1. Ritalincel

    [SuicideFuel] Femslime calling out baldcels on "hatfishing"

    Hatfishing [SUIFUEL FOR BALDCELS] Thread starterfobos Start date46 minutes ago TagsNone Watch fobos Ascend or die JoinedJan 28, 2019Messages1,952 46 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 https://www.thethings.com/hatfishing-thing-15-photos/ brb ending my life Reactions:You, ZyzzReincarnate...
  2. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] holy shit Jordan Peterson is a massive cuck!!!

    [JFL] Jordan Peterson's Daughter Thread starterCupOfCoffee Start dateYesterday at 2:38 PM TagsNone Jump to newWatch CupOfCoffee ابو منخار JoinedNov 12, 2018Messages2,507 Yesterday at 2:38 PM Add bookmark #1 Even the father figure of the Redpill community couldn't successfully raise his...
  3. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] Going down on a foid, or "eating ass" (or even mere willingness to do so) is unforgivably cucked tbh

    [Serious] tie a noose around your scrawny neck and jump off a balcony if you eat the pussy Thread startermanlet cUnt Start date54 minutes ago TagsNone Jump to newWatch manlet cUnt chronic shitposter JoinedJan 19, 2019Messages470 54 minutes ago New Add bookmark #1 End it right now you low t...
  4. ScornedStoic

    [Serious] I haven't showered in 2 nights

    I usually shower every night, I rarely go this long. My hair starts to get too itchy and my skin too oily, I don't know how showerlesscels do it. I could handle it maybe if I was NEET and could NEETmaxx/cavemaxx.
  5. turbocuckcel_7000

    [It's Over] The trend of nerds self-destructing like "kamikaze" with highly-demanding creative projects

    I've noticed this trend lately where nerdy guys who have some basic know-how about computers, coding, etc, will decide that their time is better spent not focusing on leisure, copes, making money or getting rejected by girls, but on embarking on some kind of massive digital creative project...
  6. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] worket dies

  7. chudur-budur

    [LDAR] This TRPcel is LDARing hard and he thinks he is a "Lone Wolf"

    JFL @ his cope, LMAO. A social reject staying in his room all day thinks he is into something. He is a "Lone Wolf". :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: A typical "Lone Wolf" contemplating on his "abundance mentality" in a natural setting. That whole sub has a...
  8. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Revenge of the cuck...

    https://redd.it/ak5s07 mirror: gfycat
  9. Ritalincel

    /r/Drama infiltrators kindly fuck off

    Recently there’s been an influx of sockpuppet accounts from /r/drama posting stuff from braincels and incels to their sub. Worse, still, they’re using our fucking memes like “it’s over for currycels.” No doubt some of them are IT numales and trannies that pretend to be on our side. Watch out...
  10. Ritalincel

    [News] fireworks outside alrsdy

    @manlet cUnt
  11. Ritalincel

    JFL at reddit neeks using memes sourced from R9k as "proof" of them being "chad"

    forced meme by R9k beta orbiter tranny enabler numale cucks
  12. Ritalincel

    [Method] Finasteride is for cucks

    [Method] Finasteride is for cucks Thread starterCupOfCoffee Start date47 minutes ago TagsNone Edit Watch CupOfCoffee Elementalist JoinedNov 12, 2018Messages820 47 minutes ago Common side effects include: Only a cuck wants to inhibit the hormone necessary for proper sexual function just to...
  13. FrothySolutions

    [RageFuel] Oops! We ran into some problems. This member limits who may view their full profile.

    WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??? :feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke::feelsree::woke:
  14. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] an anon on /b/ has beaten his dads head in with a fire extinguisher

  15. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Extreme Gore: Man literslly explodes beneath a lorry's tires (Including Aftermath)

    https://files.catbox.moe/cgu7dk.mp4 Just hold frame, bro!
  16. Ritalincel

    [News] looks theory destroyed by numales

  17. BlackPilledKira

    [Serious] Is Careermaxxing even worth it?

    I recently got accepted for a software engineer intern role at a large bank, the pay is 60k salary but once i graduate in a few months i'll move into a full time role with around 80k salary with progression to 100k+ within a few years. However the job is likely high stress and working in a...
  18. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Life Fuel: Ass Twerking Bitch Dies

  19. Ritalincel


    APPLY HERE TO BECOME AN IT MOD! (self.IncelTears) submitted an hour ago by SocialPsychProj Yes oh yes, here we are, looking for new mods! We’re looking for 6 or more people who will be willing to spend 10-30 minutes of their day: going through the mod queue, deciding what post are and are...
  20. B

    Going ER is wrong

    Shooting random people is stupid, immoral, and undermines the black pill philosophy. Lookism is a real issue that destroys people (mostly men) and is very hard to deal with, but shooting people is not only wrong, it allows others to deem all incels violent. Let people fight the blackpill. It's...