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Sparrow's Song

Sparrow's Song

The Veiled Prophet of ☽Incelabad☾
Dec 14, 2017
88d 4h 1m
This appeal is mainly concerning my reason for being banned which was labeled as "LARP". At no point was it made clear whether it is believed I was larping about my physical incel existence or larping about not having sex. I can assure everyone that I have described my features truthfully on here and I am indeed a truecel. My accuser even mentioned likened wearing an eyepatch to wearing lifts, which is like saying a manlet isn't a manlet if he wears lifts... which is childishly bluepilled.

At no point in my discord did I proclaim to have had sex. There was a month between when I said that I had gotten a match on Tinder that was willing to meet up and when my accuser posted a screenshot of me talking about it. Within days after that message on discord was posted, I mentioned on my server that I had been ghosted and that I suspected the match to be a catfish, possibly even a troll from this website even. In hindsight, I should have known that a tall, darkskin stacysha, which I have often described on the forum as one of my preferred types of stacies would never take minutes out of her day to talk to a subhuman. I discussed getting ghosted on the server and even my suspicions of it being a catfish/troll while my accuser was still in the server and he even told me I was foolish for thinking I had a chance to pump and dump such a foid. My suspicion was later confirmed after my ban when the "foid" messaged me back after ghosting me a month later pretending to be kicked out by her parents and needing money for travel and a hotel. I blocked her (probably him) immediately. It was odd for a random foid on tinder to make up a story and ask for money when I had told the individual that I was a poorcel. I suspect it was a catfish from this very forum who wanted to scam me for $200 of my coronabux, which I mentioned having on my server, and to try to "expose me" for giving money to foids. What a retarded idea, I would never give money to foids, they should give me money as reparations for the oppression I have faced as a truecel. At this point, I have a feeling that someone had plotted the entire thing to get me banned and make me look like a simp if I gave the foid money because after I blocked the catfish and called him out, further absurd accusations about my height, race, and religion were being made here.

The entire idea that someone who gets two tinder matches in six months and gets ghosted is a fakecel is retarded. I remember back in 2017-2018 many user here posting about being REJECTED IRL ON ACTUAL DATES and being used for free meals. Back then, that would be considered a blackpilled example of foids using LVMs... now if those users made threads like that, they would be called fakecels for simply appearing on a date with a foid despite her planning on rejecting him from the beginning. The same users who would cry "fakecel" would have no problem sharing a video of exactly that happening to a man in a thread and saying "lol it's over for him". If I had an alt account, I would make a poll asking members anonymously whether or not they have been ghosted/catfished on Tinder. Even if you're a sub4subhuman, it's impossible to be "real brocel" and get absolutely zero matches, some bot, catfish, troll, or foid just fucking with you will eventually match, that's just how the internet is. At this rate, an incel who mentions getting hugged by his aunt when he was six will get witch hunted off of the forum and accused of being a chad even if he looks like Brian Peppers irl. I'm done with tinder, nobody on discord will even catch me discussing my tinder failures because there is no point in even trying. That fed should have never been trusted to be in my server because he brought in the fight club larper. JFL if the normiecels who think I'm fakecel ever do jury duty... the "evidence" against me is nowhere near enough prove guilt, let alone strong enough to convict. It's easy to spot a fed, just look for low effort, gate keeping youngcels who claim to be KHHV and only post more than two lines when they're talking shit about other users here.

I initially thought I would simply share with the mods some pictures of my isolated subhuman features to prove my innocence, because no an who looks like me can have sex without raping a foid. But now, due to the current astroturfing and influx of obvious fedcels on this forum larping as youngcels, I do not trust anyone from this site, mod or not, with pictures of me because I am so subhuman, I would be meme'd nearly as much as Hamlossus.

As far as the IT accusations are concerned, I talked to that foid on discord... I talk to a lot of foids, boomers, and normies online, that doesn't make me not a subhuman. Many long time posters here talk to ITards often, including well liked and respected users who I will not name here... and those users have actually gotten IT to take down some of their bullying threads against incels here. The IT foid I was talking to mainly just sent me pictures of males and females and asked me what surgeries they need and asked me about which races are better than others and shit like that. Anyone who thought I actually wanted to travel to some Eastern European country that is basically the setting for the movie Hostel to fuck a 30+ non virgin IT poster is overdosing on cope. Perhaps I have underestimated the ability of some autists here to detect sarcasm and jokes. She did message me when FullTimeMossad was messaging her on reddit after I was banned and I thought it would be funny to troll him so I had her tell him that I was her and larping as a foid to infiltrate IT. I didn't think he would actually believe it for more than ten minutes but I didn't really care what he thought and what the forum said about me when he posted about it because I was already banned and anyone who actually believes I am IT is too low IQ to be worth convincing otherwise anyway. That is the furthest depth of me conspiring with IT... just fucking with one user here. I do not talk to that foid anymore because she gets mad and writes paragraphs about how incels should just "accept" inceldom and hope to betabux old, used up roasties who are ugly as fuck and have to wait until they are 40 to do it and I would strongly oppose that stance because any blackpilled man knows that being a cuck for chad's aged and used up leftovers is worse than being an incel. Better incel than cuck. My belief that all incels deserve free facial surgery and virgin brides will never change.

I think we're close to a point where people will just assume a member is some class of specimen above and incel simply for disagreeing with him or having an argument and will witch and hope for mods to ban their list of disliked users out of the demand of consensus. I accept guilt for even associating in any way with anyone from IT. I will accept punishment for it although I believe I have served an adequate sentence and would like to return. I am the Incel Messiah, this website is where I met the apostles, and I long to continue spreading the ministry on here.

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Mar 26, 2018
lol why even bother trying to make this appeal?

you larp as a 'deformed truecel' here when in reality you get plenty of success with females. it didn't take much searching at all to find a bunch of old posts from you like this.

safe to say in this case that you probably weren't ghosted like you claim to be in this appeal, and even if you were, you've admitted yourself that you're an average looking 'mentalcel' and that you've had plenty of times where you weren't ghosted.

then you have your IT account with hundreds of posts shit talking everyone here. your claim that it isn't you is a very weak one when you spend a few minutes and compare the diction and post topics between your two accounts, as well as this conversation between you and a user here

i don't get the impression of 'trolling someone' from this conversation. judging from the panicked 'lol jk im evil IT foid!' that came five minutes after setting up the 'trolling' when you supposedly didn't care about what anyone thought of you, it seems much more likely to be a desperate coverup attempt than anything

epic psyops dude
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