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Gaming Anyone here missing KOF 2002 and SNES Mortal Kombat 3?

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May 6, 2021
32d 13h 38m
Damn man, sometimes I actually miss some specific times in my life...
Used to play the shit out of MK 3 on SNES with my family and KOF 2002 with my brother and his friends. I also remember when my brother would get to the gigantic screen arcade in the biggest shopping center of the region and stay there for hours without anyone beating him because he was so good at it. I remember watching him in awe playing and beating everyone that would dare to play against him. Not only me, but several people would stand by and watch dudes playing on that specific machine with a giant screen.
I get a little teary just from watching these videos, all the memories come back. I grew up playing these... and these games are still talked about to this day and played/speedran.
I actually had some good times here and there in my life, but of course they are obscured by the vast majority of the darkness that was my time on this planet. I miss these moments where I was not in the mental state I am today. This family does not exist anymore, the friends have gone their own way/disappeared/died. There are some moments I would actually like to go back to, just to experience a bit of fun times and memories being built that would be remembered many years later on.
Sometimes I keep asking myself if the people my brother played against or his friends even remember these times as I do...

All fatalities, animalities, friendships, babalities. Pretty fun stuff.

TAS, but still enjoyable as Rugal was the most OP character in the game.

Edit just to add MK 3 brutalities:
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