1. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Does this count as a dickpill?

    Hey Tyrone, Jamal and Deshawn! Check out my daughter Hannah's cool party trick! Thread starterqwep Start dateToday at 4:27 AM TagsNone Jump to newWatch qwep Erudite JoinedAug 13, 2018Messages1,077 Today at 4:27 AM Add bookmark #1 Okay ill be heading off for the night but youse are more...
  2. SergeantIncel

    No more low effort posts

    Hey guys, From now on, posts that are low effort are not allowed anymore. What is low effort? It's 'shitpost' tier text that just takes space. Examples: "tbhtbh" "lol" "this is dumb" "low iq" "water is wet" "boyo ngl boyo" We know there are times when short responses are appropriate, this...
  3. wizardcel

    [Serious] The moderation here is ridiculously biased.

    It's sad to see so many relevant threads being deleted as race bait. A user made a thread about his experience catfishing women as a white guy in Africa, but it just got deleted. The mods here tend to censor ideas they don't agree with. It's very disappointing.
  4. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] The Next Logical Step From NoFap (No Fapping) is NoLib (No Libido = Chemical Castration)

    I've always said the next logical step from no fap, is chemical castration, that is the next level of incel suffering that @Hunter will usher in for him and his followers :feelskek: NoFap is good, but not good enough, only true patrons of NoFap can ascend to the power of NoLib (No Libido), now...
  5. lonelyistheworld

    Reddit posts should be banned

    I am tired of seeing gay Reddit posts so often. All of Reddit hates us, we were exiled. We should not care what those faggots think. You should not be allowed to post threads about Reddit posts. They are always extremely gay. Why do we need this gay Reddit shit here?
  6. Brak123

    liberal hypocrisy

    in western europe countries people can change their sex with state healthcare, without spending money. european states pay 20000 euros for every sex change surgery + money for lifelong hormones treatment for transgender people. if you want to change your appearance by changing sex you can do it...
  7. Limerencel

    [Anonymous Poll] Are you Jewish?

    I am curious to see what percentage of users here are Jewish. I suspect Jews are affected by inceldom as well. Some of the hatred against Jews here is just memes, but some of it is real :forcedsmile:.


    fucking hell. One of my favourite posters turned out to be a Slayer with nearly 300 matches on a span of 4-5 days. You make incels look like a joke tellem, this is what IT thinks we are slayers in denial. Fuck the system. I though you were a brother but no fuck me. Thanks for reading LIVE...
  9. TemporaryBritcel

    [Blackpill] You can’t be incel if you’re gay

    About a week ago I broke my life cycle to go to the movies. Of course I went alone, and I wore a hoodie to cover most of my face, payed on a machine etc. And since the theatre was crowded (incredibles 2 has just came out in the uk), I figured people would be too interested in eachother or the...
  10. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] Why do normalfags like super hero movies so much?

    What's the deal with super hero movies? I think they're gay. Normalfags are obsessed with Marvel, DC and Dragon Ball Z. It's all they talk about. When Black Panther came out normalfags wouldn't shut up about it. I listened to my white co workers say stuff like "That movie is gonna start a...
  11. lonelyistheworld

    ban THE GAYS

    Normies: "y dont u just fuck each other lol" "can gays b incel???" Normies will call us homophobes for doing this but the reality is gays cannot be incel because they are sexually satisfied and never desired women in the first place. Incels being gay is a normie meme. Most of the people...
  12. narcissist

    [LifeFuel] Just be gay theory...

    Here is my theory, JUST BE GAY. So many incels here are manlets with subhuman genetics, manlet, skinny, pale and twinkish bodies. This body type is PERFECT for a big gay bear (large hairy fat gay man) to DOMINATE. Remember that twinks are virtually Chad in the gay scene, if you sign up for...
  13. narcissist

    [Experiment] [QUIZ] What kind of gay man would you be? Otter for me.
  14. whogivesafucc

    [Serious] "Came out" to my parents as gay

    They were just like "lol we knew it all along" and started laughing at me JFL this is what inceldom made me resort to, hopefully now they stop asking "why don't you have a girlfriend yet" every 9 seconds. Meanwhile my obese 12 year old brother talks to girls on the phone all day and has...
  15. Total Imbecile

    Who is your favorite admin/mod?

    And why.
  16. QuantumDummy


    @SergeantIncel Boredom got the best of me.