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Brutal Almost 200 Pornstars Say Size Matters (Brutal dickpill)

Alphabetical by first name

Aali Kali

Abella Danger

"I love being contracted to Brazzers because they’re size queens like me and only book me with big dicks."

View: https://twitter.com/Abella_Danger/status/1306014785163743232

Aidra Fox

"I don’t care much about length but I’m obsessed about width. I want my man to have girth if he can."
AJ Applegate

How important is cock size? Also have you ever dated a guy that was tiny?
"I'm a size queen, so size is important to me. But I have dated a guy w/ a small dick before & I laughed at it a lot."

View: https://twitter.com/AJsApplebooty/status/729145365350342657

Alex More

Alexa Grace

Alexa Tomas

"Like 20, 21 [centimeters; about 8 inches]… yes I like."
Alexis Andrews

Alexis Golden

"I will not lie. I'm definitely a size queen. I like a big cock. If you have double digits I'm definitely going to talk to you more than someone who has like 4 inches."

View: https://youtu.be/ReoBg1L-Yjw

"I’m not going to lie – I’m a bit of a size queen. But when it comes right down to it … I just love to have GREAT sex!"
"I am an outstanding cocksucker. I love to shove big fat cocks in my mouth. The bigger the better."

Alice Green

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"Yes, absolutely. If it’s too small, it’s not good."
Alix Lovell

"I love huge cocks, yes. I’m a size queen. I love them. (laughs)"
Aliya Brynn

I’m a size queen and I can take a huge dick.
Allie Addison

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"Yeah, that’s kind of a silly question."
Allie Awesome

"I mean I love a big dick... I mean... Yeah I like a big dick."

View: https://youtu.be/0bho5DnPA5M

Amara Romani

"I prefer something on the large side but I love all of them. (laughs)"
Amilia Onyx

"My favorite size is 7-7 ½ with a really nice girth."
Amy Faye

"I actually do really like big cocks. I think it’s more a psychological thing because I’m tiny."
"Yeah, I do like big dicks. I love how they fill up my tight holes."
Andi Rye

"If it’s a really masculine man with a big dick, I am instantly submitting and worshipping him."
Adreena Winters

"I’m a size queen. I do like that. (laughs) Literally, I just had a guy come up to me before you guys arrived saying, ‘You’ve taken some of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen! I really admire that!’ And I’m like, ‘Thanks!’ (laughs)"
"I like a big dick. I do."

View: https://youtu.be/g6CQnq90RWw?t=140

Angeline Red

Anna Bell Peaks

What is your ideal penis size?
"8 or 9 inches long, thick enough where I can wrap my hand around just barely touch my fingers, and it's bent a little bit so it can hit my G spot and makes me squirt like crazy."

View: https://youtu.be/zQeigbIPq3Y

Anna Chambers

"I’m a size queen, I’m sorry. I’m such a size queen. I love big dicks. I love to slap myself in the face with it or slap my tongue."
Anna Claire Clouds

"I like big cocks. They are preferred. Length, of course, is great and all but I like a nice thick cock."
Angelina Valentine

Anikka Albrite

"I am a size queen, I love big cocks... I do like the feeling of being filled."
"The bigger the better. Definitely I don't need those small dicks. They don't do much for me."

View: https://youtu.be/BN-ttgivxvE

April Valentino

"Yes, I’m a size queen. (laughs) I feel so ashamed in admitting it. (laughs)"
Arielle Aquinas

"I do tend to be a size queen. I’m a girth queen... What I like is the stretched feeling. It’s very satisfying."
Aries Lux

“Who isn’t a size queen? Hell yeah, I’m a size queen. I love huge cocks.”
Assh Lee

"With this ass, I have to be a size queen!"
Aubrey Gold

"I prefer them big but I like all cocks."
Audry Royal

"I think my preferred size is in between 6 and 8 inches. For me, it’s more about the girth than the length."

Britney Amber

"My average is probably bigger than most people’s average but I like 8-9 inches."
Brittney Andrews

"I think all bitches like girth."
Bobbi Dylan

"I’ve learned over the years that I deserve to be picky and I can be. So 7” and up. Not a terrible cutoff. (laughs)"
Brandi Bae

"I love big dicks because it stretches your pussy out and it feels amazing."

