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Blackpill "Just Be Positive Fallacy" Debunked from the Gnosticism point Of View.

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Pillow City Rev

Pillow City Rev

"Ultravisionary Blackpilism"
Nov 15, 2021
There's a Retarded New Age spiritual (who think they are enlightened) that floods mainstream media from whitepiller typicall fallacy to teach us about this reality. These people are going to lose it when they finally wake up and see that the world around them is not all rainbows and sunshine.

Just because you can choose to ignore the harshness of this reality doesn't mean it's not happening.

Do people who get trafficked end up in that situation because they believe they will be trafficked one day?

Do people who get kidnapped and/or killed end up in that situation because they believe they will be kidnapped/or killed one day? Again, I don't think so.

The same thing can be said about our entrapment on Earth. Just because you can choose to ignore the reality of the situation, it doesn't mean it's not happening.

These animals that got brutally teared of into pieces didn't "create this reality for themselves". They ended up in this situation because this is a harsh, dog eat dog world. A world where bigger fish eats smaller fish. It's the same thing in the astral realm, once we leave these physical bodies. There is deceit and manipulation, there are no saviours. You are your own saviour.

As above so below.

Now, I am not saying that you should be all "doom and gloom" about it either. But these people need to realize that it's not about ignoring the negative, it's about acknowledging it, analyzing it, and transforming it into a positive, or in the case of this sub, escaping prison planet.
The other thread had me thinking. Most of our lives are spent working the 9-5 job, which leaves us little time to do any kind of research about our reality.

What happens when people get home from work? Apart from having to survive (cooking, eating, drinking) people want to relax. And how do they relax? Most people watch movies, tv shows and/or play video games. But what if the main reason these things have been created was to keep us from finding out the truth about this reality? I know a person (not my friend) who cannot stay one day without watching an episode from a tv show and has been constantly doing that for the last 3 years. And another person who's totally addicted to video games and says he cannot stop. It's obvious that many normies are addicted to watching tv shows, movies and playing video games. They have normalized these things so much, that it's now weird to not do any of those activities on a regular basis.

So the loop is like this for 99% of normies:

You are born => you get programmed with mostly useless 3D matrix stuff in school, highschool and university => then you have to work almost your entire life and at the same time you constantly relax by being "entertained" with what they want you to do and think about => no time for research which prevents you from learning the truth or getting as close as possible to the truth=> eventually you die knowing nothing important => you get reborn => you repeat the same cycle over and over again. (If you are lucky being a Chad then the suffering will be less for you but unfortunately most of you who read this thread ended up anyway)

Yet, here you are. Despite all their efforts you are still here, reading this and trying to make sense of it all. I have to congratulate you on that.

Now don't forget that the brain chip implant was something that many people used to laugh about, but it may soon become the new normal just like video games, tv shows and movies have become the new normal in the last 50 years, and perhaps they will use these implants to control the way we think and/or our impulses so that we never even attempt to think outside the box, and we will all be like little robots/clones who will think the same, individuality will be gone. That is in my opinion what the future looks like and if you're truly awake and aware it's impossible to not see that our reality is run by psychopaths, satanists, criminals and ultimately, interdimensional predators.

This is basically why I cant stand the "manifesting" crowd. They're beyond retarded.

Saying "I dont believe archons will get me therefore they wont get me" despite the compounding evidence that we are in a soul trap, is like saying Im going to eat a bucket of ice cream everyday and not get fat because I don't believe sugar is unhealthy.

Law of attraction and manifesting is pretty much their idea karma on absolute steriods. At least karma is about choices and actions. With law of attraction, everything bad happening is supposedly just because you had a bad thought, everything good is because of good thoughts. And of course the caveat is there is nothing tangible to trace anything back to. So its 100% unfalsifiable because if you even had the slighted doubt about something then they will say "SEE, no wonder X appaered in your reality. One stray thought was all it took!"

Meanwhile someone could be thinking of being rich all day, and nothing happens.

And Im not saying "manifesting" is complete BS, but it doesn't work the way they think it does. And it certainly has more limitations and complications than they desperatly want to believe it does.

The idea that "you are creating your reality" and "everyone is a reflection of you" is insanely gaslighty and toxic. Keep in mind the people on those subs mean it in a literal way. So they would aay 100% of the stuff we see in the external world is your mind.

Getting gray hairs at 50 years of age? You "manifested" that buddy. That traffic jam everyday on route 25? Yeah you manifested that. Not a millionaire yet? Must've manifested being a poor looser. Didn't get the job that 3045 people also applied for? Must be YOUR limiting beliefs. Sun came up this moring? You manifested that from your belief the sun will always shine. Guy on other side of the planet goes on killing spree and drives into a nursing home with a simi truck? You manifested that, must be a reflection of you.

