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Venting This is madness!



May 18, 2021
16h 1m
These seed toilets are making me insane. They're literally walking around in see-through leggings and thongs. Every other female I see is either wearing see-through leggings or tights. Their entire fertile assmeat is exposed and jiggling. They know exactly what they're doing. They know what they are doing to us. They want us to get boners and jerk off to them. That's every girls number one objective. They're fucking showing their naked asscheeks for everyone to see.

Imagine yourself exposing your naked ass and going outside in public. The only reason you'd want to do it is for gay people to take and use you as a toilet and release their pent up sperm. And little girls to teens to young women are walking around like exactly that every day.

If you went out in public exposing your naked ass, would you be surprised if gay people would start following you and record you like a sex object? Of course not! You knew exactly what you were doing when you went outside dressed like that. You knew 100% that you would provoke the gay males sex drive and motivation to release sperm in your ass. That's why gay people dress like that in gay clubs! Young females dress like that in public!

I'm at a point where I just want to just turn around and record their ass even if they walked in the opposite direction where they faced me. I don't even give a fuck if they notice it, at this point I think they want it. They want guys to lose control and stare at their ass. They want to be sexual objects. They know exactly what awaits them if they go outside like that and they just have to live with the consequences of guys recording their assmeat and walking behind them.

I don't want to tell you how I look, if I look ugly and therefore I shouldn't start doing it or if I look great and they might even let me record their assmeat. Just tell me if you think I should do it.

And no, porn doesn't help. Everytime I watch porn I think of all the girls walking outside that I could record and see with my own eyes, which is a entire different feeling than watching females online. The adrenaline walking behind them is just on a different level. You feel control. You feel a certain power.

Try talk me out of it but I think I'm beyond a certain point especially in summer time. Summer time makes me insane. Females of all ages show off their fertility publicly and they live for the feeling and thought of making male genitalia hard as diamonds.
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Copexodius Maximus

Copexodius Maximus

Supreme Incel Commander in Chief
Jul 21, 2020
73d 2h 13m
Cope, they’re doing it for Chad to see and hit on them. If you even notice it, it’s sexual harassment and eye rape.


Apr 15, 2021
23d 21h 41m
They really should face consequences for showing off so much ass.