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Being an incel invalidates you as a person



Feb 6, 2018
You graduated in the top 1% of your class? Noone cares.

You are a chess champion? Noone cares.

You can play two instruments simultaneously? Noone cares.

You are rich? Noone cares.

If you are an incel, you accomplishments don't mean shit to others. People will view you as a loser no matter what you achieve. Sexual relationships are a man's framework and without them you are bound to crumble and collapse.

What's even worse is the textbook losers who can be low IQ high school dropouts with 0 talents will be treated with more respect and humanity than you ever will. Why? Because they are sexually active and high school dropouts in particular tend to be sexually active from an early age which earns them lots of respect since many guys are still virgins in HS and they deem it a huge achievement to have a gf as a teen.

If you are an incel you are always seen as trash. People will always disagree with you and try to belittle you the first chance they get. Your friends, your coworkers, your teachers and even your parents at times will stop at nothing to invalidate your actions and by an extent, you as a human being.

And this affects your psychology of course. You feel like a loser all the time. No matter what you do it's never enough because you are lacking one very fundamental element of human life: Sex. I personally, have never felt good about myself because of this. It's impossible to actually.

Life is all about positive reinforcement/validation. To get those you need to have sex and to have sex you have to pass a certain treshold lookswise. In other words, it's all about genetics nowdays with feminism and social media. Males have been reduced to nothing but their looks while women have become the "men" of the society thanks to feminism.

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