Caitlin Bell

"If I’m being honest, the guys in my past relationships haven’t been the biggest guys but, now, I am not into the monster cocks or anything, I’m not prepared for it, but I love a nice porn-sized penis. (laughs)"
Callie Cox

"Yeah, I’m somewhat of a size queen, I can’t deny it... I do like big dicks. I would be lying if I said I didn't, but if a guy knows how to use his dick, then no matter how big or how small, he is going to make me feel good. That's what I look for."
Charlotte Sarte

“I definitely like it [huge cocks] especially since I’m petite. I like being in pain sometimes for a day or two afterwards so it’s a nice kind of lingering memory.”
"Um yes I'm a size queen"
Chloe Nicholle (CHLOE)

"I'm a total size-queen when it comes to like pussy-fucking."
"I like working with pretty much everyone you have seen me with on screen. My top male performers are Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Mark Davis, and any of the guys that have really large penises. I am a size queen, I can’t help it... Vaginal sex, there is no one too big for me."
Chloe Temple

"Yes! As big as they come. Do you know Bruce Venture? He is the size standard that I'm looking for."
Christy Canyon

“[Penis size is] very important. Hey—I’m not a virgin anymore!"
Minimum acceptable length: seven inches; ideal length: seven to eight inches.
Christy Love

"I think my perfect dick size is 7 or 8 inches."
Cindy Starfall

"Hmm, big cocks are so yummy and they turn me on so much feeling my pussy all stretched out."
"I’m definitely a size queen. I love feeling big thick cock stretch my tiny pussy out... Being a size queen, the bigger the better."
"My perfect size is at least 6 inches and bigger."
Cleo Clementine

"I think a thicker dick is nicer. You know a good handful."
Cora Moth

Crystal Clark

"I am definitely a size queen. (laughs) My partner in real-life is very well-endowed. Before doing any scenes with guys. I was very limited with men. It wasn’t something that I was into. And I was in a long-term, crazy toxic marriage for a long time so I didn’t really have much experience with it. My partner now has changed my entire dynamic. ‘Oh my God! It has to be bigger than this! It has to be huge!’ (laughs)"

Daisy Ducati

"I like ‘em big. I am a size queen, it’s true. (laughs) But I’m also a fan of fisting. The bigger the better."
Daisy Garcia

Dakota Skye

"I like stuff in my butt so I guess I like getting fucked in the ass by big dicks. (laughs) But otherwise, as long as you know what you’re doing, I think that’s all that matters."
Dani Daniels

"Give me a man that smells like a man, curses like a sailor, and can man handle me like the woman I am. Someone that treats me like a lady and opens doors and such for me. Give me a man with confidence, not an ego. And a big yummy cock helps as well. What can I say, I'm a size queen."
Dava Foxx

"Size definitely matters! And girth. A big cock inside me feels good in every way possible! LOVE it!!!!! I’m a “go big or go home” kinda girl!"
What is your ideal penis?
"It's big, it's long, it's thick."
Deanna Dare

"I love doggie style. It just feels good with a big dick. There’s no other feeling!"
"I am a size queen. I love big dicks!"
Dee Siren

“To be completely honest, I like guys with some meat. I’m a size queen.”
"Bigger is better.”
"I will not be sexually satisfied unless I have a hung cock. You would need to be at least 8 inches."
"I do like men that are confident and have a sense of humor. I prefer men that are fit and well hung physically."
"Yes, I am an unapologetic size queen. Now, this does not mean I will not give the smaller ones some love. I can satisfy any size regardless. I have amazing control of my Kegel muscles. However, if you’re talking about what my preferences are, I do like big dicks. As I explained earlier, I can orgasm in almost any way, so when it comes to time, I am not one who requires tons of time. Of course, if you are my vagina, she would say the longer the better. She is the Energizer Bunny. She will keep going and going till the rest of me gives out. She is very insatiable."
"I prefer at least 8 inches or more on film #sizequeen"https://twitter.com/mrssiren/status/665216983282008064
"I AM an unapologetic size queen. It is my preference. That’s not what was said. I can still get off to smaller cocks or no cock at all. I also love foreplay & everything else. I still enjoy playing with all of them. Just doesn’t mean I will have the same type of orgasms."
"Boys I don't mind your cock pics & I know y'all are all proud of them. I am a size queen & have taken things bigger than any dick."
"I'm super picky. I'm a super unapologetic size queen so if you're too small I'll normally just flick at you or something. I like something to play with."
If you could only have one sex act for the rest of your life what would it be?
"Cowgirl on a huge arm-sized penis."
The Angel Long Podcast - Oct 4, 2021
Dee Williams

“Absolutely size matters. Size makes everything different. It gives you different experiences… Girth? I love girth.”
Delilah Strong

Della Dane

"I do like big cocks. I like girth over length but I think I’m kind of a size queen."
Demi Sutra

"I like girth. I'm a girth girl. I like a thick dick."

"I have always been with bigger guys because I like to be dominated. I kind of like pain. You know, maybe I am a size queen. When a guy has a really big dick, it gives me that 'hurts to good' feeling. I can feel more dominated than I would with a guy with a five inch dick."
Dollie Darko

"I am more into the rough stuff. Not super rough. I like dirty talk, hair pulling, spanking. I like when a guy is dominating and knows how to take control. I like creativity. I like someone who knows how to be verbal. A lot of it is getting into my head. It starts with my head and works its way down. And he needs a big dick."
So you're a size queen then?
"I totally am [a size queen.] (laughs) Admittedly. (laughs)"
Dylan Phoenix

Ella Nova

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"I definitely love them. I have a super sensitive g-spot while getting fucked generally well. I don’t need size to get off but I do love it. I love a really thick cock."
Elsa Jean

"The confession is… I’ve been fucking giant dick recently to the point where I can barely walk the next day. I’m addicted. I don’t know if I can go back to small cock."
"Honestly I wouldn’t discriminate against anything but it would be hard for me to be in a long term relationship with a small cock."
When you say small cock, what size is considered small to you?
"Anything that doesn’t touch my cervix when I’m getting fucked."
Erin Everheart

"I do really enjoy huge cocks. I got to do a scene with Dredd, I loved it so much! And it was an anal scene as well!"
Eva Angelina

"I’m a size queen. I really like big dicks... I have a problem - I like to feel my cervix in my throat."
Eva Lovia

"I’ve always loved big cocks. (laughs) That was true before I got into porn. My ex was mixed and his dick was the size of my forearm. For me, that’s what I’ve always been into. I don’t mind smaller ones but I’m into big ones."

Fallon West

Franziska Facella

What's Your Ideal Penis Size?
"Large and in charge."

Gemma Jolie

"Yes, I’m a size queen. I learned this at AVN. I didn’t know there was a name for it. I was with a friend and we were having a conversation about dick size. I said I didn’t care but as the conversation went on, I had this whole epiphany that I was a size queen. (laughs) I mean, I don’t discriminate, I love everybody, I just prefer them big."
Gianna Dior

"My favorite kind of dick is thick kind of dick and a little bit long."
Gina Valentina

"I'm a size queen I love .. & I mean I love huge DICKS likeee #ughhhhh put it in every hole "

Heather Honey

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"It definitely matters. Even if it’s big length-wise, if it’s not big girth-wise, that’s not even big to me. That’s not going to work!"
Holly Heart

"I’m a size queen so it was great! I was lucky enough to only sleep with guys who were loaded downstairs."

India Summer

“When you ask me if size matters, for me I’m specifically thinking about me cumming getting the best orgasm I can. Size matters."
"I appreciate a nice body with a lot of stamina and a big cock. Technique is probably the most important thing, but I’m not gonna lie to you, I love a big cock! If I’m swinging or going on a date I’m at least looking for someone bigger than my husband. I love getting pounded by a big hard cock from behind hard, deep, and fast."
Ivy Lebelle

"It was to my first boyfriend and he kind of ruined me for everyone else because I had never seen a dick before in my life and he had a really huge cock! But I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to gauge it. (laughs) Ever since then, I’ve been a size queen which is another of the delights of being in porn because I get to work with guys with huge cocks! (laughs) That makes me super happy."
"And I also really love giving blowjobs. I really, really love it especially if the guy is really big, it’s a huge turn-on."

Jacqueline Lick

"I like them big... as big as they can get!"
Adult Cinema Review, March of 1997
Jada Stevens

Would you say you’re a size queen?
"Yeah. (Laughs)"
Jane Wilde

“I love huge cocks.”
"To be perfectly honest and candid I don't want to fuck a dick that like smaller than 5 inches. That's just my personal preference."
Janet Mason

"In my case, size does matter. It is certainly no big secret to anyone who knows me, either personally or through my web site and videos, that I am a true "size queen"...there's almost nothing that gets me turned on faster (or makes me orgasm harder and more frequently) than a really long, thick dick. Some men find that arousing. "I just want to meet a hot guy, fuck like animals and go our separate ways, exhausted and satisfied. And for that, I'll take a guy with a big dick any day...and the bigger, the better. "... There was something indescribably pleasurable about feeling more "filled" with a big cock when we made love that made my orgasms more intense than any I'd ever experienced with lesser-endowed men." http://www.janetmasonblog.com/2007/12/why-i-am-size-queen.html
"Yes, I am definitely what you'd call a 'size queen' when it comes to cocks. I simply love them big...and the bigger, the better! My husband Steve has a big dick, and he was the first guy I was ever with who was hung well above average...so I guess you could say he gets full credit or blame for my fetish, depending on your viewpoint. For me, there is nothing quite like a truly huge cock - which I define as over 8 honest, actual inches, not the usual exaggerated 'Internet Inches' - to get my juices flowing, both literally and figuratively. I still tremble with lust, get 'butterflies in my stomach' and feel the burning flush of pure animal desire in my face, chest and pussy whenever I'm face-to-face with one or see one in photos or videos."
What do you like most about being a hotwife?
"I like all the huge cocks Steve finds for me and the thought of all that cum from so many willing donors. As a size queen and a cum queen, that alone would be great. But I also really like feeling so spoiled and pampered by Steve - it makes me feel very feminine and adored. I get the best of both worlds - the stability of a loving traditional relationship with a husband and kids, plus the uninhibited sexual freedom and exploration that is always available whenever we want it."
So size does matter to you?
"Yes, it matters a lot. I do NOT pretend to speak for other women here, but to me it absolutely does - some women don’t care. I like them both extra long and extra thick - not just one or the other. The feeling of being so filled up and nearly being split in two drives me over the edge again and again. Many guys who are insecure about their cock size tend to say 'It’s better to have a lover with skills and consideration in bed rather than a guy with a big dick!', but the whole 'Would you prefer a man with a big cock or a man who is good in bed?' thing is a ludicrously false model of thought, as it assumes that men with large penises cannot possibly have any skill and consideration in bed and that men with smaller penises automatically do have it. It just gets funnier the more one thinks about it. Skill and consideration are learned behaviors ergo, anyone can obtain them. But penis size is obviously not learned or otherwise obtainable it’s an accident of birth. For some women, myself included, a man who is skilled and considerate in bed AND packs a huge cock is far preferable to a man who is skilled and considerate in bed but has a smaller cock (all other things being equal). And here’s another thing I’ve found - many of my female friends say the same thing in private to other women, even if they wouldn’t dare admit it to their husbands or boyfriends. Fortunately, Steve and I have the kind of relationship wherein we can both be totally honest about our turn-ons and fantasies, so I don’t have to lie about it. Besides, he’s got a bigger-than-average one himself, so he’s not insecure about his size, and that helps."
What is your favorite sexual act?
"It’s definitely a face full of cum, a big load in my pussy, having my asshole licked and sucked until I orgasm, having my toes sucked and being fucked REALLY hard for a long time by a big cock."
"I am a self-professed Size Queen. Every time I'm treated to one I get giddy like a schoolgirl and that's when I go into 'cock worship' mode! I never, ever get tired of or feel blasé toward huge cocks. It's just a huge part of who I am, no pun intended."
"Dark-skinned, physically fit, sexually aggressive and well-hung black men make me hot. The darker, the more fit and trim, and especially the more well-hung, the sexier."
"Yes - I am a #SizeQueen - nothing like grabbing hard wood with both hands :)"
"Sorry. Mrs. Mason is a size queen. I like them BIG. Only."
"I like BIG Cocks! #SizeQueen"
Jasmine Jae

"I like huge dicks but it obviously depends on how you use it."
Jenna Haze

"I tend to like the bigger guys [laughs]. As people can tell from my movies, my favorite guys are very large, well-endowed men."
Jenna Jameson

“First off, size does matter! Girls who say it doesn’t are usually lying in order not to hurt their man’s feelings. Girls like big cocks, simple as that!"
Does size matter for you?
"Well, I have had boyfriends that were smaller, and they got me off, but I do like big ones."
Jessa Rain

Jessica Darlin

"I love the monster cocks. When I was at Elegant some of the directors couldn’t believe how well I could take the big guys considering how small I am. I did whatever positions they needed without a break or giving them a hassle. I have no complaints when a nice big dick is up my ass. Actually you could do whatever you wanted right about then. They called me their little anal queen because I was actually enjoying it and not doing it for the money! My fantasy is to get gang banged from my selection of tremendously hung industry studs."
Jewel De'Nyle

