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Why did i get turbo cucked by mental_out ?

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Apr 17, 2019
66d 7h 16m
@mental_out at least you could have warned me once and not 4 times at the same time and ban me instantly. Pretty mcuh none of the warnings were waranted as well.

I mean i made a thread saying low T men deserve to get shot. I am a low T men so i for a fact know i deserve to get shot and you tell me it's "look shaming" even though i didn't say anything about looks in that thread at all. It's not look shaming at all. It's like saying to someone with aids who is saying people with aids are worthless. That they are being ableist or whatever. It's pathetic. Since when this site become an SJW forum?

You warned me for asking if some bitch was attractive or not. Considering she is ugly as fuck. I just wanted to see what some other cels think about it. Warn me for that if you want idk.

I also made a thruthful story about showing some girl porn when i was a kid apparently that is bait because some bluepillers will be bother by it
??? I guess you can't tell your experiences on here. I guess the title was kind of bait to make fun of the bluepillers lurking but the thread wasn't

Last i asked if getting blowed by a tranny that you believed was a female is gay or not. I didn't express any pro tranny belief in that thread whatsoever. There were similiar thread to mine like the one where someone asked what would you do if a woman you fucked revealed to you she was a actually a man? nobody cared or got warned for that thread

Clearly @mentalout saw me posting and got offended by something and decided to warn me for anything he could just to ban me. I mean if you think i'm a fakecel ban me. But honestly @mental_out out just got offended by something and banned me just to fuck me over. Most of those warnings are a stretch.
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