1. Creep

    [Blackpill] Inceldom and Chronic Loneliness Destroys your Health and Life

    Many people dismiss inceldom as a petty first world problem that is nothing compared to "real" problems. They say "you aren't entitled to sex" just because many incels constantly complain about their loneliness and virginity. Those same people usually would not tell a homeless person "you are...
  2. ApoplecticRage

    Why I think Cuckoldry will Increase

    Today just about any slut can get fucked by a chad. Betabuxxers are willing to do nearly anything to have a woman. Most women will have had the experience of being with a chad (likely chads). The women's magazines/websites/feminists will take up the cuckolding idea and mainstream it so that...
  3. M

    [Experiment] Do you have online female friends?

    I had one but she recently closed snap Now I Is all alone