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All posts regarding the ascension from Inceldom to Chadhood involve, in some way, the affective properties of some action or material thing; this means the causal effects of things like your face, your height, your low- or high-inhib actions that lead to a general change in your life. Incels could, perhaps, get plastic surgery, limb lengthening (larp tbh), move to Asia, betabuxx etc. in order to escape their virginity. However, none of these methods acknowledge the other, very real side of reality: the acausal, the strange, the supernatural. The mind is a place of many wonders; at times, it may seem that life's mysteries lie in the place that is beyond the senses, the unknowable, its mysterious machinations determining the trails of our lives with mechanisms arcane and obtuse. If we are to be men and human beings, we must not let these influences go by unharnessed merely because they frighten or confuse us; we must delve into the horror and the bedlam, and come out either as superior beings, or not at all. That is the way of ascension.

In this operation, we will focus our occult willpower into the attaining of Chadhood via the sacrifice of virginity, both literal and metaphorical; you see, as state of being a Chad is directly opposed to the state of being an incel, that state itself being defined by the condition of virginity, you must destroy every trace of virginity in yourself in order to attain Chadhood; a sacrifice. However, the only way to destroy every last trace of virginity in yourself via normal means would be to kill yourself, which defeats the purpose. Ritualistically, we surpass this hurdle via a method called the Deific Transference of Inceldom, that means that you assume the position of an omnipotent God with full reign over your own life, and then you have the power to completely obliterate your spiritual self, with a proper focus on your quality of virginity, without any harm upon your physical body.

Now I will give you a primer on the occult terms used herein. Ideally, this ritual should be undertaken by occult adepts, but in the interest of preventing further torment upon your tired souls, I will divulge the ritual in full for you to employ. Be careful though, as the forces we are attempting to direct here are very real, very powerful, and not always harmless. @orioncel05

  • Demon: A demon is what we call a "lower spirit", which means that it is a spiritual force that acts like a person and is related to the "lower" qualities of life: Emotions, passions, desires, materials etc. Everything that hasn't to do with purely intellectual things is influenced by demons. The demons we will attempt to use here are neither wholly malicious nor wholly benevolent; they are what they are.
  • Enn: The calling card of a demon. The enn is a verse, spoken aloud, and repeated many times, by which doing the demon's presence is called. The reason why this happens is unknown, it's like a microwave. It works.
  • Circle: This is a great tradition of western occultism and parareligion in general. In almost every ritual, every prayer, every summoning of spirits, we lay a circle upon the ground, a simple geometric circle or inlaid with diverse markings of an occult nature, that is meant to direct the energies of the ritual in diverse ways. One very common use of the circle is to "define the universe": Everything inside the circle is the world, and there is nothing outside. Therefore, by manipulating something within the circle, you manipulate something within the world. Another use is the delineation of boundaries between the summoner and his spirits: The commanding summoner directs from within the circle, the spirits follow from without. The circle is NOT for protection: If you rely on some drawings on the ground for your protection, you are fucked.
  • Magickal tools: These are various items such as the dagger, the wand, the cup, the disk/pantacle (yes with an "a"), the bell, the thurible, the sword, and many, many more. I will show you how to correctly procure and prepare the ones that are needed for this occasion. The magickal tools are generally used in order to manipulate the energies of the ritual in a specific way; for instance, the cup (just a bowl or something) could be used to receive something, the wand could be used to indicate something, the dagger could be used to bring death to something.
  • Intonation: Saying something loudly and dragging out the vowels so that you're "vibrating" it. So "incel" when intoned sounds like "EEEEEEEEEEE-NSEEEEEEEHL"
  • Charging with vision: When you look at something like a letter intently, it starts becoming distorted in your vision. This is ritualistically significant, and we will be doing it a lot, since it helps imprint what you're looking at into your subconscious.
  • Opfer: A sacrifice, but not to appease some god in the hopes that they will grant us favor; rather, an opfer is a sacrifice which confers its boon immediately upon its death. For instance, a chicken that you kill to eat could be thought of as an opfer, since you gain its useful and delicious meat merely by the act of killing it. Someone you want to kill for a personal vendetta could also be thought of as an opfer; by killing them, you gain peace of mind, satisfaction, honor etc.
Now, we are to go on to the description of the ritual.

The crux of the ritual will be to bring forth an opfer representing your virginity and kill it. Simple as. Wait. There's more.

