jung and the existentialism philosophy fueled by the analysts of Greek myths by Albert Cadmus.

those philosophies foundation resides materialist freedom which denies Marxist historical materialism and the Christian and Gnostic surrender morality to a higher form of existence, materialist freedom must never be confused with slavery to one owns desire, someone addicted to the vices of gambling and substance abuse is not someone truly free, centuries before the Era of western philosophers in the East a Man that was neither a philosopher or a monk, a Warrior King writings came to a similar conclusion, Genghis Khan from the few texts who quotes his teachings can be found as describing the danger of luxury absorbing one's own will and being comparable to slavery, Genghis Khan spite owning the biggest empire of preindustrial history was self describe as using the same vestments and eating the same food of his fellow barbarian herders.

another famous quote, would be the one mentioning one own company only being ones own shadow echoing the Jungian principle of the psychological inner Shadow or the Freudian concept of Id as the hidden counterpart of the Ego, desires that when confronted with the Ego will cause a reaction similar to the one of sulfuring acid purifying gold.

Chapter 13 - The Demiurge understand of human suffering

As a human being a three dimensional being traces his quiver through the paper tracing a bi-dimensional being into existence which understanding of time is limited to the turn of a page, the human being is incapable of understand the suffering of it's own creation as it cannot perceive free will into that being rendering it's suffering meaningless, as for the creations of the a Demiurgic being the same would not be able to understand suffering as suffering is a consequence of time which such being would not be able to notice as it is merely another form of space for itself, as for a being beyond time to understand the suffering of a three dimensional being is the same as asking for an artist to understand the suffering of a landscape, for such a being to have a higher form of understand would be necessary the opposite of Gnostic and Buddhist spiritual ascension and to descend to a lower being than himself to fully understand the suffering of it's own creation.

like an artist that cannot project himself into the paper directly a artist can merely create a representation of himself as bi-dimensional being, the higher being must do a similar action of descent into a lower form and subject himself to the same suffering that he had previously created, such being would be subjected to the same alchemical evolution of the Ego that a human is when confronted by his own shadow.

when ones Ego is held back of it's own alchemical purification, the failure will cause the fragmentation of the psyche reinforcing someone further into a path of self destruction, the failure of the green lion to eat the sun resulting into the failure of separating the Rubedo into Nigredo and Albedo meaning that the previous psyche is fated to say in it's broken state.

Chapter 14 - Love of God

Of little value it is the love of a woman who loves all men or a father loves all children equally, but the divine is not bounded by the same rule as the love for it's own creator must surpass the love for oneself or the ones dearest to you, you have not to go far to see a skeptic who will point to the moral hypocrisy of ones who follow such mindset but themselves fail to understand that themselves surrender their will to a non materialistic entity of morality and their grand argument against the ascetics that so dearly hate is that themselves follow their asceticism better than they could ever do, as themselves not only love morality more than themselves but they but their god of morality as above the ones dearest to themselves to a extreme no ascetics could hope to achieve, such skeptics declare themselves as the ones revolting against a power structure in a failure to see that they are merely around to rebel against the system within the system own parameters and that their rebellion will be co opted by the system to install social changes that the system desires.

The system moral system build in the scientist belief o Tikkun Olam where humanity is a shattered vessel of the perfection of the single being Adam Kadmon a form of Asceticism that forms heroine to the Opium of Christianity, Moral system that can only be held valid if kept the belief that all humans are the same inside and all choices are result of historical materialism both free will and the field of biology must be denied to keep such moral system in place.

The dissolution of language, ethinicities, nations , gender, social class and religion are all part of instrumentality project for this system to bring it's own utopia into this earth where every human being is equality ruled by a small minority that deny their own individuality as it believes that individuality is the human source of suffering and that themselves are above this said suffering.

such a system has a different internal justification than the external one, the internal justification of such a system is the justification of superiority through the selection of a god, the same skeptics who rebelled against the asceticism of Christianity failed to perceived the subversion of their morality by a much more extreme and destructive strain of abrahamism.
´Are you writing more books, bro?
for example, about your failed dating life Bro?´
Would read ngl

I tried to write too, but I made one large rant and I didn't make any plan for that, except for "chapters" names.
ill read it tommorow someone remind me in 12 hours plz
ugh, all these words give me a headache and strain my eyes.

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