You are god. And this earth, this universe is your creation. And its all a representation of YOUR thoughts. Nothing is external to you, even clearly antagonistic people and forces. You are god.

See how utterly retarded that sounds? But I kid you not, they unironically preech this rubbish.

Not to mention how contraditory this is. Logically, if any of this is true, it can only be true for one person. So why do they tell this to every one who goss on the sub?

I could ask why I cant eat a crap ton of food and not get fat, and they say its because I believe the food will make me fat. If I ask why I cant manifest seeing a unicorn or flying carpet they will day I didnt believe. But they will never give the actual meteric for how they determine if you believe or not. So how is their theory a "working model" or even a theory if it cant give us any useful information?


"""Everyone else" is who exactly?""

Why does this read like an elevator pitch? Why do they always have used cars salesman vibes?

""If you don’t believe this, who will?""

First show me the benefit to the belief systems like LOA.

""The world is a strange superabundance of peculiar possibilities. We are dreamers by night and dream weavers by day. Provide the conditions for reality to form around matter and it can.""

Mumbo jumbo new age word salad. Get to the point.

""If you do not believe in yourself,""

Where are they getting this impression from?

entirely unsurprised that they find themself back here again to attempt to open your heart further to the possibilities.

Now paardon my french but they can fuck themself with this hogwash. Its the same energy as "you need to come back here to get rid of your karma/unfinished business/learn lessons". When ever I question the manifesting cults they start saying you need to reincarnate to get it. Go to hell.

And what possibilities are talking about? This is very clearly a realm meant to inhibit possibilities, and they will claim otherwise despite being clearly limited yourself. The only difference being, Im honest about the current condition of things. Maybe their ass is the one who needs to reincarnate?

They will continue to bullshit around questions by shifting the goal posts back and forth, abstracting, using flowery language, and pretentiousness like They are now.

The rejection of any new age ideas as an alternative to archons seem to illustrate a psychological phenomenon wherein folks like them can only be comforted in bitterness and thinking this world is rainbow sunshine.

Or maybe the world is bitter because its bitter. Ever thought of that one? Gaslighting jackass New Age faggot.

""Remain open, prove me wrong, just don’t yell at me.""

Love you wackjobs retarded new age faggot

After all that patronizing garbage they write that last bit as an attempt to get off the hook, similar to all these fake gurus like Ekhart Tolie. It's just a toxic positivity, the whole rotten structure is.

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Feb 3, 2022
You shouldn't be positive or negative, you should be realistic; but the average normie and above's/foid's life is so beyond what we experience as subhumans that just mentioning it makes them think we're "overexaggerating" or being overly negative. They would rope if suddenly placed in our shoes. :lul:
Darius L

Darius L

Burn down the gynocracy and feel its warmth
Aug 6, 2022


Jan 8, 2022
oh hey you're back. I missed seeing your based communist-blackpill pfp


Jul 30, 2022
The discourse of structure vs agency --- The debate about the person's ability to act and the degree to which they can act with regard to possible limitations in their ability. Are the actions and options of an indivudal limited by uncontrollable circumstances in their physical and social envrionmental? Do people have power to act freely and achieve their desire through willpower, determination and without setback or involuntary restraints?

The "Law of Attraction" and "manifesting" idiots will basically claim most or all actions are dominated by agency and structure has little to no impact on the actions and choices of the indivudal. They reject the significance of structure in the social world, and they attribute agency as the dominant factor behind most or all actions and choices. It's a shallow-sighted approach to understanding the outside world and causes the range of their worldview to be extremely limited

These types of people are quite easy to subdue and be controlled by something that has a widespread influence in the social world (e.g news, celebrities, media sources, commercial activity), because they aren't likely to question things beyond their limited frame of reference. It will be harder for them to be introspective and notice when something in the external world may have a certain direct or indirect influence in their disposition or thought process. Instead they're more likely to suck up whatever the elites, celebrities and other powermaxxers / statusmaxers of the social world feed them, and they may never even notice or question how they are affected by it, because of the shallow-sightedness of their "manifesting" worldview and their unwillingness to acknowledge the significance of structure in the outside world
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Hear me howl!
Dec 11, 2022
„Be happy with what you have in life“ or „Be happy with what you’ve got“ is another one I hate


Nov 13, 2019
its pointless being positive or negative without any meaningful relationships in your life its like doing homework and still getting shit grades but no one can help but you

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