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Requesting unban as it's an extremely unfair ban

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Dec 15, 2019
64d 17h 11m
Got banned by AmIjustDreaming

Additional Comments: illegal/pedo shit posting

First of all i dont even have a sister.

Second of all, who says it's pedo related?

Are you assuming everyone here is youngcel/fakecel? like 15 years old so they have underage sister?

im a wizardcel. no sister at all and certainly no younger sister.

And the entire post was a hypothetical, as i made it clear such as i said "if i have a sister".

And since when is shit posting deserving a ban? If you feel it's shit posting (which i did not even intend it to be that way) move it to Lounge or Sewers. Why the sudden perma ban over that?

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Jul 31, 2019
179d 1h 14m
Your post said this…:feelsUgh:

“if i have a sister id vent my frustration on her. id touch her, feel her female curves. feel her genital. and she wouldnt report me or anything since we're related and the parents would probably intervene and prevent her from doing it. it's the only shot for low SMV men, to actually feel a foid without having to pay for it.”

Even it it’s not pedo content and you meant your hypothetical sister to be of legal age this is still illegal or borderline illegal content worthy of a lengthy ban as you’re essentially telling us if you had a sister you’d carry out a sexual assault upon her just to vent your sexual frustration, while also letting us know, that you know, how legally and or morally wrong this is, by placing your subconscious on full display providing us a ready made assumption of yours, that you don’t even know to be true, which is that she’d be totally down for it which is highly unlikely. :feelshehe:

No, what you said wasn’t just a harmless and trite little shit post that should’ve just been moved or ignored, it is rather the kind of post our forum enemies would just love to screenshot and have blow up in the MSM in order to try and get this place shut down. :feelswhat:

So you can come back in a month’s time ie February 1st to be precise and all during that time you should remind yourself never to post this kind of bullshit again! :feelsUgh:
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