1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Hypocrisy] They only treat chad as an "individual"

    Tattoos are the best example if an incel does it no one cares. A nice car: chad wow nice car, incel teehee i think he compensates No foid says even your name when they talk about you. Like i saw a nice car today, i saw a good tattoo today. But if chad would do the same they would remember his...
  2. Blackpincel

    [SuicideFuel] I saw a couple today that proves that face>>>>height

    Today I went out to buy Ice Cream on a store, and saw a young white couple coming in. The guy was a standard Chad with a full beard and a good shape, but the catch is that even myself, a 5'9'' manlet, heightmogged him. He looked a little less than 5'7''. The foid was a brunette Stacey, very...
  3. AsiaCel

    [News] NSFW New Zealand Mosque Double Mass Shootings (The shooter livestreamed it!)

    NSFW Download before they delete the videos (CNN)Police in the New Zealand city of Christchurch are responding to a...
  4. N

    [Blackpill] [Story] watched a movie in class. it was fucking brutal

    old fashion movie about girl in an abusive/toxic relation ship. everyone in my class expects the abuser to be some ugly fuck. 5 min into the movie, we meet the abuser. its this buff hollywood chad. all the girls in my class start going buck fucking wild. they basically start catcalling the...
  5. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] vanta blackpill experiment part 2: brutal chad tinder experiment

    for part 1 but remember guys its our personality meet kristofer: imagine your absolute whore of a mother fucking bringing an ex con, sexist chad who murders animals around your children but its ok because chad is a changed man you see teehee. this shit is beyond a joke at this point. the...
  6. Vannaka

    Just rope if you live with a roommate chad

    Just moved in two months ago with this Moroccan guy. It's a two bedroom house. But he has a girl round every weekend or every other weekend. They went back to his room after one date to have sex, now I have to listen to these fucking normies's sex noises every week. The fleshy clapping noises...
  7. Gengar

    [Serious] Can chad be fat?

    By fat I don't mean obese, I mean chubby or a little bit over that. I'd say yes because (Un)Holy Trinity (Face, Height and Frame) can be exhibited even if a male is overweight. It's all about bones.
  8. T

    [Blackpill] 2010 commercial shows middle aged house wife cucking husband with young pool boy.

    This cosmetic commercial is tapping into older women's yearning for the good old days of being young, thin, tight and ultimately getting plowed by Chad and or Tyrone.The younger female audience will look at this thinking that in the future, they will be able to get some pretty boy cock...
  9. T

    [Experiment] What if

    I am a wizard All chad's sperm now carries incel genes All incel's sperm carries chad genes Norm stays Norm No change in outward appearance. Only change is genes for procreation. What happens in 10 years, in 30?
  10. iblamemyself

    [SuicideFuel] Chad could have his way with two foids at once if he wanted to
  11. chudur-budur

    [NSFW] Inceltears poster? Bernie supporter blue haired SJW fucking a 9/10 chad and her cuck """SO""" records it

    See the second video, go to 1:22 Video link: Those memes are not jokes, each and everyone of them is true, taken from real life. I am sure, this whore and her cuck regularly post on inceltears.
  12. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] Whore kills her own child so that she can feed her breast milk to her chads

    This whore killed her own child and now feeding her breast milk to her chads. And in the meantime, this thirsty curry is trying to set up a trap for curry-whores, he is dreaming of drinking their milk. And got voted down to 0. JFL @ curries, they will never learn.
  13. manlet cUnt

    [SuicideFuel] IF YOURE CLOSE TO ROPING DONT CLICK ON THIS THREAD, DEADASS JUST FUCK OFF thats literally all blonde haired surfer chad has to do to get a root is just approach a grile who is already eyefucking him like crazy. not only that but he got a LTR out of it. jfl at you losers thinking you...
  14. rabitter

    [SuicideFuel] 7'2 Giga Chad - The Man Who Mogs Every Human in Existence

    The fact that a man like this exists is unfiltered suifuel. This is the definition of UNMOGGABLE. Imagine mogging everyone no matter where you go. Imagine Staceys looking up at you like you're a literal God. This guy is the Chadiest Chad to have ever existed.
  15. Blacktarpill

    [Serious] About my friend

    I have 1 incel (totally blackpilled for 4 years) and 1 chad/chadlite friend. My incel friend knows this forum and he is planning to be a member in a week or so. Nothing strange about him(this is not the main think i want to talk about) My chad/chadlite friend is weird. He is a bodybuilder, self...
  16. DahmerBoy

    [SuicideFuel] First Day at Gym

    I'm a skinnycel so I decided to give gymcelling a chance. Because of my severe social anxiety it took me eight weeks before I got the courage to even step into a gym. This day was today. According to my workout program there's only one machine I need for my exercises; the smith machine. There...
  17. chudur-budur

    [SuicideFuel] WTF is going on? WTF? Is the situation really this bad?

    Look at this fat fucking curry goblin lardbeast, just look: SHE. HAS. A. BEARD. and this is her HUSBAND: Is hypergamy really this bad? I know many of you will start coping like "oh that guy is not a chad", "JFL just look at his jawline", "just look at his chin bro" and shits like "that...
  18. Blacktarpill


    I am curious how there is ugly genes in this date. How they have survived so far? (While females are too picky) my answer to this question is WWII. Males became almost extinct and women wanted dicks so hard that they accepted to fuck with ugly men who survived. Or they loved every other man who...
  19. Brak123

    [News] The King of Chads has died

    last week "Zanza", the most famous latin lover of my country has died at the age of 62. during 80s he was vary famous for seducing a lot of tourists in Rimini, Italy, in fact he was reported by european newspapers to have fucked 4000 girls in his whole life, in particular 200 girls every summer...
  20. Brak123

    [It's Over] Difference beetween incel and slayer is 1 millimeter of eyelid

    most people here claim the only thing to get a girl is the jaw. they are terrible wrong because the masculinity of a face depends from testosterone levels and eyelids. narrow eyelids are extremely attractive for girls, while round eyes are feminine. with a chin/jaw/nose surgery you may improve...