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Discussion Height >>> Face

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And we'll die, waiting for a new day.
Jul 22, 2020
57d 17h 54m
Height over face anyday


Oct 30, 2021
10d 9h 4m
Deleted member 35725 said:
Reposting I comment that I recently made here as its own thread:

A manlet (shorter than 5'8" or 5'9") can be ripped like an athlete, have attractive, masculine, symmetrical, and harmonious facial features, be well-dressed and well-groomed, and have some non-visual bonuses besides, like a low voice and a charming, easygoing demeanor, yet none of that will ultimately mog the SMV of a man who is tall enough to not be a manlet, let alone one who is taller than average. Tallness is such an extreme, instant SMV advantage that it requires Herculean efforts -- if even that would help; in most instances, nothing would help at all, as a short stature more-often-than-not equals a death certificate -- to be able to measure up to it.

We are living in an upside down world (clown world) when 6'2" tallfags on this forum call to ban me for "bragging" when I mention that, with massive frauding, I can get my face to be rated 5/10, which is simply average. If I should get banned for mentioning that my face is quite average, not painful to look at but not attractive either, just an ordinary and unremarkable face, should these tallfags not be banned for bragging about being 3 inches or 5 inches taller than average? How absurd is it that saying, "My face is average, neither particularly good looking nor particularly bad looking" is somehow "bragging," while mentioning that you are 6'0"+ is not bragging? If I deserve a ban for saying that I can use various methods to get my face rated as 5/10 (average), then so much more do tallfags deserve a ban for saying that they are 3 or more inches taller than average.

The total fixation with face among PSL autists is not in line with observed reality and experiments. Foids are not nearly as facially discriminative as they are height-discriminative or "vertically discriminative" if you will.

Foids are heightsexual, not facesexual.

Foids are height-oriented far more than they are face-oriented.

Often enough, I see couples where the man's face is uglier than the foid's face.

I virtually never see couples where the man's height is not at least 5 inches taller than the foid's height. Often, it's much taller than that.

Height trumps face so hard, it's ridiculous that the PSL community is so face-oriented. I guess, since fixing one's face is quite possible indeed, while fixing one's height is virtually impossible, they all focus on the trait that is changeable rather than on the one that is unchangeable. So that may consequently lead them down the path of actually believing that face is more important than height, when all of the evidence unequivocally points in the exact opposite direction.
Fucking brtual too read as a 5 foot 5 midget :kys: