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i have made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement

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humanity is a disgusting wretched depraved species
Nov 29, 2020
54d 1h 29m
SergeantIncel @SergeantIncel

I have come to terms with why i was banned and i have no excuses
honestly i have no friends irl though and not being able to spam my thoughts here have done detrimental damage to my mental health.
the .s and shitposting and my serious posts about me wanting to kms really gave me that extra dopamine to not end it all
i tried commiting suicide 2 times in ther lapse of i was banned, 1 time i went to get a rope but since i have no drivers liscene i had to take the bus, buy a rope then my credit card didn't work and the cashier lady started talking to me about why i needed to rope, i had to do some quick thinking i said it was for my boat. Then i went home with the rope on the bus and everyone stared at me. Then when i went home i regreted still living with my parents because now i needed to hide the rope. I threw it in a bush and hoped my parents wouldn't find it. Then my mom asked me where tf i had been. I just said i had been for a walk. Then she said one of her friends had called her and said i had been on my way home with a rope. So then i told her the truth and she got angry with me and took my credit card. So now i cant buy shit.

So my second attempt was drowning, problem was i had nosleep maaxed 4 48 hours before that so when i went down to the lake i saw a blue man like fucking ghost standing there just looking at me. obv i got scared af and start to shout at him and then i ran away.

Honestly i dont expect to get unbanned because i know everyone hates me here and everywhere else, im not even saying that as a way to get me unbanned im ded srs.
i think unironicly in order to be a popularcel u need 2 be a fakecel in your teenage years, because if you are a complete social reject then its impossible to become liked by anyone ever


Nov 7, 2017
It's alright, just don't spam or mass tag again.
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