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Get your revenge by arguing for the normalization of "sex work."

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Deleted member 36776

Sep 12, 2021
36d 18h 10m
Given how mating habits have changed since the 1920s/30s when the practice was outlawed across the U.S (not coincidentally right after the 19th amendment giving foids equality re voting rights was ratified) it makes no sense to still keep it prohibited. Normalizing sex work is how you "hurt" the foids whose ego has been inflated by Chads "dating down" to experience variety (see Coolidge Effect.) You don't "hurt them" per say but normalized sex work would lower the worth of their sexual availability. The current incel crisis is partly a result of governments themselves intervening in the "sexual marketplace" to prohibit a historically prominent sexual outlet for men the availability of which kept the egos of the Stacy's and Becky's in check. In a monogamous pre-Depression United States in which most women got married in their early 20s, the ban could be justified for reasons of decency given the reigning monogamous norms (neverminding that women voted for it largely out of selfish interest). The only reason the ban remains in place is because of that femoid "selfish interest" in protecting themselves against sexual competition when they can help it, an interest to which both parties cater shamelessly (see also absurd Age of Consent laws.) It's much harder to argue against legal sex work in the Tinder BlackPill reality in which women are proud and open about their promiscuity.

I don't call for taking away anybody's rights. I say let sexual liberty reign. Let the Stacys serve in Chad's rotating and ever evolving harem. Let the Beckys serve as the Chads' alternative (if homelier) organic sex-dolls who can provide novelty after the various moist holes of this month's Stacy grow familiar. And let the men who lose out as a result of this jungle-like system have their Hookr app. Their looksmatch won't have as much of an opportunity to date up as both her incel-tier male equivalents and the higher tier guys she was seeking have both been given expanded sexual options. :feelsLSD: Let the soy tolerating an "open relationship" have the Hookr app. Then our soy friend can have some dignity and could say something like "please dear, on your way out to your Tinder date please greet and show in my Hookr appointment!". The reality in which the soy cuck has the Hookr app is a reality in which the degenerate poly girlfriend would be less empowered.

Alas this might not end up doing anything to benefit you because it could take some time to come to fruition. But how about fighting for a better tomorrow?
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Sep 30, 2021
1d 3h 6m
I vote that womynz can't vote or kill babies.

All the rest is moot until we return to those 2 original constitutional principles.