"Well I did a movie called Size Queens because I know girls love big cocks. I know I do hehe!! I have a big one in my personal life as well, in fact for me to be serious with a guy he must have a nice package... I think anything 8 inches or bigger is good. I myself love a thick dick and uncircumsized."
Johnni Black

"Big is always better. Long and thin cocks are good because they fill my entire asshole. Then again, thick cocks feel really good!"
Adult Cinema Review, April of 1997
Joseline Kelly

Kacie Castle

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"Yes. I don’t dislike them at all. (laughs)"
Kaelin Blake

"I do prefer and have dated mostly dudes with big dicks."
Kagney Linn Karter

"I used to think I wasn’t [a size queen], but I definitely like a big one."
Kaiia Eve

"I only like big dicks. I’ll suck smaller dicks because, whatever, but I really like big dicks."
Kali Roses

Kalina Ryu

Are you a size queen?
"To be honest, yeah. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings but yeah. I like to be stretched out."
Karah Brooke

"I like big ones, definitely. I like thicker better than longer."
Karmen Karma

Kat Dior

"I like really thick cocks. I like my pussy to be stretched out."
Kate England

"I like girth. I can't take too much length, but definitely girth is good."
Katie Kox

Does size matter to you?
"Hell yes! The bigger the better."
What type of men do you go for?
"Confident, athletic build, big cock. Black men are yummy... I love black men but I don’t discriminate. I like white guys who are tall with big cocks."
Katja Kassin

"I like big dicks. I like the way they fill me up and stretch my pussy. I like big dicks in my ass. Small dicks feel strange because the muscle doesn’t stretch all the way. There is just something about it. I don’t like small dildos, there’s a certain size that makes it feel great when the muscle stretches."
Katrina Jade

"(laughs) I do love the big cocks but I wouldn’t classify myself as a size queen. I’ve been with average guys and even small guys and they rocked it the whole way. I’m not necessarily a size queen because my vagina’s really sensitive. Maybe like a weekend size queen. (laughs)"
"I'm a size queen "
Katy Kiss

"Size matters to me, to an extent. I love huge cock, but if there’s no chemistry there, what good does the cock do me?"
Keisha Grey

Kenzie Taylor

"I definitely like anything 7 inches and above. That’s preferred."
Kierra Wilde

Kimmy Granger

"The size of a mans penis doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s fucking massive and triumphant."
"There’s just something about a big dick that reminds me of why I love Big dick... you feel me?"
"I’m thankful for all the big dick in the world."
Could you describe your ideal man?
"Funny, smart, compassionate, handsome, warm hearted, selfless and will let me ride his big huge cock whenever I want."
Kissa Sins

"I really do prefer it to be big. It’s way fun."
Kristina Rose

"I’ve dated guys that were on the smaller/more normal side and have had good sex. BUT It’s not the same as having good sex with a guy that has a big dick. And I have a tendency to be more considerate/more respectful towards a dude on the day to day if he’s got that big giant make me cum like crazy dick. It’s just fact. I’ll take more shit from a dude if the dick is good."
"There’s two different types of girls. Girls that prefer fat and girls that prefer long. I’m more concerned with length than girth. But I have girlfriends that don’t like long dicks or skinny dicks. They’d rather have it short and fat. Basically, penis’s are to women what boobs are to men. Some guys like tiny perky, some guys like big and fake or big and real. Some girls like a lot of length. Some girls would rather have it short and fat. Me, I wanna feel that shit so deep in my vag.. I wanna feel it come out my throat through my asshole."
"I’ve worked with a lot of big dudes. I don’t really think there is such a thing as a dick being too big. But definitely, I need to be in the right mood to take guys like Mandingo, Lexington Steel, Nacho Vidal, Manuel Ferrara. I think those are the biggest guys I’ve worked with."
Kylie Kalvetti

"For me, I think that I’m a bit of a size queen. I really, really like big penises. The bigger the better."
"I like thick cocks."

