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A Comprehensive Guide to LDARing (ex sticked /r/incels post)



Nov 7, 2017
There is a lot to say about LDARing as a way of life, which automatically makes it difficult for any practicing LDARer to write such handbook. I have however decided to do it, as for one, I really don’t have anything better to do, and it doesn’t come in the way of my drinking.
I will cover the basics here, and then elaborate more in separate posts or in comments if necessary.
What is LDARing?
Laying Down and Rotting is a state of mind and a way of life. The short definition is pretty clear – existing in a limbo, without goals, aspirations or initiative, which unfortunately often prevents you from killing yourself as well. LDARing is a training for dying. Meaningless countdown until the inevitable.
But while passive, it is not static. As the word “rot” suggests, you are going through a process. In it you kill off parts of yourself bit by bit since you lack the energy and motivation to take the big leap. Like a person who wants to swim but instead of jumping into the cold sea they are standing there trying to slowly get accustomed to the chilling water.
Is the goal of LDARing death?
Wrong premise. LDARing isn’t done with an objective unless you want to be extremely nitpicky and argumentative like most reddior normies. LDARers are not “passionate” about dying, or enthusiastically preparing for death. LDARing is about the rejection of life, and while death can certainly be comforting, we know we aren’t actually going to exist to experience any comfort, only dying which is probably not a pleasant experience. But we know we have no real control over anything, and no significant options. We are just existing through it and letting it take it’s toll on us as any realist (or as normies would say, pessimist) knows it would anyway, just with more pain and disappointment on our end.
What is LDARing hoping to achieve?
Why choose LDARing as a way to spend your days? Even if everything is meaningless and death is the only certainty, at least you can have some fun?
Because nothing available to us is fun. Because we are not sociopaths enough to find pleasure in a world like this one, and not deluded enough to be oblivious to it. And everything we want is not possible or obtainable which causes frustrations, so LDARing is an optimal solution as it allows one to remain personally honest while minimizing negative reactions/emotions and reducing the effort spent on living that produces no benefits in return. It is a rational choice.
Are there any philosophies associated with LDARing?
When you LDAR, you’re not concerned about philosophy or debating with reddit philosophy majors, but pessimism offers the correct description of our reality (to beginners, I recommend reading Schopenhauer’s essays on pessimism), and nihilism reflects the general attitude towards it pretty accurately. I would say that antinatalism should logically follow, but phrasing it like that is a little too opinionated and might mistakenly communicate some kind of idealism to normies.
What are some perks of going LDAR?
There are many. Through simplification of life and allowing different parts of your existence to die out, anxiety becomes more manageable. You have a lot of free time. Very little nostalgia as every day is exactly the same. You don’t have to complain about procrastination on reddit as there is nothing to procrastinate. Time is not the enemy anymore. You don’t have to irrationally worry about whether or not something is healthy for you or obsess over what you should be doing, you are looking at the bigger picture. Lifestyle is cheap and relatively easy once you get a hang of it. You’re less annoying to yourself. Also, you stop being an useful functional tool supporting the world you can get no joy from.
What are some challenges a LDARer faces?
Depending on a personal situation, normies in your life might be passionate about making you not LDAR or punishing you for LDARing. This is why until you are able to achieve complete separation, it is advisable to be inconspicuous while rotting and, in true spirit of LDAR, let issues and efforts die off slowly through neglect rather than through an active fight. Almost everything dies if neglected for long enough.
Except for sex drive, but that’s another story.
How does one go about LDARing in the first place?
Just start the process and then simplify your life through complete neglect of it’s components.
  1. LDAR isn’t demanding or forceful. Like I said, rotting is passive, but it is also a process. You don’t just go forcefully trying to stop doing anything but staring at a wall. That is normie mentality. The whole point is that you’re not doing or trying anything. “Doing” here stands for something that requires effort on your part, not anything that can be called an activity. If staring at a wall takes up your effort at the moment, but you can zone out in front of a tv, then do the latter. That’s how rotting happens.
  2. No hobbies. And perspective matters here. A normie looks to put a positive, uplifting and meaningful spin on everything. They are into things, they are enthusiasts, they make things into hobbies. You don’t. You’re just drifting through time. You can drink, you can watch shit, you can post online, but you can stop pretending it’s your “thing”, let alone try to market it as such to others.
  3. Stop any personal marketing of yourself in any form. This is one of the main motivators for normies to do anything, other motivator being sex which you’re not getting anyway, or at least not in the form you’d want to get it.
  4. If you had one, lose any social life – friends, family, dates (lol), just stop engaging. You can still go online as anonymous user for a bit, no worries. You feel like you want to shitpost, go shitpost. Like I said, no pressure either way, rotting will happen slowly, needs will decrease, the (let’s face it, already poor) social skills will further decay until you can no longer put a coherent sentence together.
  5. Job is sometimes inevitable. Of course a NEET lifestyle is the ideal for LDARing but not everyone has inheritance, supportive parents, or communism. If you’re a wagecuck then do it as long as you are going through the motions without any ambition and doing the minimum. At least you’re lifestyle doesn’t require much money. Being homeless might require more effort since it makes you constantly have to find ways to reduce the discomfort.
  6. Don’t care for yourself in any way but remain inconspicuous if in danger of intervention. Forget doctors and therapists (unless they can help obtain government assistance). Forget educational institutions. But unless you can allow yourself a 100% NEET hikikomori lifestyle, keep on showering and looking normal.
  7. Don’t rush the process. The longer you functionally rot the more likely you will eventually get to the NEET hikikomori stage and at that point the neglect will kill off any source of intervention and reduce your chances of getting brainwashed back into functionality by normie cult. Quality over speed.
  8. Let hope die. Goals, aspirations, ambitions, passions, that’s not so hard to kill. But you might fall into the trap of seeing LDARing as some kind of personal protest until your conditions are met. It’s silly. You are not dealing with a just world no matter how ingrained it is in you. As long as it’s an act of protest on any level, you remain hopeful you’ll provoke some kind of cosmic response and some Misaki will come to prove you wrong. Stop. You need to by now to be able to read patterns and see into the future. Even if something promising pops up, you need to live it out in your mind from its inception to the inevitable and disappointing death, and then let it go. You’re not doing this with hope for intervention, you’re doing this because there’s nothing else acceptable for you to do.
  9. Suicide is a possible end, but since you are probably too passive, you can just allow yourself low effort choices that will speed up death. Taking up smoking, drinking daily, heroin if you can afford it, all these are encouraged. Plus they create addictions and thereby become easy activities as you don’t have to force yourself to engage in them, just follow the line of least resistance.
  10. Always remember your moto, whatever it is you’re facing – “Just Don’t Do It!”
*credit to u/Gnomel for requesting this
1) move to australia, run centrelink NEET game (bonus points for autismbux)
2) find a cheap drug source
I just wish normcunts would be blackpilled into LDARing also.
Ive been LDAR status for 4 years. 

nigger said:
1) move to australia, run centrelink NEET game (bonus points for autismbux)
2) find a cheap drug source

How did you know?!?

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