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[Black Pill] "Women are intimidated by good looking guys" MYTH DEBUNKED [REDPILL]



Nov 8, 2017
Women are intimidated by good looking guys... They want you to approach her... She is shy but she finds you attractive

It's all bullshit desired to make men think that they are appealing so they would not get their high hopes crushed

Now how am I going to expose this load of shit? By giving you a glimpse of biography of the most beautiful man there is, Alain Delon

So since he is widely considered as the man who's the best looking in history, you would sure think that women would be DREADED to even think of approaching him because they are "intimidated by his beauty" right?

Let me pull a piece of Delon's biography

1st part
Quote: said:
[size=small]I've read from his Bio when Alain was discharged from the Navy and arrived in Paris according to the owner of a famous restaurant in Paris 5th arrondissement all the women in the whole district threw themselves at him. He started dating Brigitte Auber before he got into acting. At the time he did a variety of odd jobs, including waiter and porter, she was a famous actress in France and yet she was the one who was insecure.[/size]

2nd part
Quote: said:
Aaccording to actor Jean Claude Brialy, when Alain Delon arrived in Paris completely unknown he hypnotized everyone by his beauty when he entered bars and restaurants, wives, husbands, young girls, dogs, everybody in shock, in an interview before Brialy's death he said he had never seen such a phenomenon again.
Brutal NoReplyPill.

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