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I should also add, canthal tilt is related to the inner-maxillary process's development, due to tongue posture and neck/spinal posture, BOTH of these are complementary to each other.
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  • Hydration
  • Androgen Receptors
  • Facial Hair
  • Sexual Health
  • Biological Health
  • Facial Structure
  • Balding
  • Body
  • Breastfeeding and 'MEWING'
  • Human Nature
  • Minor Additives
  • For the Trans Women/cis Women
  • Penis size
  • Cancers
  • Mental Gains
  • 7 day ejaculation recovery period
  • Hair Thickness
Alright, let's break down looksmaxxing entirely, all the information you're about to witness is based on my own multi-year process of self-experimentation in seeing what works objectively, and what does not. Please bear with me in fully explaining EVERYTHING.


Stay extremely hydrated during the day, but stop drinking before bed or you will risk wet dreams increasing frequency

Androgen Receptors

Ejaculation, in it's absolute form detaches androgen receptors from your biology temporarily. After 7 days- and this is consistent across ALL men-, the androgen receptors RE-attach, you NEED androgen receptors attached to your biology for ideal muscular-skeletal growth- so wait 7 days after ejaculation and on the 7th day you're good to begin 'truly' looksmaxxing.
there is scientific documentation on this 7 day period it takes for androgen receptors to reattach, in fact, on the 7th day, your testosterone triples. I'm saying, when you ejaculate your body's entire reserve of ANDROGEN RECEPTORS, the receptors that ABSORB testosterone, are DETACHED from the BODY FOR 7 DAYS. YOUR TESTOSTERONE SPIKES ON THE 7TH DAY OF ABSTAINANCE.

Facial Hair

Once your androgen receptors reattach after the 7 day no-ejaculation period, your hair follicles continue their development, no matter how hairless and twinky you may be initially, you go 3 months no cum/wet dreams and you'll start to see significant follicle increase.

Sexual Health

I've already told you about 7 day abstinence, but ideally you also need to understand that ANY AND ALL AROUSAL immediately generates semen in the prostate, Sperm always remains in the balls though, till ejaculation. The semen in the prostate MUST be expelled EVERY DAY, or it will cause prostate cancer if left dormant inside the prostate. NOTE:EXPELLED DOES NOT MEAN CUM, you can expel residual semen from your prostate by squatting slightly in the bathroom and mentally pushing in on your frontal pelvis, like you would on your anus when you're taking a shit.
Non-sperm'ized' semen will be forced out like a long rope.
Morning wood is arousal caused by potty training because the musculature holding in the urine also interacts with the genitals and stimulates them. Wet dreams are an extreme of this phenomenon.

Biological Health

Potty training may be damn near evil (joking), holding in waste unnaturally long (while sleeping specifically) atrophies the digestive system over time and over the course of generations, it is also the direct cause of digestive cancers, the same way dormant semen in the prostate too long is the cause of Prostate cancer. This is why modern NOFAP is slightly misguided, without knowledge on how to expel the semen in their prostate without ejaculating.
Testicular cancer is also caused by extended and unnatural lower torso/pelvic muscle activity in the body.

