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Blackpill Being a connoisseur of black pill is like the fall from paradise of Adam and Eve.

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Hitler of nazareth

Hitler of nazareth

Sep 28, 2023
When I was a blue pill I socialized normally with society, was able to engage in healthy relationships with women and did not go around thinking all day long about the immorality of female nature. I think black pill has many positive aspects, but one of its contraindications is that you lose your innocence and your eyes are opened, which I don't always think is a good thing. Many times you live a full life apart from the truth. I think Adam and Eve went through something similar when they ate the forbidden fruit. I attest that their life before the fall was glorious and fulfilling and then it became a life of martyrdom and misery.
i've never had healthy relationships with anyone my whole life
I agree but even so ignorance is not bliss I wouldn't want to go back to my former bluepilled self even with all the pain that comes with the blackpill

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