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  1. AsiaCel

    [LifeFuel] Finally a 100% Asian Superhero

    I don't tgjnk thermal vision as in seeing through walls exist and body armor won't help much tbh. Body armor protects shooter from lethal injuries but the kinetic energy stroke by bullets will be enough to knock the shooter down, rendering him disabled for a while. Cho was pretty equipmentmaxxed...
  2. AsiaCel

    Any asiacels?

    Me. I'm Asia based and local.
  3. AsiaCel

    [JFL] We “threaten” women in tech

    Another entitled noodlewhore. I fucking mog her big. With a face like that she would be giga incel if she was born male.
  4. AsiaCel

    [RageFuel] Normie out Reeeeeeeeee

    true. tbh it's the same for every site though, most viewers will be lurkers
  5. AsiaCel

    [LDAR] ritalincel trigger thread

  6. AsiaCel

    [Serious] Do you have friends?

    no freinds. not NT enough and no common interests
  7. AsiaCel

    Would you trade with Kim Dotcom?
  8. AsiaCel

    [LifeFuel] Finally a 100% Asian Superhero

    The usage of hollow point rounds contributed to extra damage. Equipment wise, I think Cho had a vest which carries magazines Cho did a reconnaissance (or in normal terms, scout around) on the engineering building, he bought some chains and locked them in. He locked all of the doors. He was...
  9. AsiaCel

    [LifeFuel] Finally a 100% Asian Superhero

    Man surpassed even superheroes. Damn boyo was god with dual pistols and people say dual pistol doesn't work in real life JFL
  10. AsiaCel

    [Hypocrisy] Leftist girl I've approached twice

    The same 'people' rooting for tedbundy, hot school shooters, good looking president are now voting for their favorite politicians based on looks. Yikes.
  11. AsiaCel

    Inceldom is the natural condition of males

    So what you are saying is basically inceldom can be reduced, but not fully in informal speaK
  12. AsiaCel

    [Serious] should hypergamous couples be ridiculed

    It is necessary for a healthy society culture to constantly critize those hypergamous couple. If that is go unchecked, society decays and eventually falls.
  13. AsiaCel

    Valentines day so depressing

    Congrats for your blue color, SB.
  14. AsiaCel

    Inceldom is the natural condition of males

    Society is unnatural. Technological progression is achieved with such unnatural creation (society). Monogamy is also unnatural and is needed to form an society. Nature sucks. We don't have to be natural.
  15. AsiaCel

    [News] Beta Uprising in Japan

    Surprised to see Russia so high up tbh
  16. AsiaCel

    [JFL] Mom walked around son’s university trying to get him a date

    I feel bad for the mom and her son tbh. At least mom tried to help ricecel and was low inhib. As for ricecel, it's over.
  17. AsiaCel

    working in an office shrinks ur duck every second tbh

    Chad can fuck foids in his office and can wreck havoc on the offices if his demands are not met. Needless to say he probably get promoted very quickly and become the boss in the blink of an eye.
  18. AsiaCel

    I'm 32 now! Officially volcel??

    Happy birthday OP. Really suicidefuel to look this is what will happen to me later in life.
  19. AsiaCel

    [SuicideFuel] (Media) White American Expats are treated like royalty in India

    Meh. Even if I was a whitecel I wouldn't risk going to curryland. They're low inhib as fuck and won't hesitate to chop you up at some back alley to rob you 10$