Facial Structure


Why do all lions and tigers look very similar? with their minor differentiators that allow herd members to different being minor facial differences, minor hair differences, voice, scars etc?
because this is called NATURAL FORM; deer, goats, animals of the wild, in general, maybe only biologically different when it comes to environmental and diet changes across their separate genus', but i'll get to this also.
You all obviously know what 'mewing' is yes? mewing, for all intents and purposes, is not real in a 'new discovery' sense.
Human breast proportions are caused by animal fat consumption, tongue posture is the differentiator between the cranial 'growth direction' of children sucking on these different breast types: carnivore vs herbivore breast growth in women.
That's correct, the tongue posture of black Africans and Eurasians differentiated entirely in this specific aspect. but i'll delve deeper into this later.
If you want a visual difference, look up the pornstar Addison Lorie . and compare her NIPPLE POSITION and BREAST PLUMPNESS with any flat saggy titted woman pornstar you can find, from this you can infer that she grew up on heavy animal meat and animal fat.
Her face is very ugly and undeveloped, agreed, but this is absolutely more anecdotal to her breast proportions being different from her own while she was still a baby breastfeeding.
estrogen in women simply mediates fat distribution, this coupled with lack of androgen receptor density allows animal fat (saturated fat) to proliferate in ideal areas all over the body, specifically breasts, lack of androgen receptor density is the crucual factor in differentiating men and women.
When exposed to female biology; saturated fat gives women the 'good' type of tits, but when exposed to androgen receptors in men, increases testosterone, it's the 'all-fat' in homo sapiens. Animal meat/fat is ideal for human consumption and mediated by our gender differentiated hormonal receptors.
WE ARE CARNIVORES/OMNIVORES BY VIRTUE OF THIS DIFFERENCE, this is why our facial structure looks different from the gorillas/chimps that are PRIMARILY vegetarians; flat/saggy tits ==== chimp breasts. Saturated/animal fat is the primary mediator in the difference between humans and other apes.
Next topic, you ever heard about chewing? How hypetrophy in the jaw muscle makes the mandible bone bigger? This is consistent for ALL muscles in the skull but the growth IS NOT acromegaly.
It grows in the NATURAL homo sapien form. That's why ALL GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE HAVE SPECIFIC GOOD LOOKING FEATURES even if they have essentially 'non-ideal' features to add some uniqueness. like eye color, skin and hair (generally).
So here's the general run down on 'BONE HYPERTROPHY'
EAT WHOLE STEAKS OF RED MEAT, as raw you can get without risking parasitic infection.
The action of baring down on a large steak with ALL OF YOUR TEETH and then FORCE TEARING AWAY WITH YOUR HEAD while holding it still with your hands, maintains, generates & fixes teeth STRAIGHTNESS by hypertrophying TOTAL MAXILLARY MUSCULATURE through the complete-teeth activity, and in turn, accelerating an increase in mandible and maxillary bone proliferation.
If you're male then maintaining POST 7 DAY abstinence through out makes it easier for you as testosterone goes straight to the muscles in your face through your now-attached androgen receptors.
Now let me tell you about hair; your hair follicles are attached to a 'hair muscle' system, you can see this on any skull diagram for muscles in the skull; the pericranial aponeurosis. You can literally continuously hypertrophy the very front muscular attachment 'forward' to lower your hairline over time.
PROPER Muscular hypertrophy in all face muscles, 8 minute-holds once every two weeks and you should see bone mass increase within 1 month: The specific exercise you should do are extreme forms of 'pretending you are outside in the sun on an extremely windy day, very autistic, I know, but so is looksmaxxing in general.


Hold this position AGGRESSIVELY for 8-minutes straight, once every 2 weeks is enough, remember what I said about the importance of abstinence in muscle-bone mass growth, you want to look like this you need a little discipline... Also, 'imagine' forcing your hair 'muscles' DOWN during a 'frown', there are muscles there, just touch it and try your hardest to 'FORCE IT DOWN' like any other muscle, you should see results in WEEKS, if not DAYS.

Notice that these big boned dimorphic faces have a THIN NOSE, a THIN NOSE is a high-bone mass nose. when people have pudgy thick noses, this means that the skin that is supposed to be being stretched into an attractive thin forward shape, is being compressed against the absence of a developed nasal bone structure.


Balding is plain and simply what happens when you ejaculate too much, you remain inside the period of androgen receptor detachment from the body so your muscles begin to completely atrophy, regardless of how much gym you do. Remember, after ejaculation there is an ABSOLUTE PERIOD OF 7 DAYS before your androgen receptors re-attach. Your hair line is definitely not exempt from this, but if you accompany abstinence with 'hair muscle' downward hypertrophy, you should be able to completely recover 'AND MORE' your hairline.
Height is also not entirely genetic, but obviously predisposed to existing genetics of course, this is all about ideal food amount intake as well as physical activity during development;
basketballers all have basketballer shoulders
swimmers always have wide shoulders. but swimming isn't a natural 'continuous stimuli' activity, so all their bodies are retarded looking ngl.
It's just excessive muscular-skeletal usage in the area of the shoulder- swimmers obviously do this when they swim, ballers obviously do this when they train dribbling and shooting and dunking. But ideally, you do this while you're young and growing so you develop in these facets early and don't have to do autistic dead arm hangs and get insane clavicle skin stretch marks.


