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    Do currycels worship white girls too much?

    Curryfoids worship white males. Currymales worship white foids.
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    [Serious] For all the posters on R/Incels what was it like?

    RippedRichandIncel posted a fake Chad account on Tinder and stated in the profile that the Chad was jailed previously for being a pedo/having pedo inclinations. The women didn't care and wanted to fuck him anyway:
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    [LifeFuel] What do you think about sex dolls?

    By the time they get to where I will consider them, I will most likely be too old or even dead. That's if they aren't banned in the first place.
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    [Serious] Chads are the only beneficiaries of mgtow

    Chads who have gone MGTOW probably don't even know what it is. They have probably just chosen not to marry as a lifestyle choice since they don't need to to get laid.
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    [Serious] For all the posters on R/Incels what was it like?

    It was a better version of r/Braincels, where IT users would constantly come in and show off their low IQs and BTFO'd for it. There were also users like the Bardcel (can't remember their name) and St.ArliaHarkonnen making funny LARP advice threads. It was also where the atomic blackpill was...
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    [JFL] Overheard my father calling me an incel

    He didn't literally buy her but he did have money back which is what she found attractive. Basically a green card digger in which he lucked out and didn't get divorce raped.
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    [JFL] Overheard my father calling me an incel

    No he's still with her. She was very young when he married her, plus it was decades ago when Tinder and internet weren't a thing.
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    [JFL] Overheard my father calling me an incel

    Thank God my dad is extremely blackpilled. He was an incel before he bought his wife and knows just how shit things are for ugly men like us.
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    [It's Over] Foids do rather lick toilet seats than shaking hands with an incel

    Bad genes are a foid's worst nightmare. Foids' ultimate goal is to reproduce with a man with the best genes and they will do anything (even disgusting things) to do that. Reproducing with an incel is the worst thing that could ever happen from a foid's perspective. They would happily die before...
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    [Experiment] Would you want children

    I don't even know if I can have children since I am so low-T.
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    [It's Over] If you fap in Georgia, you need to inform it to local police department, call 911

    Can't fap because illegal Can't see prostitute because illegal Can't talk to women because harassment and therefore illegal They should just skip all the bullshit and throw all old and ugly men in jail by default.
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    [Serious] You are cuck if you dont hate Chad

    I only respect Chads who acknowledge the blackpill that they get by on their looks and not some bluepilled shit like their personalities or "hard work". White knight Chads are the absolute worst though, since they fuck all the women and physically and verbally attack any man who even says one...
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    [Serious] Will you incels and MGTOW stop with this unfounded belief that women are childr-..

    Women are probably only good to be around if you're good-looking, since they will worship your bone structure. Anything less and your life becomes misery unless you are soymaxxed.
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    [SuicideFuel] Remember manlets all your efforts people can name "Short Man Syndrome/Napoleon complex"

    Humans are sexually dimorphic creatures and one of the most dimorphic traits a human has is size. Males are supposed to be larger than females, otherwise they are not viewed as "men". Society takes a man not being large enough very seriously and will relentlessly shit on any males that do not...
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    Why are men so desperate and horny for some sex?

    The male sex drive is one of the most powerful drives we have. Advanced human civilisation exists because most men in the past were allowed to satiate that drive and focus on other things. Now with less men getting regular sex that drive is now beginning to take over their minds once more and...
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    [Blackpill] Anti-natalism

    Antinatalism as an incel is a cope unfortunately.
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    [RageFuel] "Eww"

    It's useless to use Foidbook as an incel. All it will do is crush your self esteem.
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    [Experiment] When does chad lose his chadness

    Chads often look much younger than their age due to their good bones offsetting the sagging of skin due to aging. With a bit of extra looksmaxxing, late 30s Chads can still fuck early 20s women with ease.