In order for the ritual to take effect, you will be required to have brought into your awareness the underlying forces of the world. You will not be able to banish your virginity simply by killing a virgin chicken or something unless you are able to see, with your innermost awareness, the fundamental connection between the virgin chicken and your virgin self, the connecting line being virginity. I will help you to see.

For the ritual, you will need:

  • One double-edged, black-hilted dagger.
  • One flat, square piece of durable black material (I recommend cloth or wood) that measures 6ft x 6ft.
  • Nine red candles.
  • One black candle.
  • A waist-length small table.
  • An opfer. (more on this later)
  • An effective weapon to kill the opfer (this must not be the black-hilted dagger that you use for other things in the ritual)
  • A container large enough to submerge that weapon in a liquid and seal it, like a plastic box or a large tub, depending on your choice of weapon.
  • Approximately 200mL of your own blood. (with preference collected over a long period of time and refrigerated until needed)
  • Approximately 200mL of red ink. (any)
  • Exactly 20mL of vitriol AKA Sulfuric acid (you can have a little bit more or a little bit less, I just find that it's easier to measure it exactly)
  • Approximately a handful of iron shavings
  • One other bodily fluid of yours that you have difficulty collecting (not your blood this time): This could be any of your bodily fluids, but it must be very difficult to collect it; it could be semen, but it would have to be a coke bottle of semen. It could be spit, but it would have to be a coke bottle of spit. My favorite is spit collected using an A/C filter over 3 months, by heavily breathing on it for 1 hour each day.
  • A handheld bell.
  • A chemistry lab-worthy glass or plastic stick for stirring.
  • A special set of clothes that you will use only for this ritual. It is necessary that it heavily features the color black OR white.
  • Something to write with using ink, like a brush. I do not recommend using your finger.
  • Something to collect the opfer's "essence". (more on this later)
  • A liquid that, when you drink it, makes you retch. You could either go for a large quantity of a very strong alcohol (the fact that you'll get drunk is not important here) or perhaps water in which you have extinguished cigarettes.
  • Something to read the incantations from. I like to use a leatherbound textbook.
  • A place that is at least 5km (a little more than 3 miles) from any city, any other human, any source of artificial light, any house etc. Basically only you and the horizon.
  • A fast mode of transport to and from your secluded place. It doesn't have to be a car, but it's a car.
  • A necklace with a big circular thingy you can write shit on. I choose a wooden wafer with a hole in it and I pass a rope through it.
  • A portable source of light that is not produced by modern technology. A gas lamp, a candle on a stick, whatever. The operation will be done during a new moon, so it is necessary for you to be able to produce light. The candles will not be lit initially, so that's another reason why.
  • A mask. (more on this later)
  • Matches. No lighter.
The reason that we do not use modern technology is because it would make the whole thing too easy. The more effort you put into it, the more you think about it, the better it works.

Now that you have procured the materials (you do not need to get them all at once, just what you need in order to complete each step.

Before we begin the ritual proper, we have yet more preparations to complete. First, your circle:
  • Prepare your special ink. For this, you will have to:
Mix the blood, ink, and vitriol together in a container. Stir with a stick or something (make sure it's a material resistant to corrosion by sulfuric acid, like a plastic or glass rod they use in chemistry labs). While you mix, speak aloud this incantation, without any special visualizations or anything:


This is the enn of the demon Leviathan, the demon that governs the Circle. Leviathan is a demon of the deep seas and of the intuition; the circle encapsulates your conscious so that your unconscious roams free. This way, the circle does not limit you, rather it frees you. While reciting this enn, it is necessary to think of the Circle and its empowering properties; feeling an emotion of intense power (well, as intense as you can) and freedom of action, like you're holding the gun and everyone is a target.

The blood and vitriol here have special symbolic significance: The blood is your essence, and vitriol is destruction, so by inscribing a circle made of those two you are effectively destroying what was and replacing it with what you want, the Nietzschean concept of the will to power. The red ink is for color.

Once the ink is mixed, you need to:
  • Inscribe the circle.
You do this on your square piece of cloth or wood or whatever you have. You must paint, with your paintbrush and your newly created ink, three concentric circles, the largest one roughly adjacent to the square and each smaller one having a radius that is smaller by 5cm, or 2 inches. So if your large circle has a radius of 3ft (remember your square is 6ft), the next one is 3ft minus 2 inches, the smallest one is 3ft minus 4 inches. The method I use for this is a piece of string tied to a nail in the center of my square that I tie to my paintbrush that I have measured for the correct length. You can also trace out the circles beforehand in some erasable material, like chalk, and then fill them in, but you should do your best to make sure that your circles are perfectly circular; no egg-shaped circles. This is important, because you might notice it during the ritual and it might throw you off. It is not necessary that you say anything during the inscription of the circle.