Remember what I said about NIPPLE POSITION and BREAST PLUMPNESS?
ALL GIRLS need to grow up eating primarily animal meats and fat and their breasts will grow in their IDEAL form REGARDLESS OF RACE. this will mean IDEAL facial proportions for the kids that they breastfeed because IDEAL tongue habits will subconsciously develop. Natural 'mewing' per-se
We've already discussed how female breast 'proportions' are differentiated in homo sapiens by the TYPE of fat consumption during growth-> animal fat vs plant fat. Black people initially were the original ones with caucasian skull structure (see:florisbad skull from south africa 200,000 years ago) but humans came from here of course, so it makes sense.

That was before Africa was in essentiality a desert. But right now, African girl breasts are flat and saggy, no matter how young or old on a large scale, but not a COMPLETE scale, just generally due to herbivorous diet at large in Africa right now. Long saggy breasts, instead of plump.
This is more consistent with chimpanzee breast proportions because in The desert that Africa is right now, their diet will predominantly be plant foods, because there are few places for prey to live, fewer they aren't already being hunted by predators.
But THIS DIET DIFFERENTIATION creates the breast proportion difference across races.
Not 'genes'.
But why do humans eat meat?
Why did we start eating animal fats in the first place and make our women develop these shapely tits that other chimps don't have? this is what differentiated the chimps that lost the fur and just kept eating plant from the chimps that lost the fur and STARTED STALKING BIG CATS. HUMANS DIFFERENTIATED THEMSELVES BY SCAVENGING BIG CAT KILLS.
Our ancestors were the most attractive people possible, but relative to them, 'Attractiveness' does not exist. Like lions and tigers, deers and rabbits, there is a 'Natural form'. Humans have one to, that I assume would look like some artistic combination wherein a dark-African man has the cranial proportions of some hyper-European like Fabien Pelous, and much more body hair, as we are talking about pre-desert African homo-sapiens.
Humans have been around for over 500,000 years, and attractive 'caucasoid skulls' are the only ones you're going to find going back before humans left Africa ~70,000 years ago (see:florisbad skull). Neanderthals were all ugly as fuck (but were a post-african settlement a little farther back than the 70,000 year old out of africa exodus).
Let's recap:
how often do you think ALL of these factors are met perfectly? And you want to talk genetics? look at Zendaya's parents- her mom probably has great tits, but both of her parents are ugly as fuck.

Human Nature

Our growth is non-exponential relative to ideal environmental conditions, when we scavenged big cat kills and needed to burst run to escape them, climb trees etc;
too much size and you become unnaturally large and slow, a 6'3-6-8 man can probably effectively outmaneuver a Dark-maned lion or panther with burst speed, a 7' man will have his right leg shredded trying to get up the tree, literally too much growth leads to a weird bell curve degeneration effect in our hypothetical 'Natural' 'Pre-desert Africa'.
Though of course, with enough scientific engineering, the growth is effectively exponential, like any other animal that encounters a different environmental pace, elephant->wooly mammoth.

Minor additives

Did you know that sleeping on pillows malforms by enlarges your occiput unnaturally, while also destroying your neck posture? back sleeping is in general deforming and unnatural but if you want to flatten your occiput before training yourself to side-sleep, you should probably back sleep on a HARD FLOOR till you notice your occiput is flattened completely then STOP, this should take only a week or two. You don't want to be this guy, even if this DOES seem like the norm (of course it is, pillows and soft beds are the norm)

You may notice an anecdotal trend of Japanese people with flat occiputs, are you also aware they sleep on flatter, lower beds?

Sleeping on soft beds instead of harder surfaces like our ancestors (grass & dirt) etc, malforms your spinal growth as the pelvic region is very heavy and sinks into the bed during sleep because of it's sheer weight.

Sitting down in general is unnatural, and deforms sternum growth and development, concaving the chest over the course of life and on a greater scale, generations, if you want your kids chests to look like this, keep sitting down and reading this.



