1. ChadTears555

    [LifeFuel] Do you own a dakimakura?

    Do you own one? If so, how has it improved your life, and how do your parents feel about it.
  2. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] When Chad becomes bald

    As an incel, seeing a Chad slowly go bald is the most high-octane lifefuel out there
  3. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Just Be Chinese in Africa Theory

    Potent lifefuel for ricecels. Suifuel for blackcels - imagine being cucked en masse by Asians... OVER) ^tfw your black waifu treats you like a KANG :feelskek: Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women “But we have many who are marrying and even producing…...
  4. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] TAX WARS: Incels vs. Roasties - Roasties getting ROASTED

    It's on, buddy boyos. And they're panicking: Never thought I'd say this - but thank God for the taxman :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
  5. ChadTears555

    [LifeFuel] omegel megathread!

    Not sure if This is considered advertising, but I thought Id post it anyway. Go on omegel and put your interest as "Incelsme" If you want.
  6. jerrycan dan

    [Story] Anti-NPC Aktion

    You ever have a bruh moment with a fellow real human being that has an inner monologue? I was waiting outside my lecture hall for an exam we were having. I was early, standing more or less in the corner of the area pepple were waiting at and I was surrounded by very few people. To begin with...
  7. manlet cUnt

    [LifeFuel] moist hole died in motorbike crash

    happened last year but fuck you soy article: from the article: @Ritalincel @notafed
  8. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] ruining normalfag threads on 4chan

    4chan is normalfag city. Normalfags will bring up incels for no reason. There will be a thread about Monster Hunter or some other random topic and normalfags will start talking about "fucking incels" for no reason. That is when I jump in and fight the good fight, starting arguments and...
  9. Six

    Its been one year now

    Still Don't Know the Motive.
  10. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] been gone a month

    Anything funny happen here in the past month?
  11. GodTierCope

    [LifeFuel] Anyone else in a good mood?

    Just listening to music and browsing here, this is actually pretty nice! Glad I found this place since its a lot better than LDAR on my own like I used to. Love you bros :feelsgah:
  12. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] Would you be ready to Islammaxx?

    That means moving to an Islamic country, representing yourself as a Muslim to the community and eventually marrying a Muslim woman who would clean, cook, and have sex with you whenever and however you want. I'm thinking about moving to some rich Muslim country, Saudi Arabia for example. Nothing...
  13. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] you guys are my only friends

  14. _wifebeater_

    [LifeFuel] IncelReality

    Who doesn't know this situation? You need to leave the house. As if thats not bad enough, you need to see THIS. Femoids. FEMOIDS EVERYWHERE. Your depression and anger gets even worse. But how can we solve this problem you may ask? The solution is IncelReality! It will be the ultimate...
  15. Ritalincel

    [LifeFuel] Roast beef drops off balcony in Turkey A British nurse has died after falling from a balcony while on holiday in Turkeywith her son and partner. Séaneen McCullough, from Belfast, was named by friends and colleagues as the...
  16. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Wasting Stacy's Time = Best LIFEFUEL Ever

    I encourage every incel to start Chadfishing, arrange meetups then obviously ghost on them when they arrive to the meetup location. You don't even need to be low-inhib to do this as you won't be confronting them face-to-face like Catfishman. Best lifefuel ever.
  17. M

    [LifeFuel] The true way of the incel in action

    There were a few guys like this too my primary school, there was also one gay who always hung with the girls. The "straight" guys still were gay lmao.
  18. Virginp0wers

    low iq post