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20+yo women call guys pedos for being attracted to JBs



Nov 8, 2017
because it makes them feel insecure for younger, hotter, virgin girls in their prime to be in the dating pool of the guys they are attracted to. They pedoshame these men to increase their own sexual value.



How can anyone possibly think of a 17yo as being a "child"? 17yo girls are breeding machines in their prime, at the peak of their fertility. They are basically just hotter and less wrinkly versions of 25yo girls. The only people that will call you a pedo for being attracted to 17yo girls 1) Women who hate the idea of competing with youthful, angelic, beautiful JBs, and 2) Guys that go along because they don't want to be accused of being pedos.
They are post prime, old hags, so they must be jealous of hot, young prime JBs.
tfw women can't swallow the agepill
If you're not attracted to JB then you're gay beyond belief.
The age of consent in most European countries is 14-16, it's only here in America that everyone is retarded when it comes to this. It's as simple as; If a female is sexually mature that means she is ready for cock and if you are attracted to sexually mature females you are not a pedophile.
lol funny link thanks for sharing
Normans are retarded.

They need to understand that age of consent differs from country to country.
Is Takei_me the female and married mod?
existentialhack said:
Is Takei_me the female and married mod?

Looked at a few of her posts and it's obvious she is female.

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