The circles are three for the 3 states before something comes to exist: Possibility (the quality of being possible to exist), conception (the quality of being known), materialization (the quality of being in the material world). So by inscribing the threefold circle you are completely dismantling reality and preparing to replace it with your own.
  • Prepare the garments.
This is a two-parter: First, the clothes, second, the pendant.
Inscribe into the inside of your special clothes this string of characters

With your red ink, in normal-size handwriting, over and over until the entire inside of EVERY garment is completely covered. This is a simple english-to-theban transliteration of the phrase "ZAZAS ZAZAS NASATANATA ZAZAS" whose translation is basically "Let the gates of hell open" or something but it's more like a general summoning of acausal energies. Basically this is a magic line to "put you in the mood".

While doing this, recite the incantation:


This is the enn of the demon Azazel, the initiator. In demonic mythology, he is the one who gave humanity fire, steel, and agriculture. A great initiatoric force.

For your pendant, you are going to inscribe with your red ink this symbol on ONE side:

I couldn't find a better picture, oh well. Make sure to draw also a circle around that symbol. That will then be "the circle of pacts" which is basically the symbol denoting the transmutation of the essence of the opfer into the desirable goal. Basically, wearing this says "I will become Chad by unbecoming an incel".

You need to make sure the empty side of the pendant is on your chest, otherwise you're not presenting it, you're just wearing it and that's not enough. You could could attach it to your shirt via pin, or you could make two secondary holes to tie another string around your chest to keep it there, or whatever. I do not recommend "just being careful with it" because you will have to bend over during the ritual and you might have to readjust it, that's just not comfortable.
  • The dagger
The dagger will be used to direct your will during the ritual. Basically, if you're pointing to something during the ritual with it, it means "I'm doing something to this". In order to prepare the dagger for ritual use:

Draw blood with the dagger from your hand, or another part of your body that's comfortable. Get some blood on the dagger, and touch your forehead with it. While you're doing that, recite the incantation:


This is the enn of Beelzebub, the demon of demonic birth. In demonic mythology, Beelzebub is the second of all demons that were born; the first one being either a double-headed demon-god-thing named Thamiel or an eleven-headed demon-dragon named Azerate who seeks to destroy all of creation and live by its own rules. Therefore the second demon, Beelzebub, is the vicar of the first, meaning that Beelzebub carries out action in the name of the demon-god. The demon-god being you, of course, and Beelzebub symbolizing the dagger. Lecture over. The dagger is ready.

  • The opfer, the weapon, the collection of its essence
Now you get to be creative. Also this is probably the most important bit so read carefully. In order for the ritual to be complete, you must kill a thing which represents your virginity. This can be anything, from a young little tree seed (gay) to an actual virgin person (in minecraft). Here's the first thing to consider: the more "alive" the thing is (the harder it is to kill, the more intelligent it is, the healthier it is etc.) the better, because there is a fundamental occult quality about living things that seems to strongly produce and affect acausal energies. Then there's the second thing: The thing has to be "virgin". The more literally you interpret that the better. So while you can just have some pure thing that is asexual to kill, it is better if it is an animal that is virgin, or a person (minecraft villager) that is virgin. If you kill another incel you win doubly because we have two incels down and one Chad up. 200% success rate

About the weapon: It is ideal that you are able to kill your opfer quickly and easily, without struggle. For this you can use a gun, a sword, a sickle (my favorite, as a representation of death), anything. If you use a gun, you also have the option of leaving the circle during the ritual (it's fine) and shooting your target from a distance. Then again, most people would use a small thing like a dog or a cat or something, so you'll be able to bring it into the circle.

Now, you'll probably wonder how to easily and quickly kill a living thing while it's actively fighting for its life. I'll tell you how: I don't know. That's why I recommend you use something like a turtle which you can easily secure in place with some rope and weights. Buy a young turtle that is easy to handle. You could also deal with the squirming of a more unruly animal if you properly restrain it.

One more thing: At least a week before the ritual, you have to submerge your weapon into a container with the bodily fluid you have chosen, the iron shavings, and perhaps water to cover it completely if the bodily fluid is not enough. Make sure to seal the container, and if the weapon is a gun, you have to make sure that it will work before hand. Before the ritual, simply remove the weapon and dry it, and it's ready to use. The meaning behind this is: Iron shavings are used because iron is associated with war, and therefore violence. The bodily fluid is needed because you need to instill your energy into the weapon, and you let it seep for a long time so that it has become part of your spiritual consciousness when the ritual starts.

