1. D

    [It's Over] LMFAO Ricecels GTFIH I found asian Dante

    behold this absolute chang i found, looks so similar to Dante from the older dmc games, even the fucking hair is the same (the movie was actually released 3 years before the first dmc game so technically dante copied him) keep in mind that this was 20+ years ago when he is in his early...
  2. rabitter

    Asian foids are the biggest white supremacists

    Hitler would be proud.
  3. EthnicelNL

    [SuicideFuel] Noodlewhore has whitedick sucking list exposed on FB (Ricecels GTFIH)

    Honestly...does this surprise anyone? Im guessing this noodlewhore isnt even an adult yet but already she so desperately wants to suck and fuck white cock. Its in her genes. How can you even cope as a ricecel? :lul::lul::lul::feelsrope:
  4. Genecel

    [Story] I thought she would be different, but she likes CHANG

    We were in our maths tut and this girl took out her laptop and I saw that she covered a webcam and that "sturred a conversation in our group" she ended up roasting herself by arguing why someone would spy on her since she's "ugly". She point blank roasted herself and called herself ugly, nearby...
  5. Adûnâi

    YouTuber ADVChina - Why do Foreigners date UGLY Chinese WOMEN?

    Have you heard of this channel? It's quite good. Link
  6. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] Ricecels run BBoy and tattoogame

    Check this dude out he's cool af, notice the comments section. Asians usually have good face imo high cheekbones, godtier eyearea. The men and women are beautiful no homo