1. Gengar

    [Venting] How delusional is your family?

    During the summer of the last year I was on some stupid trip with grandma to my cousin's place. We were on some sort of celebration and we were sitting at the table with other people waiting for food to arrive. While we were waiting there two 8/10 Stacies, literally dressed as sluts, literally...
  2. littlemanhikicel

    [Experiment] I would like you to tell me copes that are free or very economical

    Title. and btw which means NSFW.
  3. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] Awesome cope that i've never heard mentioned here. Everyone gtfih

    Brain games For free you get limited access but for a price that works out at about 5euro per month you get full access, really fun and you can actually feel the benefits tbh My favs are word bubbles and raindrops Maybe you've played before? whats your favourite...
  4. chudur-budur

    [JFL] TRP/PUAs swallowing the tinderpill through their jacked gymcelled anus so that they can cope really hard

    JFL @ these morons. Link to original thread. I have collected some solid copes, feel free to add more. Cope No. 1: Life is competitive as in dating Cope No. 2: Women are competing for high value men, not the other way around. Cope No. 3: Stop using tinder (all your redpill copes fall...
  5. Gengar

    [JFL] Is wall one of the biggest copes out there?

    I seriously can't think of a cope that defeats wall (of copes for those who have swallowed the blackpill, which excludes "muh personality" for instance) in terms of coping. JFL imagine coping this hard.
  6. 50yroldcel

    [Meme] Ok so after doing research I’ve found my two favourite memes

    As a oldcel who only joined here 3 weeks ago, I didn’t know what on Earth memes were and had only heard about them on this site. So I asked people for their favourite memes and decided to do research to find my favourite memes and here are my two favourite memes: Pepe the Frog Wojak(normal and...
  7. LDARBuddah

    [LifeFuel] Theres no better cure for anxiety than gymcelling

    Its The best cope. Seriously, today i felt like my anxiety was killing me. I went down to the gym with a gallon of water doing pure strength training for 1 and a half hour. Now coming home i feel fucking reinvigorated. I can feel my T levels going through the roof. The exhaustion you feel when...
  8. FrustratedWhiteMale

    I'm Going To France With My Girlfriend (Vicariously)

    I am watching travel videos with my high end sex doll. Here are our advantages: No long lines No lost luggage No missing the flight No need to leave the house I can cuddle with her when watching the landmarks. No need to fasten the seatbelt when the plane takes off I save lots of money. A trip...
  9. Kakarot

    [Serious] This place is full of fakecels

    As this thread proves.
  10. Blacktarpill

    [RageFuel] Foids dont deserve me.

    Im not coping. I cannot understand why foids love alpha cunt guys. (Lets suppose that there is two guys: one alpha and one beta) They will choose the alpha guy. Without a doubt. How retarded is that?! They definitely dont deserve beta men. Fucking cum dumpsters. Omg this is pure ragefuel. I hate...
  11. anon1822

    You know what? I'm not an incel

    Every now and then I'm reminded about how much I hate other people. There's just so many little things that make me rage when I interact with other people, or even just when I'm around them and I see them doing whatever they fucking do. I hate people, I absolutely fucking do. Is it cause of my...
  12. chudur-budur

    [JFL] PUA copes again ...

    The PUA is coping again. Listen to what PUA says boyo, listen -- Why do all these PUAs don't get the fact that just being "passable" is not enough in the age of tinder and bumble? When will they learn?
  13. rabitter

    [SuicideFuel] My attempt to fashionmaxx was a MASSIVE (& costly) failure

    I went to a cousin's wedding a few days ago. I was dressed in a well-fitting suit and looked my absolute best - probably better than I've ever looked. Yet I always felt sidelined. None of the foids who attended the wedding (and there was a ton of them) even looked in my direction. Not the...
  14. LDARBuddah

    [Serious] I wish I was convicted under the french revolution

    Being incel is so bad i rather wish I was the antagonist back in 1789 France. Guilliotinemaxxing seems like The best way to out ngl Im too scared to ksgmaxx and end up like those facetransplantcels. And im ogrecel so roping is risky, might break. Yet cucktears doesnt care about our suffering.
  15. Zod

    [Experiment] The gluttony cope for people who know they will never ascend?

    This thread is for incels who know they will never ascend, either because they are a legit 1/10 or some other reason. No one mentions gluttony as a viable cope, yet it is probably the best cope there is. If enjoying sex/validation is the best thing you can experience in life, then gluttony...
  16. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Imperial Japan & Soviet music

    Anyone else like listening to Imperial Japan and Soviet music?
  17. Cleftcel

    [Gaming] Anyone fuck with VR? good cope?

    This has the potential to be the ultimatecope/form of escapism From my understanding its very basic tasks you can perform like fishing atm but maybe in the future they'll create a Chad simulation or something and maybe integrate additional stimulation beyond just seeing it What VR would you...
  18. C

    [LDAR] Truecel Friday night check-in

    Report in, boyos. How are we all coping tonight? I'll be browsing the web all night and doing some studyceling. I'm a loser. It's over.