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Alan Dershowtiz is the most Based Establishment Figure

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Lets take a look at this based former incel

>Admits he never had sex before 18 (likely incel) and has never had sex with someone below the age of 18 (incel in his youth)
>Defended Epstein and argued that if anyone should be punished, it would be the prostitutes he brought to the island
>Defended Weinstein, argued the girls he solicited were whores
>Took a column out of a major newspaper to argue why the age of consent should be lowered to 15
>Wrote an entire book condemning the #MeToo movement, compared it to the Salem Witch Trials
>Sued multiple foids for accusing him of sexual assault
>Has written an entire book called "Why I Left the Left, but Can't Join the Right" where he condemns the right for baffonery such as January 6 but still eviscerates the left for becoming misandrist bigots
>Takes an objective approach to every issue
>Is hated by all the cucks on CNN like Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon

Try to look past his Jewishness for a moment and appreciate the man for who he is.