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    @QuantumDummy is back

    @QuantumDummy Where did u go
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    [LDAR] What theme do you use?

    I use the fast banana dark one I want to use the classic one but that one is too glitchy on mobile for whatever reason
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    [Serious] 'Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Take One That Isn’t.'

    Openness to experience58 out of 100 Agreeableness46 out of 100 Conscientiousness4 out of 100 Negative emotionality96 out of 100 Extraversion13 out of 100 My graph looked so pitiful when compared to the national average lol
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    [Experiment] Lose your penis or lose your non dominant hand?

    Beating my dick is a team effort I need both of my hands I choose death
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    [News] And our new (trial) forum moderator is...

    having no gag reflex helps
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    Thoughts on Nat Turner?

    my nigga nate dindu nuffin
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    [JFL] what even is this?

    Black people wit robots
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    what stops you from roping?

    I saw a guy head pat a 2d lolI by touching the screen So I'm just waiting for future ai gfs
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    [Serious] Do you forget people who change their avi a lot?

    U ain't special if people forgot who u are from changing avis
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    [Serious] Did Serge start auto-deleting old messages?

    they are just hidden from your post history now for some reason
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    > "THESE GUYS"

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    [LDAR] Im disgusting (moldy food in my messy room)

    I like your taste in soda Legend
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    [Serious] How to cure tomboy fetish?

    Masturbate to whatever you want There's no point trying to "cure" a fetish as a incel