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RageFuel Have you ever gotten angry when seeing a Stacy with her children?



Frustrated, highinhib wizardcel
Jul 16, 2021
5d 13h 1m
GripMaxxing said:
I don't understand how faggot soycucks would agree on marrying a woman who is a baby momma of Chad's babies, like, fathering someone else's children that are not biologically yours because you married a roastie whose had many cockz filling coom inside her vjj like a running spigot is really a shame to your masculinity, and basically you're a HUGE CUCKz who would watch your wife get conceived by another man while masturbating in the corner.

I can easily understand it. You see a foid that's very attractive and may not even look at you with contempt/disgust like normal women tend to. You may find out later she has children. Maybe it won't be such a bad idea, you think. The kids may not be babies anymore and so you can bypass that life stage where there are living loudspeakers that constantly defecate. Perhaps you can get along with them, even learn to love them. Most importantly you'll be banging the shit out of this woman. It could work, you think. You're bereft of other options. Perhaps its a deal worth taking.

^ That's the mindset. The male mind begins to contemplate dangerous things under the crushing pressure of the infamous male thirst™. So its easy to imagine, though of course I don't agree with it.