Lacey Loxxx

Lana Rhoades

"I get really excited about big dicks. They’re my favorite."
Lauren Vaughn

"I am definitely into large size. I can handle it. I enjoy it. I want more of it... I am a size queen and I would really like to do more scenes with huge black cocks. That's my preference to be perfectly blunt."
Leya Falcon

"I am 150 million percent in real life a size queen. Nothing but big black cocks inside of me outside of work! Always been that way and will stay that way. If I dont feel like im being ripped open then your cock is not big to me."
Lilith Grace

"Yeah, I like big cocks. Obviously, if they’re not big, I’m not going to be ‘we can’t do anything!’ but I like to feel it. (laughs)"
Lily Lane

“I like big fat cocks... I like fat thick cocks."
"Genuinely nice and sweet and caring and handsome and has a big cock that can fuck me really good."
Lindsay Lane

What's your ideal size?
"8 and a half... 9."
Linzee Ryder

Lisey Sweet

"I love big cocks, obviously. So, size queen is hard to say. I guess I am a size queen except that I don’t discriminate too much. I love cocks."
Lita Lecherous

"I love huge cocks. I do. I’m more about girth for my pussy because I’m really into stretching. I worked with Will Tile and Logan Long and they both have very different big dicks. I like all the big dicks. They’re all good for different things."
Lizzie Tucker

"I like ’em big. If it’s any smaller than 8 inches, I won’t enjoy it."
Lola Fae

What's the nicest dick you've ever seen?
"[8 inches]... It's nice a thick at the base and it slowly gets a little bit wider. That extra wide part in like the upper third of his dick just pulls the squirt out of me so it's absolutely my favorite."
Lucy Fox

"I like all cocks, but I do like big dicks."
Lucy Heart

Lucy Tyler

"It doesn’t matter as long as it works but I like a little bit of girth. I like to feel every part of the dick and if it’s small, you can’t really do that."
Lulu Chu

"I like anything between boyfriend dick and 11 inches. 12 is a little too much."
Luna Lovely

Mackenzie Moss

Madison Summers

"I just like big dicks. (laughs) Like 8” with a good girth."
Maitland Ward

Maria Kazi

"I prefer them on the bigger side but if he’s hot enough, I might compensate for that."
Marsha May

"I have to say I’m a size queen... My pussy’s going to get really wet and open and the bigger the dick is, the better. For both of us."
Megan Blake XXX

"I love huge penises. I would definitely say if I’m dating someone and he doesn’t have a big package, it ruins the dynamic of the relationship."
"I have this really big white dildo that I keep in my nightstand. I love the penetration."
Mia Malkova

"Tall, great smile and sense of humor. Big dick because I am a size queen."
Michele James

Minxx Marley

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"As of lately, I’ve been becoming one! I used to really like the average-sized dick but getting into porn, they’ve slowly but surely been stretching this little girl out."
Miranda Miller

"I love the feeling being stretched as much as I can."
Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"That I actually got turned on when I was 19 and started doing more hardcore scenes and that’s when I realized that’s what I liked."
Misha Montana

Moka Mora

"I fall in love with people’s souls a lot of the time so I don’t know. But I do like big sizes!"
Mona Azar

"I’m a size queen; I’m 100% a size queen. I like big dicks. It is what it is."

Nadia Noja

Nai Nacci

"Naturally I prefer getting nailed by a massive hard-on."
Naomi Winters

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"It has to be big. I will turn it away or I won’t talk to you if it’s tiny."
Natalia Starr

Natalia Queen

"I do love BBCs so much! That’s what I go for! … I do love huge cocks."
Niki Snow

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"Yes. Definitely. I love, love big cocks."
Length or girth?
"Definitely girth. Both are good but the thicker the better."
Nikki Hearts

"For me it [size] does [matter]. I’m able to fit a lot in there and if a dick is really small I barely feel it."

Olive Glass

"I really like girth. I do like a really thick penis."

Paige Owens

"Idk why I’ve been lying to myself all these years. I’m 100% a size queen. The bigger ur dick is the more bullshit I will put up with "
"Everyone I fuck just assumes that I must be a size queen cause I take big dicks all the time on set and you know what, YOU RIGHT I AM A SIZE QUEEN!"
Payton Preslee

Pepper Hart

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"To be honest, I have to admit it. I don’t like to admit it because I’ve had fun with normal people. Small people too. But then I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s all you’ve got?’"
Phoenix Marie

Any feelings on black cock?
"Um, the bigger the better."
Pressley Brooks

"I only fuck guys with big dicks… I like guys with big dicks. I like to be owned."
Pristine Edge


Reagan Foxx

"I have never come out and said exactly what I like. A lot would think I’m a size queen but I do enjoy… should I give you an exclusive? I don’t care about length, I really like a girthy penis. (laughs)"
Rebel Rhyder

"I like all cocks but the bigger the better."
Rhea Radford

Richelle Ryan

Rikki Rumor

Riley Nixon

"I would say that I’m a size queen… I like very large/average size, the larger size of average."
Riley Reyes

"I love huge cocks. However, I’m negotiable in my personal life because a lot of things I like to do don’t necessarily require having interactions with the guy’s cock. I love the idea of feeling myself get stretched out by a huge dick. But, especially in subs or a guy that’s willing to use toys, it doesn’t matter. I also said, if you’re small, why don’t you get a huge dildo until she’s satisfied. There’s so many options in this world and most people don’t do the research. That’s why I like to have people stretch me out because I want to feel like a slut."
Rizzo Ford

"I like some girth. I’m not going to lie. I like some girth."
Romi Rain

"I'm not gonna lie to you I kinda like big dick. I'm a little bit of a size queen. But you know what? Sue me. I bet you guys love stuff big too, don't you?! (grabs breasts and shakes ass) Don't you like it big? So do we!"
Rose Lynn

"I like all size dicks but, as of lately, I’ve been leaning towards the bigger dicks. (laughs)"
Roxie Ray

To adult actress Roxie Ray*, eight is her minimum.*
"For me personally, a larger penis is more aesthetically attractive and leaves me with no doubt that I will be sexually satisfied. Of course, there are other ways to satisfy a woman, but with heterosexual intimacy I would say bigger is always better."

Sadie Holmes

"I am a size queen. I have a cuckolded husband and I love really big dicks. I used to think I had a small pussy, then I realized, ‘Wow! I can stretch this out and then it goes back to tiny!’ I take pride in being able to take a lot and it’s fun. Sometimes, you see a dick and you say, ‘Holy shit! This is so big!’ Then 10 minutes later, I’m thinking, I can do bigger because I’m warmed up now."
Sara Jay

"It's all on how you use it when it comes down to it, but if you don't know how to use your dick you better have a big, thick, fat one. (laughs) And when I say big and thick I like at least 8 inches and big around."
Sara Luvv

"I’ve always had guys with bigger penises, the 3 guys I had sex with before porn were bigger. Then I had porn dick and thought, ‘ok, this is what it’s like!’"
Sara St. Claire

"My pussy wouldn’t be stretchy if wasn’t meant to be stretched!"
Savannah Fox

"I’m definitely a fan of bigger cocks. (laughs) They don’t have to be foot long schlongs. Honestly, I like thicker dicks, so if you have a big fat dick, that works too."
Saya Song

"I can have fun with smaller penises, but I prefer big dicks."
Scarlett Sage

"I like big, but I definitely don’t mind average."
Selah Rain

"I am a size queen...Imma squirter so size matters. 11 inches is awesome for me."
Selma Sins

"Yes! I’m a size queen as it is. Even before porn, I was such a fucking size queen! And now in porn, it’s like "Damn! Let’s fuck!'"
Shannon Blue

"I have a number of sex toys, but think my 12 inch dildo does the trick!"
"I would ask a pornstar does size matter? Answer of course it does darling bigger the better!!!"
Shawna Lenee

"At least an 8 inch penis and thick."
Speaking on Howard Stern, 2007 about how big a guy needs to be to date her.
Skye Blue

"I think porn’s turned me into one, honestly. The feeling of stretching is such a unique sensation. Obviously you can’t have that all the time! Manuel Ferrara, his dick is so thick! I love it! It’s so fantastic when we do a scene together but I have to rest for 2 days afterwards!"
Skylar Nicole

Sophia Rose

For adult actress, size queen and alpha female, Sofia Rose, it’s rare for her to feel beta to a man and a thick veiny member better establishes her role as a submissive.
"Knowing a man is truly able to handle me, gives me a heightened sense of pleasure during all aspects of sex."
Sophie Marie

"I am [a size queen]. (laughs) I prefer them bigger. (laughs) A little more girth than not."
Spencer Bradley

"I’m a little bit of a size queen. I like to get stretched."
Spring Thomas

I have an average-sized penis. 6 inches
"You have a really small dick. I’m a Size Queen sweetie."
Stacy Jay

"I like big dicks... I fish for guys with big dicks."
Stormy Daniels

"I won't lie and say size doesn't matter. I love sucking a big cock. For me, the perfect size is big enough to hurt but not so huge that it has to."
Summer Col

"I really like huge cocks. I can’t say no. I really like them. There are some guys that disappoint me because they don’t make me cum. I need that extra inch or two."
Summer Day

Sydney Paige

"It does matter to me. I’m a size queen. I have been called that a lot. The first time I was called that was on cam because my dildoes are so big. Someone said, ‘Oh, you’re a size queen.’ ‘I’m a what?’"

Tera Patrick

"Of course size matters! The bigger the better, the thicker, the wetter. Absolutely. That’s my motto!"
"I'm sorry, but cock size is very important. If they don't have the right tool...thicker. The perfect size...Nacho Vidal. He's a little too long, but the width is perfect."
Adam Film World Guide: Porn Stars, August of 2000
Terri Summers

"Too spoiled in my private life always..so I really do prefer big ones!! I have a small mouth so its hard on the sucking, and i have been told I am pretty tight, but when I have sex I prefer the bigger the better!!"
Tiffany Brookes

Tiffany Star

What’s your ideal sized wiener?
"Like…9 or 10 inches. I like ’em big."
Tina Kay

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
" Absolutely! Who doesn’t? lol But even if you got a huge cock, that’s not enough, you must know how to use it properly! "
Traci Lords

What size weinie do you like on your men?
"Big. Definately very big!"
Tweety Valentine

What is it about black men you like?
"For one thing they have big dicks."
So you’re a size queen!


Vanessa Cage

Vanessa Veracruz

"All I hope for is a big heart and even bigger penis #SadButTrue #SizeQueen"
Victoria June

"I really like big ones and even the biggest ones I’ve had before, I still want more. I want bigger, bigger, bigger ones!"
Vina Sky

Willow Hayes

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
"Fuck yeah. Absolutely. It definitely matters."
Willow Ryder

"I’m really into big dicks. I want it all! I’m not one of those girls who likes small dicks."

Xxlayna Marie

Are you a size queen?
"Yes, most definitely. I would say 7” is average but 8” is normal to me."
You are a size queen?
"Yeah. I'm a size queen. I've been told and I'm realizing I am."


Zoey Laine

Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?
Credit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ilovesi...omplete_list_of_porn_stars_who_are_real_life/
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I can't even escortmax because I'm too afraid the prostitute will laugh when she sees my tiny penis (14cm)
You are a truecel unless you have 23cm dickc :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy:
Nigga even 10cm niggas reproduce your face is holding you back
Water Landscape GIF
lol at le progressive & developed Western society
Water... niggers litterally fuck just off huge dick size.

Face + dick length + dick girth + height + race = SMV

Needless to say this website is bottom 20% in that calculus.
Bro this the same nigga sayin he ascended and now he still lurkin on the forum
It does matter a lot for incels that are escortmaxxing.
Small dicklet cels will be laughed at. Brutal :blackpill:

Can't even escortcel properly. Mutilated + small (15cm is small).

Another pill: they hate mutilated dicks (water).
Its all marketing

A lot of those names are absolute memes. I would also say their persona is manufactured so you can’t necessarily take what they say as gospel truth about how they feel. Their names are fake, their birthdays are also probably fake, they pretend to be lesbians for money.

Size is cope.

Tall women need long dicks, average women need average dicks, short women need short dicks.

Pelvis length to womb is the important length. A long dick for her size will hurt a woman. A short dick for her size will doing nothing for her.


From curries and sands naturally. So I'm assuming already you're dicklets then :fuk:

A woman can eject a fucking 30x30cm baby from her hole. No 8 incher is gonna damage them.

Btw it's the other way around. Tall women are LARGER. Fat women are DEEPER. And since many women are tall and fat it's over.

AND ON TOP OF ALL THIS: if you remember this thread https://incels.is/threads/women-gai...-the-pain-that-is-inflicted-upon-them.254271/ then EVEN if it hurted them, they would take PLEASURE FROM IT :feelskek:

Nature has not a shed of sympathy for weak men :feelskek:
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This thread should be locked, nothing new here adds anything to the conversation that hasn't been heard here before.
They are lying. All they want is 13 inches dicks. Women love when they cannot walk after a sex session because they feel fulfilled.
Can't even escortcel properly. Mutilated + small (15cm is small).

Another pill: they hate mutilated dicks (water).
That's 6 inches, so not small, actually even above average

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