1. IamLost

    [Serious] Do prostitutes refuse service to ugly men?

    Last week my cousin asked me, if wanted to try prostitutes. I said to him, that I dont know yet. I am afraid that i will get rejected by these prostitutes, because of my ugliness and i will never recover and kill myself. It will be the final nail in the coffin. By the way I live in Germany and...
  2. narcissist

    [LifeFuel] Chad male model rejected on dating show. [FUNNY/EXTREME LIFEFUEL]

    This male model enters the show expecting an easy lay but gets BRUTALLY rejected. He is shocked that a girl said no to him like it was his first time a girl said no to his face. I reckon he was on the verge of tears and if the cameras weren't rolling he would of gone ER or puched her face for...