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Serious Isolation (Uninformed tread lightly in this thread)



Apr 15, 2020
2d 17h 24m
In this thread we're going to be discussing isolation, and we're going to dig deep into the heart of the matter like I'm sure has been done before but many of these lurkers/infiltrators need a very basic reminder.

I know it may be easy for a lurker/normie to browse this forum and see all the Nazi/Glowie shit and feel 'turned off', and then of course this feeds into their loop of "Well, clearly these people are mentally deranged! That's why they can't find love, it's because they act like this! They're fucking crazy!"

To that I simply must admit they're right, we are crazy people, some of us border on insanity and I know I do. I'm lucid enough to admit this, but are these cruel and vapid people lucid enough to understand cause and effect? We're crazy, we're sad and we're bitter because we're lonely, our negative traits didn't cause this to happen to us, our appearance did.

Imagine that if you're one of the lucky few browsing this thread who doesn't suffer from what we do, imagine one day you wake up and every single achievement you can ever make in life is meaningless, that a guy next to you with a few millimeters of bone in his jaw is ever worth more than you simply by virtue of genetic makeup.

You'd be upset, and we're not even getting started! They seem to think we have impossibly high standards, that all we crave is some sex-slave bitch to boss around and rape when we feel like it

This is the biggest lie that people accept as fact about our community, and I'll explain why it's totally wrong

Standards: An analytical response

Sure, while I'm sure most of us wouldn't want a life partner in a drug addict, a landwhale or a person with any otherwise ridiculously mind-bending personality flaws, we're not picky people. I'm sure all of us would happily involve themself in a relationship with a girl who is our 'looksmatch' as we call it, or even just a bit below as long as there was true companionship there.

We hate betabuxxing not because of the physical appearance of the woman, but how they degrade themselves with others and sign away their ability to love and then go to us as a last option, provided we're even fucking lucky enough to have the requisite C's in the bank to meet the quota

If we had a loving relationship with any woman, it wouldn't matter how black/asian/ugly they were, inceldom isn't a lack of sex (though that's certainly part of it) it's a lack of love.

Love: Let's define it

Moving onto my subject about love, I want to remind all the lurkers who may've read this far that we don't just see women as objects, that is what chads do, we want a loving and kind relationship, we just understand it'll never happen because we were cursed at birth, nothing we can do will surpass our fatal flaws.

But it's not even that easy for us, the entirety of society sees and treats us as lower caste worker bees who are expected to cream our pants with joy at the mere thought of being able to be 'productive'

Productive for what? Productive for who? We don't see any metric of happiness from this shit, and yes this leads to resentment

The blackpill: Why noncels don't understand it

You simply don't get it because to truly understand it, you need to live it. You look at our forums and you think of us at batshit crazy lunatics ( "WHO THE HELL WOULD THINK THIS SHIT!?!?!?!") you frantically type on your keyboard, wondering just what it takes to get to this point.

Well buddy I think I'll tell you what it takes to get here, it takes a lifetime of loneliness, bullying and abandonment to get here, and a privileged outside observer who only has a surface level understanding of our community will never get it.

And we don't ask you to, there is a reason we make fun of you, you see. It's not really because we're 'jealous' of you, though we'd switch places with most of you in a heartbeat lookswise.

It's that in the process of devoting yourselves to hating us, you truly expose this system in a mask-off way that never has been done before. Not once do any of you people make the attempt to understand us, not once do you repeat anything beyond "Bro, you just can't have sex, DEAL WITH IT!" or "JUST TAKE A SHOWER"

You merely showcase that people like you see us as lesser, and that you're taking advantage of our weakened and hurt state to attempt to pick us apart. Go ahead if it makes you feel better, it provides entertainment and ideological reinforcement for us.

But, if it truly makes you feel so good to cause us pain, don't bitch when we do the same to you and your type in kind.

What's that about le funny jokerino clown man and getting what you deserve again?


Jarjar Sphinx
May 19, 2019
130d 8h 59m
That's is very interesting


And then one day, for no reason at all...
Jun 27, 2020
49d 15h 54m
I'm sorry you got (almost) no replies.
Rangercel said:
we don't just see women as objects
I do see them mostly as objects. Women are meant for the household and for procreation. I do not see any other added value in their existence.


Sep 9, 2020
42d 8h 8m
Sub iq shit tbh