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this entire forum is cucked and bluepilled which is why you banned me



Nov 19, 2021
12d 21h 27m
why did you change my temp ban to a perm ban?

1. I never race baited. Race is one of the key factors that make someone incel which is why it should be discussed on this forum. Blacks have the lowest desirability on dating apps (this is proved by statistics). I see people calling blacks the fucking N word and you guys do not do anything about it. My race thread is still being discussed in the inceldom discussion section today btw. Why? Because it is a valid thread about inceldom worth discussing.

2. my bragging is negligible. I am not trying to 'show off' I am trying to show you all that wealth does not prevent inceldom. You all praise elliot rodgers a pretty wealthy guy, yet you banned me? what the fuck

3. I'm a pretty nice guy irl. The fact that females ask me questions like if I'm okay does not make me a chad. These females would still never have sex with me. If anything it just makes me a beta orbiter. I can't be a fucking asshole to every female I meet like you guys can. I have a reputation to maintain

4. you guys literally think if you aren't a basement dwelling 1/10 misogynist that insults women irl you aren't an incel. I'm probably more of an incel than any of you because I'm nice and yet I still can't get a girlfriend.

this forum is biased towards old members that spew borderline terroristic crap every day. you guys are never going to gain a big userbase like that. people like me should be welcomed with open arms here.