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News 2 men and 1 foid were busted for dealing cocaine, and the foid gets the shortest sentence!!

Dr. Autismo

Dr. Autismo

Foid punchER
Dec 22, 2023
Her mugshot is also not available to the public either.
Here's the article:

Three Hereford cocaine dealers sentenced at court​


Three drug dealers were sentenced at court yesterday (Monday 13 May) for running an operation supplying cocaine into Hereford.

Lee Jones, 37, of Whitecross Road, Hereford, pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine and was sentenced to three years at Worcester Crown Court.

Lewis Hughes-Cound, 26, of Hever Road, Lower Bullingham, Hereford pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine and possession of cocaine and was sentenced to 33 months.

Emelia Lal, 24, of Whitecross Road, Hereford pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of cocaine and was given a 21-month suspended sentence.

Jones and Hughes-Cound were arrested by police after suspected drug dealing was reported in the city centre. Officers from Hereford Proactive CID located them in a local pub.

Hughes-Cound was found in possession of class A drugs and Jones was found with cash.

A search of addresses linked to the suspects resulted in the discovery of a large quantity of cocaine with a street value of £11,500. Police also recovered scales, cash, deal bags and other drug supply paraphernalia.

All three were arrested on Monday 11 March, charged, and pled guilty at court.

Detective Constable Verity Farr, of Hereford CID, said: “We welcome yesterday’s sentencing which reflects the severity of offending.

“The supply of controlled drugs into our communities causes misery and suffering and destroys lives.

“Officers from the proactive CID team work tirelessly to combat drug supply and work with partners to ensure those who cause harm to our communities are relentlessly pursued and brought to justice.

“Jones, Lal and Hughes-Cound were involved in a drugs supply operation benefitting financially from the suffering of others.

“Their imprisonment simply marks another step in the fight against drug supply, and officers continue to track those who operate at the highest level of criminality.”
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What the actual fuck!?
You didn't know that this is mandatory?????
Yeah just fuck this gynocentric society
Foids get away with everything in this feminist society

@Simba @Regenerator
I wouldn’t expect anything less
This is why you see foid dealers more as they don't end up getting 4 do 2 for pwits

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