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Most of you can make it: 5 step guide to get a gf



I shower with bleach
Nov 8, 2017
Since lookism users flooded this forum I have been seeing a ton of simping and indirect femoid worshipping going on. We are beginning to drift away from the black pill truth.

But if you guys really want a roastie girlfriend or wife, I believe most of you can make it, except for the legitimately deformed truecels (of which there is maybe 2-3 here).

Here is a 5 step guide to becoming Billy Betabux.

Step 1: Clean the slate


Do you have self-respect, dignity or standards? Get rid of them, you won't be needing any of that.

Also remember to take multiple showers, get a new haircut, buy some normie clothes and lift weights.

Step 2: Normmaxx yourself


Next you need to do some normmaxxing. Watch every episode of Rick & Morty, the Big Bang Theory and all the blockbuster & romcom movies that were released in the past 5 years. Begin to follow whatever sport is popular in your area such as football or baseball. Start reading the New York Times, Buzzfeed and subscribe to all the quirky normie subreddits. Maybe even join inceltears and begin posting "incel cringe" posts.

You basically need to deprogram yourself from thinking as an individual person, plug yourself into the normie matrix hivemind and just accept whatever they say as the truth. It can also help to get a few hobbies and desperately try to inject yourself into other peoples social circles. To keep yourself firmly plugged in you need to do this for the rest of your life.

Step 3: Get a job and pay taxes


As Billy Betabux, your role is to be the provider for females. Not just a provider for your gf or wife or Chad's daughter(s) or mother, but you need to pay high taxes to support all the single moms and their Chad/Tyrone spawn out there as reparations for your male privilege and oppression.

To do this, you are going to need a decent slave job. Another role of the job is to tire you out at the end of a long day of work, so that you don't resist your roasties nagging and give in to all her demands.

Step 4: Go dumpster diving


You have gotten rid of your self-respect and standards, normmaxxed and primed your betabux by getting a job, its time to go dumpster diving for roasties. As you are below average or average looking, and perhaps a bit socially retarded or autistic, you cannot afford to have ANY standards at all.

Ugly as fuck? Yes. Fat? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. Single mom? Yes. Currently pregnant? Yes. Former prostitute? Yes. Feminist? Yes. All of the above in a single person? Yes yes yes.

Just look like a cuck who is easy to manipulate, which you are. Post your profiles and singles ads everywhere and anywhere. If that fails, try every mail order bride site. There will inevitably be some desperate used up bitter cow who will want to exploit you for money, guaranteed. If you have no standards, you can't lose.

Step 5: Billy Betabux has been born

Now that you have some grotesque roastie its time be Billy Betabux. Here's a few tips.

- Are women ever wrong? No, that would be misogyny.
- Can she have sex with other men? Yes whatever makes her happy, denying her unlimited Chad/Tyrone cock would be misogyny.
- Can you have sex with other women? lol you're ugly, but even if you had the opportunity, NO. Cheating on women is misogyny.
- Can she let herself go and be fat, smelly etc? Of course.
- Can she beat you? Yes you probably did something wrong you misogynist.
- Can you defend yourself? No, stop being a misogynist wifebeater.
- Should you pay for everything? Yes you must pay reparations for your male privilege.

Now you know the secrets. Get out there and get your roastie you fucking cucks!


Nov 14, 2017
thanks i now have a 38 year old wife who also happens to be a single mother
i mean yeah there's no sex, but what's important is that we love each other
i'm typing this as i drop her off at a hotel with another man (very tall and good looking) who she claims is just a friend!
you guys can make it as well! just like what goku says from one piece: believe in yourself!
Deleted member 306

Deleted member 306

Incel Superior
Nov 8, 2017
3h 10m
Cope thread. I did all these and NOTHING changed.
workcel 4ever

workcel 4ever

Nov 12, 2017
13h 0m
There's a lot of truth in your post.
If you have a job, have your own house and your looks are better than 1/10, then you can notice Chad's leftovers circling around you like a shark that smelled blood.
But don't mistake this for a way to getting laid, as those roasties are repulsed by the thought of fucking you, and will say shit like " i want a mature relationship that isn't about hooking up". A few years ago you might have got a few ocassions of unenthusiastic sex out of it, but thanks to Tinder and the normalisation of cuckoldry, its not a reliable method.
And definitely don't mistake it for an actual human relationship - you are just a meal ticket on legs for her, and "not my real dad" for the kid.

For these reasons, I think that refusing to enter this kind of """relationship""" is not volceling, but basic self-defense, like not replying to a phishing email.

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