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15 year old boy who killed his ex-girlfriend by stabbing her in 120 places: "I did it because she cheated on me."

I could see it easy, if it was your GF and you took her virginity and then she cheated on you, teen love OVER, I would be pissed too
Serves her right
not based ruining your life over expected behavior of those born with xx chromosones.

ugly whore anyway, no loss to the world
Make adultery punishable by law again
All his youth gone because of a cheating whore
She deservedly so
120 times for each guy she fucked
If the genders were reversed and they were adults he’d only have to serve 111 hours of community service
Teenagers are having gf, getting the essence of love and relationship, getting the essence of teen love, while we rot
all lies no 15yo even wants gf or sex. they become sexually active maybe at about 21-25yo. do not look at them in any kind of sexual way!
Oh well. Too much of a mess to fuck her in the morgue... Maybe next time try a nice clean poisoning?

What's up with the boogers?

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