1. IHateWomen95

    [Experiment] If you were Chad

    I wonder if he is right or wrong
  2. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] Rating OmegaThread

    The concept is the same as the Rating Megathread, except that you rate an omega person. I begin with the Bitconnect guy named Carlos. Rate Carlos : "I woke up like this" casual pose with a latte coffee. Super cool live talk with fans. When at work. I hope you'll all enjoy this new...
  3. pieceofshit

    [RageFuel] Just saw this roastie on r/truerateme and I'm smh...

    Call me a dumbass for using reddit, I don't care, but everyone in the comments is sucking up to her. And it's honestly just so cucked, one guy rated her an 8.5 (I'd fuck her but, just no). Link