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It is Time to Bring Back and REVERSE Shame



Nov 8, 2017
Shame is an extremely powerful social tool. In fact, it is why a lot of you are here. You are shamed of being virginal. The opposite of shame is celebration/pride. Unfortunately, we live in a society that celebrates degeneracy rather than shaming it. Furthermore, if you believe in traditional values, you are shamed by society for being "prude". It is time to go back to shaming degeneracy.

It used to be that walking around 80% naked with a partner count is the hundreds was seen as a wretched and deplorable thing. And rightfully so. That is why you rarely saw women trying to have sex with as many men as possible. Nowadays, however, if a female is a virgin by the age of 17, she's seen as a prude loser. However, if a female has had sex with 30 Chads by the end of her freshman year of college, she is "empowered" and "free". And we wonder why we see so much whoredom.

A great example of this is cuckoldry. It used to be that a man and a woman were to stick together, and anything less was unacceptable. And that is the only righteous and pure way to live. Adultery and polyamory were rightfully shunned as the degenerate concepts that they are. However, you now see the glorification of adultery in articles like this

In older times, young kids were taught to live with honor and integrity. Degenerate concepts such as whoredom and adultery were rightfully scorned. Now however, these concepts are heralded in the news. Kids are being indoctrinated to accept all sorts of degeneracy such as kindergarteners being indoctrinated being taught about sex

It is time to go back to having established moral grounds. True heterosexual monogamy is the only good way to live. It is time to stop polluting moral ground by teaching everyone that it is okay to sleep with half of Delaware and that polyamory is ideal. It is time to start shaming degeneracy again.

And I'm not saying that we should go out of our way to try to make degenerates sui. We should be willing to accept them if they are willing to shun their degeneracy. What I am saying is that "slut" used to be a powerful and shameful word, but now women proudly all themselves sluts. It is time to go back to having established moral grounds in which being a degenerate is shameful, not celebrated.


Nov 9, 2017
16d 13h 49m

all in all, FHOs are sluts for chad and prudes for cucks

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