1. rabitter

    [RageFuel] Curries are being CUCKED by whites in India - Suifuel for Currycels

    Whitecels say if curries go back to their homeland that things will get better. Things never get better if you're a curry. Now whites have started invading India en masse and taking the virginities of Indian roasties. Read this article...
  2. Cleftcel

    [Media] Yo Currycels I like your music

    I was listening to a playlist on Spotify (Delhi Dance party) (check it out) its modern Indian music but some of it still has the traditional sound in there I like it, Indian music really makes one want to dance Admittedly the ppl making this music are Curry Chads and Staceys (which do exist...
  3. Cleftcel

    Currycels should run yogagame?

    All them gurus that brought yoga to the west were sleeping with all their students. Currycels should grow a beard and long hair and teach yoga and talk about consciousness and watch the white hippychicks appear This is from a documentary (kumara) where an American Currycel pretended to be a...