On collecting the essence of the opfer: This will most likely be blood, you will draw it with a syringe, and you will then drop it into a bottle. If you do not have a blood-having thing, I don't know what you'll do, you have to figure it out.
  • Mask
The mask is supposed to represent the Deific Transference. When you put on the mask, you become God. So choose something that represents omnipotence to you. I would choose a black sentai mask with a hand print in a circle around it drawn with the red ink I made. No biggie.

Now you are fucking ready for the fucking ritual. Finally.
  • Τhe Ritual Site
The ritual must be done while it is dark, and ideally when the Moon is new, and at the highest point of its orbit. The new Moon symbolizes death, but after this the moon will be waxing (increasing); that means that while you are now dead, you will come to life. The ritual is done in the dark because you will shine your own light, and the light of the Sun must not interfere.

In your secluded location, lay out the circle. Have the altar-table (you don't treat the altar in a special manner here, it's just to hold stuff) in the center of it. Lay out the nine red candles evenly. Nine is the number before ten, and ten, in western occult philosophy, is the number of completeness. Therefore nine is the number of nigh-incompleteness, and moving towards completion; that is, progress. You are progressing. Red, which is seen so often here, is the color of action within the world, the color of the fire which acts upon the world. Do not light these yet.

On your altar, you should have: The black candle, the black dagger, the book or paper where you have your incantations (written below), the bottle with the disgusting fluid, the syringe or whatever else you will use to extract the essence of the opfer, matches, and the mask. You should be wearing your special clothes and your special necklace with the circle of pacts written on it. On the ground should be your live opfer, your source of light (if it's not on your person) and your weapon.

Start by ringing the bells a total of 81; that's nine times nine. Ring it 9 times, pause, ring it 9 times again and so forth until you've done that 9 times total. The bell helps focus your mind and "clears away unwanted vibrations" (I feel ashamed for saying that)

You will then say your "statement of intent": what you want to do in the ritual. That will of course be to become unvirgin. You can say it however you want, but make sure you're assertive.

Then you will go counterclockwise around your circle and light the candles. You should feel that a strange feeling has begun to amass around you. The reason you go counterclockwise is because that's the opposite of the way the sun goes from the east to west in the sky; by going against the sun, you are going against the world, and enforcing your will.

Return to your altar. Hold your black hilted dagger against your forehead. Intone this incantation.


Notice that unlike the previous incantations, this one is intoned (vibrated).

This incantations basically means that you are taking on the powers of the supreme god of the earth. After this, put on your mask. You should start to get a funny feeling now.

After you have put on the mask, hold your black hilted dagger diagonally forward and up towards the sky and speak aloud this incantation:


This confirms that you have now taken on the role of God. What are the aeons this text speaks of? I don't know. Nobody has sourced this shit. But it works, so do it.

Now you are ready to sacrifice your opfer. Take the weapon in your hand and kill it quickly. Collect the blood (or what have you) and deposit it within the bottle with the disgusting liquid. You should have enough to fill your stomach. Make sure to mix it up so that it is homogeneous.

Remove your mask. Drink it all, and do not spit. By doing this, not only do you ingest the blood (thereby reaping the reward of Chadhood from your opfer, from which you have vanquished the virginity) but you also bring your awareness back to your normal self. Now, I should mention: Drinking this liquid should be really, REALLY hard, so much so that if you try and keep it down you will break down and go into fight or flight mode. If you do not keep the liquid down, you have failed the ritual and must try again.

But if you did it correctly, you should be a wimpering, about-to-vomit mess on the ground. Let me remind you that you must not vomit. The ritual is complete.

During the following days, your inceldom will dissipate. I do not know how it will happen to you; perhaps you will become the stereotypical Chad, by suddenly discovering an interest in gymcelling, somehow finding lots of women who have a short guy fetish, a famous actor becoming a victim in an acid attack making hideous faces now trendy. Or perhaps you are the soft, cute, faggoty kind who never got attention from women because a body like yours should have been gay all along. In this case, maybe you find a mommy gf who's into that, or maybe two or three. Maybe if you're young you'll even get a growth spurt and become a 6'5" piece of shit overnight and drown in pussy. Who knows. Do not question the magick; You merely know that it worked, not how. Happy fucking.
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