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Blackpill Why Democracy is Humanities Return to Worship/ How Democracy Kills a Philosopher

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the virgin shepherd

the virgin shepherd

May 19, 2021
19d 17h 5m
(Originally this was a post on another thread but I decided to create a new thread because I believe it may benefit the site if we begin dicussing actual ideas rather than perpetuate lofty ideals of a world where women serve not Chad but us, it will never happen)

I hypothesize that as society, and more importantly the institutions and organizations that directly influence those participants of society, continue their 'democratic progression' of political affiliations through publicity and advertisment of liberal ideas (such as edorsement of LGBTQ or the Feminist movement) men will become, at an increasing rate dependent on economical and political factors such as party majority or free expression of ideological superiority over what is to become repressed ideologies, discouraged to persist in the struggle that is societal endeavors.

Men will fail schools for they see no purpose in studying as, why should they? All talent and genuis exposed through tantalizing or effortless educations will be denied respectful recognition by their peers and superiors in favor of the appraisal hedonistic degeneracy such as particpation in debauchery.

Men will refuse higher employment or participation in society other than what is forced upon them by the government such as mandatory military service.

Democracy, at its core, is fundementally oppressive. It tallies the votes of the collective and administrators, based on popular opinion, a ruling that all societal participants must abide too, even those who strictly opposed that political perspective for the implications that the subjectively propose as inadequate or ethically disapproving.

Democracy, from it peak and crevice, is the idea that the individual is forced to abide what is called 'majority rule' and then must admit the negation of his own will in a "exuberant joy" that implicates that this person is bound to "forget" his ideals in preference to learning what is told to him to be the "right" ideal, the "superior" ideal, the "majorty ruled" ideal.

Is it any wonder why Airstotle considered Democracy as the regressing of a society in oligarchical elitism ( in modernity through this is determined by the economy in which we place value in mere representations of wealth called currency, thus those who control that currency control the populace). Constitutional Democracy is an impossibility, if the rich respected the ideals of the poor than the would contribute to the funding of their needs, instead what we see is the wealthy elite doing the exact opposite, funding campaigns that protect thsir interest and ensuring that there exists always some loophole system in which they may secure thei financial stability (again in modernity this implicates controlling the idea of wealth, thus unethical distrubutions of wealth are valid).

I imagine that in the future the common man will cease his commonality and either regress into the state of an animal living among feral communities of others who like him have ceased their capitulation to the elitists standards of living, that or society will undergo a massive revolutionary phase in which all wealth is distrubted evenly yet in conservation so that to be prepared for potential tragedie that require funding to reduce the negative effects of and return to a passive economical or political societal state.

The prior is more likely the description of our epoch, though indirectly. We begin to dissociate from the majority and soon we become self-sustainable people who have removed all dealing with poltical happenstances.

In Nietzsche's words, "Airistotle says that for man to exist outside of society he must be either beast or god leaving out a third possibility, that he become a philosopher".

If man is to become a god then he is the master of the beastly slaves, and if he is to become an animal a slave to the godly masters, thus he should abandon both and become a godless animal and an animal without gods.

He should become his own destiny, however, by majority ruling, that is not allowed for man is, as a politcal animal and a political god, restricted by his desires and the desires of others.

Schopenhauer was right, this world is a prison.

It was by democratic ruling that Socretes died, and so it will be by that same system that society dies with its great innovators.

It was by tyranny that Christ was crucifued upon a cross of his own creation, thus it will by through tyranny that all creators will be destroyed per manipulation of their ideas and ideals.
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Feb 13, 2021
63d 16h 32m
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