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Serious Benefits of welfare to society and wageslave psychology



Feb 15, 2024
Wageslaves often oppose welfare on the grounds that many NEETs use it to permanently sustain themselves but this is a self-defeating position:

1. Welfare reduces rates of violent crime, property crime, drug use, prostitution, suicide and reduces the rate and expense of incarceration

2. Welfare reduces rates of homelessness, which wageslaves find unaesthetic, threatening and manipulative

3. Welfare reduces the degree to which those unwilling or unable to work are burdens on their family and friends

4. Welfare enables wageslaves to take risks by quitting their job to start a business or upping their rate of investment, increasing their economic autonomy

5. NEETs and the existence of the welfare state increase the bargaining power of wageslaves vis a vis their bosses, improving their wages and working conditions and NEETs (who frequently live with family/friends) also reduce rents/housing costs for wageslaves

6. Welfare also provides a safety net for wageslaves, making it less likely that sustained unemployment destroys their mental and physical health

7. Welfare enables wageslaves to feel better about themselves because officially there is a class lower on the socio-economic hierarchy than themselves

Wageslaves have a primordial evolutionary bias against NEETs as if we were still living in small, ethnically homogenous tribes in the state of nature instead of a technological multiethnic mass society. The absurdity of the resentful wageslave position is highlighted by the fact that NEETs get a trivial amount of money from the state compared to many far greater parasites, who also serve to pollute the minds and bodies of the public and drain their time and energy. Wageslave fools think that if NEETs didn't receive welfare then their taxes would be reduced but the reality is that the government would instead spend more on single mothers, immigrants, police powers or indoctrination. By opposing welfare and supporting the stigmatisation of its beneficiaries, wageslaves make their own position more precarious, fastening the chains around them. They also demonstrate a cowardly tendency to kick down at minor annoyances rather than punch up at major exploiters. Most wagies are masochistic slaves with a crab mentality: they prefer to prevent a low status member of their group from attaining a semblance of freedom in order to feel some sense of superiority, even though we’re all destitute compared to psychopathic plutocrats. Wageslaves derive their self-worth from being good worker bees and engaging in the pointless, Sisyphean task of keeping up with the Joneses, which makes them resent and despise those who do not share their conformist and slavish tendencies.​
So I agree with normies here. Make people be without welfare so they can Burn this fucking clown world.

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