1. Gengar

    [Soy] You go gurl

  2. Gengar

    [Serious] Can chad be fat?

    By fat I don't mean obese, I mean chubby or a little bit over that. I'd say yes because (Un)Holy Trinity (Face, Height and Frame) can be exhibited even if a male is overweight. It's all about bones.
  3. Guccicel

    [Venting] Just get me out of this game, dude

    So today I was in school, told my teacher I couldn’t do le biology homework, as link wasn’t working and I tried to send an email to but went to the wrong address cause the school’s servers are shitty, said there was a “picture” (literally a picture with the word Protein highlighted about 8...
  4. thosewhosin

    [RageFuel] Weight Vs. Height

    I myself am average height usually taller than most girls, sometimes same height and rarely encounter taller. I find the double standards of females quite interesting as imagine a world in which you ask a woman do they think weight matters... a normie response would be "its about the person"...
  5. VST

    Fat women are walking red flags.

    This video sums it up nicely: If you can't watch it then here is a quick summary: Fat women are sensualists. They cannot control their desire for food so how can they control they desire for Chad?
  6. Redpill Robert

    [Serious] Why do fat ugly girls always fabricate stories about guys hitting on them?

    And complain about "creepers hitting on them" and shit? I mean you notice that hot girls DON'T do this shit. I had a pretty funny experience involving this kind of thing recently. Long story short, I work at a pizza place. There's this morbidly obese guy there named Jake (who also fucking...