1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Blackpill] [Agepill] Agepill is worse then everything else.

    My parents got frkn married at my age those boomerparents are the worst. They lived live on just exist mode. And we have to suffer a worse fate than death. But the most brutal agepill is the early twenties when people finnish highschool and "live their lives" and you lose any opertunity to get...
  2. littlemanhikicel

    [Venting] All the hostility with which I have been treated, thanks to the blackpill I now know that it is due to my physical appearance

    I'm aware of this 100% since 2 years ago. Thanks to the blackpill I can tell you that all the hostility, jokes, bad looks towards me were due to my physical appearance, especially height when we come in therms of respect. If the ppl found that you're single automatically you're off, the little...
  3. littlemanhikicel

    Study: Men are smarter than women

    Study: Men are smarter than women The research, published in the British Journal of Psychology, establishes that female representatives are smarter until they are 16 years old; between that age and 21 the level is matched and afterwards, they surpass them. August 25, 2005 | 17:40 | ANSA...
  4. anon1822

    Look at yourself in the mirror deeply, for ~1 minute

    I did it and it kinda creeped me out. I then understood foids and why they don't like me. Shit, this is pretty disgusting. There's nothing to be liked about this.
  5. CreepElite

    Accepting futility and becoming real

    I have been having conversations and debates regarding inceldom and related topics on anonymous forums for years. I've poken to literally thousands of people about these matters, most apparently my own countrymen, but many from far away lands, and all walks of life. Here are some conclusions...
  6. NotQuiteChadLite

    [Hypocrisy] Women cry about “objectification” but they do it to men, only worse

    When men “objectify” women, it’s actually more like “appreciation” because if a woman is missing certain traits that men tend to objectify, that doesn’t necessarily mean the woman is undesirable. She is just more desirable, with those traits. You see this all the time, with ugly, short, flat...
  7. starystulejarz

    [Blackpill] Foid covers a song = at least 1 mil views, incel/normie covers a song = less than 2k views

    and some incels get as low as below 100 views. JFL that 300k dude was only exception on this list only because it got viral since he is really talented unlike those attention seeking whores 4.4 fucking million views
  8. Invalidusername

    [Blackpill] "less attractive women struggle finding partners". Nope, that's wrong and here's why

    here's an experiment where a picture of a 1/10 girl is used: As you can see, even this objectively ugly lady can get far more people willing to even talk than average guys Secondly, here's a study: This...
  9. Cleftcel

    [Blackpill] the living embodiment of the blackpill

    (brand new interview)
  10. Gengar

    [Blackpill] "Sex and Character"

    "Sex and Character" ("Geschlecht und Charakter") is probably the most blackpilled book ever written. It was written by Otto Weininger when he was only 20 years old. It goes beyond the male-female relationships btw. I didn't read the entire book myself (too lazy) but I'm planning to do so one...
  11. rabitter

    [Blackpill] Never Forget the Original Blackpill: Briffault's Law

    Always remember Briffault's Law: “the female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” Women derive no benefit from association with a low-status incel male...
  12. N

    [Blackpill] [Story] watched a movie in class. it was fucking brutal

    old fashion movie about girl in an abusive/toxic relation ship. everyone in my class expects the abuser to be some ugly fuck. 5 min into the movie, we meet the abuser. its this buff hollywood chad. all the girls in my class start going buck fucking wild. they basically start catcalling the...
  13. chudur-budur

    [JFL] TRPers are trying to digest a brutal tinder experiment blackpill and they are going through a mass-diarrhea

    Holy fucking kek, just see how they are still trying to cope. But good news is that a lot of them are taking the blackpill, they are taking about looksmaxxing, surgery and beard (to conceal the subhuman face). One guy is even saying "there is no gym for your face" and getting upvoted.
  14. Stulejarz

    "hEiGht dOesn't maTTer BrO!"

  15. IamLost

    [SuicideFuel] Did puberty fuck you up?

    When I was young, women liked me and said I was sooo cute, they even kissed me on my cheek. I still remember how my beautiful blonde blue eyed stacy cousin kissed me when I was about 6 years old. I relish these memories . That were the only times were I had contact to women. Then I hit puberty...
  16. Yodoyee

    [NSFW] tfw you will never experience this

    When you have experienced nothing even close, not even holding hands Amateur pron is so blackpilling because it involves actual couples.