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The Blackpill Changed my Perspective

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the virgin shepherd

the virgin shepherd

Preacher of Death
May 19, 2021
21d 15h 0m
Ever since I was introduced to the blackpill I had been moderately isolated from social contact with anyone beyond my family. This left a distinct impression on me for, in a way, I was virgin to the qualms of the modern individual. All conversations I had were cirrculated around my inadequate behavior, whether it be my NEETing or apparent bipolar outbursts which, as I interpret, were the mere result of trauma built up within my consciousness.

Today, I spoke for the first time, with two people beyond my family, and I mean conversed, not merely a nod or a confirmational statement, a breif yet enlightening conversation.

I spoke with an eldery man, who as I observed, seemed to be coping with most of his anxieties about being moved into a manager position, and possibly, an apperent loneliness.

He was okay, but seemed depressed and stressed for reasons he did explain to me.

Then I met him, the man of IT as we incels imagine him. A work of art. He was taller than most of us yet shorter than average, standing at about 5'10, he expressed himself in a feminine manner, at times crossing his legs and in fits of gay expression pitched his voice in higher tones than usual. He told me about his enotional support animal who has an emotional support animal, I am not joking he has a pet for a pet (Dogs). He told me about how he were watching a ravens game (American football) and as soon as he turned on the television a kicker had scored field goal (maybe that is what it is called, I never cared for sports). He said this with glee while drinking his coffee to which he was just as estatic to mention, as, in relevance to the conversation, had been the reason to our little interaction.

I said nothing the whole time, however when he was about to make a joke about a movie called 'Snakes on a Plane', something that were premediated as we were discussing emotional support animals on planes being banned do to the introduction of exotic animals to planes, I caught him off guard my mentiining the film prior to his joke, that is the classic quote "I tired of this mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!"

It was scenic, the most peculiar yet idyllic moment as I had envisioned it before it had occured, I was in control.

I have become a sociopath, all my interactions are performed with an intention and a mask. If I were a Chad I could become President by 40.

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Nov 29, 2020
7d 7h 48m
Yeah I sometimes feel like going back, to a time I knew of the blackpilled. I can't even enjoy anything without pointing out the obvious blackpills. Take me back to the ignorant happiness :bluepill:.