Sunlight exposure over the course of about anything longer than ~15 minutes to the naked body significantly increases circulating testosterone in men, your risk of cancer is decreased only after the 7 day non-ejaculatory period.
Fasting for 24 hours immediately spikes HGH for a continuous period till you begin eating again, and sprinting increases stable HGH.
A long-term sprinting regimen increases bone thickness and total muscle mass in the entire legs, while heavy strict-curl HOLDS increase bone thickness in the entire arms; repetition exercises are a meme.
Strict curling to a ~90 degree (humerus-radius) hold acts on the ENTIRE BODY down to your pelvis and legs, so you need TOTAL MUSCLE EQUILIBRIUM during this exercise. When it starts getting heavy YOU WILL SHIT YOURSELF, BUT THIS IS NATURAL, YOUR BODY IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TRAINED TO HOLD IN WASTE MATTER


For the trans women/cis women

As I mentioned, carnivore diet(specifically the saturated fat) creates voluptuous and proportional breasts, so, theoretically, if you wanted massive voluptuous tits, as a post-pubertal woman you'd just need to inject estrogen and consume high amounts of very fatty beef for like a couple months.
For a trans woman, your testicles are actually very important here, ejaculation in men spikes prolactin, a doctor can explain to you why this is important in estrogen increase, but the point is, you have your own natural estrogen injection; ejaculation. On top of artificial stuff you can get from a doctor, all you would need to do is literally the same thing; consume high amounts of very fatty beef, for a long period of time. This is literally like how ejaculation is the cause of gyno, but instead of gyno, you are straight up giving yourself breasts and on a larger scale, a feminine fat distribution.

Penis size

Now this one is a little more unbelievable, but if you want to grow your dick it's actually super simple, your flaccid penis is at a downward angle while flaccid, to grow it make sure you can some how artificially 'keep it in that downwards flaccid position' while getting fully erect, by fully erect, your body only assesses your penis as 'fully erect when the angle get's high and your mind starts 'consciously' throbbing, this is why it is also important, while holding your now 'continuously erecting' penis in that 'flaccid position' to also MAKE SURE YOU ARE MENTALLY NO WHERE NEAR YOUR PENIS, there can be no mental activity near your dick, you must not be holding in pee, poop, anything, you must not consciously 'throb', the erection-ing must be strictly due to something you are viewing online and not you physically touching your dick outside of whatever apparatus is holding it in the 'flaccid angle'. imagine a chastity cage but one that does not constrict the size of the penis, just the angle.
Pretty much, you are tricking your penis into thinking it still needs more blood, by making it think it's still in the 'flaccid state', it's like jelqing, but instead, it's the actual biological process that grows the penis in the first place during childhood.
Obviously, the penis is a muscle so my discussion on testosterone and androgen receptor attachment is CRUCIAL here.


Cancers are entirely biological degeneration from our artificial environment, I already explained how holding in waste from subconsciously trained potty training is the direct cause of cancers, the same is probably true for skin products, hair products, air purity etc. All cancers can be traced to our artificial foundation of living.

Mental gains

Within a month on post-7 day ejaculatory recovery, your mental clarity should begin to increase drastically. But only to a point of clear minded thinking and assessment, it isn't going to make you fucking superman.
The issue with society nowadays is literally that humans have lived hundreds of thousands if not millions of years, (my general estimate based on existing fossil samples is ~800,000 years) in normal conditions, it's only in the past ~10,000 or so we started literally mentally training our children to have late night ejaculations from wet dreams because of potty training's consequent function on genital muscle stimulation.

7 day ejaculation recovery period

There is a 7 day ejaculation recovery period present in ALL HUMAN MEN, where, for exactly 7 days after you ejaculate, androgen receptors attached to your body will weaken and detach, this of course means that the receptor that literally transfers circulating testosterone in your body into active testosterone in your muscles/bones etc, is no longer attached to your muscles/bones etc.
On the 7th day after the last ejaculation, your androgen receptors completely reattach, and this, for whatever reason, spikes your testosterone for the entire day to >1.5x their normal levels, returning to their baseline at the end of the day

This of course means that you should not be masturbating ever you fucking idiot

Hair Thickness

This is a direct result of hypertrophy of the underlying muscle, eyebrows specifically, scroll up for information on how to get great eyes.
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